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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 15a.png

Use the scroll bar to see the entirety of this map.

Left exit
18 Clash at Demonhead NES map 15-18-20.png 20
Walkthrough highlights
  • You'll have an unusual encounter with Michael.
  • First visit: since you don't have the Magic Stone yet, exit the route and continue on Route 18.
  • Second visit: Drop down the second well and challenge the demon.
  • After dying: Swim through the water at the bottom of the well, and access Route 33.


This route only has one exit. At the opposite end of the route are two wells, one of which can be used to access other areas of the game, but you will not be able to make use of them the first time you visit this route (assuming you are following along with the walkthrough.)

To get to the right, you must jump over a series of platforms placed above the water. Because of how far apart each platform is, you will inevitably fall into the water with each jump unless you take some measures to avoid that. Among the options you have, you can don the Power Boots which will give you enough speed and jumping ability to reach each platform, or you can use a Jet Pack to fly over them entirely. Just watch out for the small bird enemies that fly over the water and shoot at you as you cross, as well as the helmeted enemies that patrol some platforms.

When you reach the other side, there will be a few more helmet enemies. On pne of the platforms above the ground, you will find some Gold Bars, but you'll need to use the Power Boots or Jet Pack to reach them. As you proceed to the next platforms, you'll encounter birds which drop from the sky whenever you pass beneath them.

Eventually you'll find Michael by the wells. When you speak to him, he tells you to grab a Magic Stone from beneath the Lava in Route 27. With it, you can access a door in the well which supposedly leads to treasure. He offers to split it with you. Bang observes that he seems different from when they last spoke.

At this point, you will see two wells, both of which you can drop down if you like. The left well just leads to a small chamber containing three hopping enemies. The right well leads to a pit, but you shouldn't bother exploring it without the Magic Stone. For now, simply return to the exit and continue on to Route 18.

Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 15b.png

After you obtain the Magic Stone[edit]

Once you have collected the magic stone from Route 27, you'll need to return to this route, and travel all the way to the right side where the two wells are located.

By jumping into the right well, you will begin falling down a very long pit. When you arrive at the bottom, you will find a pool of water in the middle, and a door on the right. You will eventually explore the pool of water, but for now, your next goal is through the door. Watch out for a large creature that falls down before the door as well.

Passing through the door[edit]

Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 15c.png

Use the scroll bar to see the entirety of this map.

Upon entering the door, you arrive in a green cavern. The first things you'll encounter are two flames that fly up to the ceiling in a cycle. You can destroy each of them by shooting them twice. Further to the right, you'll be approached by small hopping enemies. Clear them away, and then jump up to grab the right wall of the hole above the ground. Climb up and hop over to the left side, then continue jumping up to the screen above.

Jump up to the ledge above the hole, and watch out for the enemy flying across the screen in a wave. As you move to the right, you'll reach a series of columns with several sets of flames that fly up to the top of the screen. Remove them or carefully dodge them, and continue right. More wave flying enemies will appear until you travel far enough to find Michael deep underground.

Michael will instruct you to open the door with the Magic Stone. Go to the right until you can see the door, stand in front of it, and then go to your equipment screen and activate the Magic Stone. The screen will flash, and the barrier to the door will be removed.

Enter through the door, and you will encounter a demon with a single huge eye. He laughs and comments how many more allies are in Devil's Tower on Route 39. The demon confesses that it was he who caused the pain in your head when he tried to manipulate you, but since he couldn't, he used Michael instead. Then the fight will begin… and end very quickly. The demon can destroy you incredibly quickly, and in fact you're not meant to survive this battle.

After the Game Over screen appears, select continue, and Bang will conclude that he can't bother with the demon at this point. When you return to the game, the demon is nowhere to be found. Exit through the door, and return all the way to the bottom of the pit below the second well. Once you've made it, put on an Aqualung, and dive down into the water. When you come up on the other side, you'll encounter a cave which leads to an underground cavern beneath Route 33, your next destination.