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There are two layouts in this mission: Albania (on the left), and Bulgaria (on the right).

In both layouts, the overall solutions remain the same. Repair the powerplants in your base, build medium tanks, attack the power plants on the north edge of the base, defend against the sudden enemy surge, and circle around to the south of the base to eliminate the last two SAM sites in the enemy base. When all SAM sites are destroyed, you can extract Dr. Moebius.

You also receive a mammoth tank. It's main utility is self-regeneration (to half health), making it useful for long-term engagements.

Albania - South-east base[edit]

In the Albania layout, the GDI base is in the south east, and has one entrance. This layout starts with NOD having a significant number of deployed vehicles, thus you should build your forces before attacking.

In the east of the map, you should be able to find a small village. To the south of the church, you can retrieve a crate to collect some additional funds.

There is a SAM turret hiding in the north-east corner.

Attacking the power plants results in a strong infantry push, but there may be supporting vehicles that also attack.

Bulgaria - South-west base[edit]

The GDI base is in the south-west corner. While there are no units, the AI player is slightly more agressive, and could potentially knock down one of the base turrets.

There is a SAM turret in the middle of the north edge, along with one turret. It's best to have your Mammoth tank to attract the turret's attention, while having the escort of medium tanks providing support.

When you strike the power plants, the enemy will react with a strong infantry push.