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Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 39a.png
Left exit
34 Clash at Demonhead NES map 34-39.png
Walkthrough highlights
  • Climb Devil's Tower to reach the entrance, and drop down into the tower to reach the Demon.
  • Defeat the Demon with the Sword of Apollo, and destroy the Demon's clutch of eggs.
  • After clearing the eggs, drop down a hole to reach a cavern in Route 38.
Right exit
Clash at Demonhead NES map 33-39.png
33 39


This stage is divided into two distinct parts. The entire right half of the area is occupied by a gigantic mountain known as Devil's Tower. It's three screens high. The left portion of the route is mostly flat sand, home to several giant ant-lions, whose mandibles rise out of the sand in an attempt to eat you for their next meal. If you attempt to cross this sandy section, be ready to jump in order to escape the monster jaws that appear.

Your goal is to climb the mountain. When you get near the top, you'll see a heart just below the peak, and Bang will wonder where the entrance to the tower is. You can make the heart appear over and over by leaving and returning to the screen, so fill up your power meter. The entrance to the tower is at the very top, where you must push Down dpad to enter.

Inside the tower[edit]

Clash at Demonhead NES map Route 39b.png

As soon as you begin falling, push to the right in order to land on the first ledge and collect a heart. Then fall down and hug the right again to land on the second ledge and collect some gold. Fall once more to drop through the bottom and land in an ice cavern. A tall monster will greet you, and hurl a block of ice toward you. Dodge the ice and shoot the monster before it has a chance to throw another chunk of ice at you. Then proceed all the way to the right to reach a door.

Pass through the door, and you will encounter the Demon again. Bang will announce that he's here for the medallions and that he has the Sword of Apollo, but it would appear that the Demon doesn't know what you're talking about. Then the fight will commence, at which time, you should switch to the item screen and equip the Sword of Apollo. With the sword equipped, you will throw swords when you shoot. The eye will appear and perform loops around the screen, every now and then summoning a blue block to attack you. The block travels in whatever direction you are standing. If you do not have the Sword of Apollo activated, these blocks will destroy you instantly. If the sword is activated, they reduce your power meter by two bars if they hit Bang.

Clash at Demonhead NES 39 boss.png

To defeat the Demon, take note of the circular pattern it flies in. When it is flying to the left, you should walk to the right, and when it flies to the right, you should walk to the left. Whenever it is the farthest to the left or right in its loop, you should jump up and shoot the eye. You'll have to successfully strike the eye with a sword several times before the demon is defeated. If you are concerned with health, don't forget about the Energizer power that can restore all of your health. The invincibility Force, Karate Power, will not work in this room.

As soon as the Demon is defeated, it will drop a Medallion. Collect it and your health will be restored. In addition, a pit will open up on the right side of the room. Drop down the pit, and you will land in another cavern. This one, however, is filled with Demon Eggs. Still using the Sword of Apollo, you must destroy every egg in the room. Work your way from the right side to the left side. As soon as every egg is destroyed, another hole in the ground will open on the left. Dropping down that hole will send you to the underground ice cavern along Route 38.