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Suspicion and Evidence

Allies, Mission 10


Briefing: "Kosygin has indicated that this is the site of Stalin's main atomic weapons plant. Use extreme care in appraoching the Soviet base -- we don't know if any atomic bombs are armed yet. Take the facility off-line and then destroy any atomic weapons that exist."

Walkthrough: Epic mission played in two parts. Don't let the initial mission objective (Destroy all Soviet units and structures) confused you. In fact we need to infiltrate Forward Command Post of Dark Horseman base. At the start of the mission I did chase the Soviet truck for money crate but this time it somehow bugged and didn't drop anything. We'll approach the base by the infamous "Forest path". When you get close to the Command Center (or the mission progresses longer than 30 minutes) the 60 minute timer will be triggered. This timer will carry to the next part of the mission, so we must capture the Command Center with our Engineers ASAP.


Briefing: "Now that the complex has been infiltrated, the launch control centers must be deactivated. Get your engineers to the control centers and deactivate them before the missiles reach their targets.

Enemy technicians can help in locating the control centers if they are kept alive."

Walkthrough: Second part is the indoor mission in which you need to deactivate the missiles with the control terminals. It is not that hard when you finished the first part within decent time frame. When you get your Spy to the south of the map, you'll get the reinforcement in the form of Tanya. She's tremendous help in this tactical mission and I did use her predominantly.