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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 35.png
Walkthrough highlights
  • The Hermit who can teach you how to use Force, is held captive by a monster named Rowdy.
  • Use the Micro-Power Force to walk below the narrow path to the door that leads to Route 8.
  • During your second visit, speak with the Hermit again to learn about the Sword of Apollo, and then Teleport to Route 37.


After passing through the tunnel from Route 6, you will arrive on the left end of a forest. Walk to the right, and watch out for birds who drop down when you pass beneath them. A floating enemy of little threat will appear at the end of the forest. Proceed to the right, and you'll find a heart before a wall that you must climb. You can actually climb up and drop back down as many times as you like to make the heart reappear.

At the top of the wall on the screen above, you will find a bouncing monkey who takes a few shots to destroy. Pass through the door to reach another area. Walk to the right and you will encounter Rowdy. After explaining that you've come to rescue the Hermit, Rowdy attacks.

Boss: Rowdy[edit]

Clash at Demonhead NES 35 boss.png

Rowdy will slowly walk toward you, attempting to get within striking distance. If he does manage to reach you, he will literally send you flying across the screen. Most of his body seems impervious to your shots. However, he does have one weakpoint: his feet. In fact, if you can keep a steady stream of shots fired along the ground, you can freeze him in place while you damage him until he is defeated. Shoot his feet until he explodes. Then hop on the little green platform creature and rescue the Hermit.

In return for rescuing him, he grants you the power of the Hermit, which you need in order to escape the area. You start with Micro Power. With the Hermit's power, you can now collect more Force beyond 99, and ultimately obtain new powers. In addition to this benefit, your health meter will also increase by two, from four to six bars.

After rescuing the hermit, return to the left, through the door, and drop down a screen to where the heart is. You will see a door to the right, beyond an extremely narrow passage that you can't crawl through. To get through it, you must activate the first Hermit force: Micro Power. By doing so, you become incredibly small, small enough to fit through the passage. Do so and pass through the door to arrive in a cavern below Route 8.

Second visit[edit]

You'll have to return to speak with the Hermit after the following things are true:

  • You've collected the Magic Stone from Route 27.
  • You've attempted to defeat the Demon in the tunnel below Route 15.
  • You've visited Tom Guycott's fortress in Route 33.
  • And you've spoken with Faysha near the right exit of Route 33.

If you've spoken with Faysha and she told you to talk with the Hermit, Bang will explain that the Demon is on the loose. The Hermit will explain that he still can't move. He will suggest that you get the Magic Stone, but Bang says he has it. Then the Hermit explains that you must use the Magic Stone in front of a statue on Route 40 to make the Sword of Apollo appear.

At this point, you should attempt to use Teleport again, assuming you have enough Force power to do it. Your goal should be the black dot indicating the a three-way intersection near the center of the map where two rivers come together beneath the mountain. From here, select Route 37.