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Here is a list of Soviet units in Red Alert. Some are restricted to Multiplayer (MP) and, although they may appear in the campaigns, they cannot be produced by any Soviet structure during it.

Infantry Tech Level Barracks $
Rifle Infantry 1 100
Grenadier 1 160
Rocket Soldier (MP) 1 300
Attack Dog 2 + Kennel 200
Engineer 3 500
Flamethrower 4 + Tech Center 300
Tanya (MP) 8 + Tech Center 1200
Land units Tech Level War Factory $
Heavy Tank 2 950
Ore Truck 2 + Ore Refinery 1400
V2 Rocket 2 + Radar Dome 700
Mine Layer 2 + Service Depot 800
Mammoth Tank 7 + Tech Center 1700
MCV (MP) 8 + Service Depot 2500
Sea units Tech Level Structure $
Transport 2 Sub Pen 700
Submarine 3 Sub Pen 950
Air units Tech Level Structure $
Yak 3 Airfield 800
Hind 6 Helipad 1200
MiG 7 Airfield 1200
Chinook (MP) 8 Helipad 1200


Infantry units require a Barracks.

Rifle Infantry[edit]


Rocket Soldier[edit]

Rocket Soldiers are normally restricted to Multiplayer.

Attack Dog[edit]

Attack Dogs also require a Kennel.



Flamethrowers also require a Tech Center.


Tanya is normally restricted to Multiplayer, and also requires a Tech Center.


Land units require a War Factory.

Heavy Tank[edit]

Soviets basic tank. It has two guns that deliver twice the punch of a Medium tank but slower than medium tanks.

Ore Truck[edit]

Ore Trucks also require an Ore Refinery.

V2 Rocket[edit]

V2 Rocket launchers also require a Radar Dome.

Mine Layer[edit]

Anti-personnel Mine Layers also require a Service Depot.

Mammoth Tank[edit]

Mammoth Tanks also require a Tech Center. This big tank can devastate any ground targets, kill infantry in one hit with its missiles, shoot down enemy air with its missiles and has very heavy armor but it is very slow and expensive.


Mobile Construction Vehicles are normally restricted to Multiplayer, and also require a Service Depot.


Sea units require a Sub Pen.




Air units require an Airfield or Helipad.


Yak attack planes require an Airfield.


Hind helicopters require a Helipad.


MiG attack planes require an Airfield.


Chinook helicopters are normally restricted to Multiplayer, and require a Helipad.