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Sketch Turner[edit]

  • Voice actor: Howard Drossin

The game's protagonist. He is a comic book artist and rock musician, and is working on the Comix Zone. Sketch is hurled into the Comix Zone by Mortus and must fight his way out by defeating anything put in his way. He briefly transforms into his super hero alter ego after reaching the end of each page. His super hero meter fills up as he makes progress.

Alissa Cyan[edit]

  • Voice actor: Deborah Costa

General of the New World Empire. She is confronted by Sketch in the command center when he lands in front of her. Alissa believes Sketch is the "Chosen One" and sends him on his mission against alien forces.


Sketch Turner's pet rat. Sketch finds him trapped in a cage and rescues him. Often, Roadkill must help his master get past obstacles and find hidden items to solve problems.


  • Voice actor: Howard Drossin

A tendriled alien renegade. He is known to teleport all around by merging with the ground. He also carries his namesake weapon and uses them to fire blasts or to hook onto bars.


  • Voice actor: Peter Morawiec

A giant, muscled alien renegade. Steam often comes out of the vents on his back. He relies on his ability to generate explosive springs and launch them at his foes.


  • Voice actor: Fei Cheng

A monk found in the Tibetan city. He wields a powerful staff which he uses to either fire blasts or hop upon as a pole.


  • Voice actor: Sue Ortlip

A dangerous woman warrior who uses a hook attached to her long, braided hair.

Other aliens[edit]

Various other mutant creatures who crawl, fly, climb, or change shape.

Big Mama Dragon[edit]

A giant reptilian creature who hangs from the ceiling in the mutant base. She becomes upset after Sketch destroys her children. In the hopes of avenging her slain offspring, she vows to get rid of her foe. This fire-breathing reptile will also chomp at her enemy. The flaming barrel can easily get rid of her. When defeated, Big Mama comes bursting apart.


  • Voice actor: Howard Drossin

Master of the Temple on the mountains. He is in charge of training Mortus' people to fight in the Tournament. After Sketch comments on his long fingernails, he decides to teach Sketch a lesson. He sends balls of fire into the water on the chamber floor and also launches explosive fingernails at his opponent. Kung-Fung sinks into the water and comes apart.


The main villain of the Comix Zone. He emerges from the pages when the book is affected by lightning. After hurling his creator, Sketch, into the book, he takes up the comic pen and draws in enemies or burns up pages with it. He becomes the final boss when Sketch discovers his plan to launch a nuke upon the New World Empire. He randomly teleports during the final battle, but can be affected by the nuke's blasts. Mortus constantly taunts Sketch and also summons flying creeps to fight for his cause. When defeated, Mortus explodes.