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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 16.png
Left exit
19 16
Clash at Demonhead NES map 16-18-19.png 18
Walkthrough highlights
  • A Medallion holding Governor is waiting in a building by the right exit.
  • Travel from the right exit to the left exit to reach Route 18.
Right exit
23 Clash at Demonhead NES map 16-23-25-27.png 25


Assuming you enter from the right exit, watch out for the flying enemy which travels along a wave as soon as you arrive. You'll encounter another after walking a short distance to the left. You'll arrive at a building, where another governor awaits. Fuel up on food to increase your health, and then enter.

Boss: Kinokonma[edit]

Clash at Demonhead NES 16 boss.png

When you first arrive, the room will be occupied by three women who appear to be wearing mushroom caps. They lob bullets at you, and you'll have to shoot them away in order to make the real boss appear. Kinokonma resembles a large mushroom. Bang will ask him about how to use the Medallions, and Kinokonma will explain that he already explained how to use them to Joe before predicting your death. Then the real fight will begin.

Kinokonma will always remain on the ledge on the right side of the room. If you shoot him, he will freeze, and then his cap will fly off his head, drop down to the floor, and try to hit you. Then it will fly up above you, and drop tiny mushrooms as it flies over. If it flies directly above you, it will drop down in an effort to hit you, and then keep going back to Kinokonma.

If you shoot Kinokonma during this time, you will seem to damage him, but no amount of shots will actually kill him. The secret to this battle is that the mushroom cap is actually the weak point. You must shoot the cap enough times to defeat him. If you stand all the way against the left wall, it will give you quite a lot of time to shoot the cap as it flies towards you before it goes flying back. Depending on how quickly you shoot, you can defeat Kinokonma within two to four passes of the mushroom cap flying towards you. Once he explodes, collect the medallion and exit the room.

Description (continued)[edit]

After you leave the building, there will be many more enemies flying through the sky. They will continue to appear as you make your way to the left. Then drop down to the screen below. In the next screen, you will see lots of large humanoid enemies. Carefully remove them and avoid the bullets they shoot, then proceed to the left. When you reach a series of short columns, enemies will alternate between floating enemies that fly up and down, and small hopping enemies that run back and forth between the columns. Destroy them as you make your way to the left, and over to the exit.