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There are 52 playable characters. Initially, only Solange is playable but more become unlocked as quests are completed. On the character select screen, the colors can be changed by pressing L button or R button. Solange, Ali, Zozo, and Allegro have four choices while everyone else has two.

Name Unlock
Ali Scavengers
Zozo Zombie Sighting
Allegro Eluda's Tavern
Sister Hel Cleansing the Filth
Tsukikage Martial Hearts
Master T Martial Hearts
Liongate EclipseCalibur
Schwartz A Thousand Years... (Solange)
Mandrake Off the Main Road
Ogre Fairlight Village
Dreadlord The Crypt King
Ooze Off the Main Road
Troll Troll Patrol
Tiny Troll Troll Patrol
Orc To the East Gate
Bomb Bug A Light from Above
Shade Zombie Sighting
Sword Wasp Off the Main Road
Knight Scavengers
Captain Scavengers
Soldier Scavengers
Officer Return to Fairlight
Emble Emble Rides Again
Semble Eluda's Tavern
Bandit Enter the Ninja
Ruffian Enter the Ninja
Juggernaut Martial Hearts
Kobold To the Tower
Treant Fairlight Village
Spiderpod A Light from Above
Vampyre Bat Into the Woods
Iron Golem To the Tower
Skullknight Tread Carefully
Bonecaster The Crypt King
Zombie Zombie Sighting
Archdemon Secret Entrance
Dragon One Final Cameo
Golgius A Thousand Years...
Eluda Eluda's Tavern
Orphan Memories
Girl Memories
Villager Memories
Housewife Memories
Old Man Memories
Old Woman Memories