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Allied units are arguably some of the game's fastest and (in some cases) the cheapest like Guardian Tanks, which cost $950. Their Naval Power is arguably the weakest, but in numbers the Allies are quite a foe. The Allies are a good all-around balanced force with strong Aircraft and a decent ground force and naval force.


The Allied Infantry force is the most powerful in the game given their Peacekeepers do more damage than the Empire of the Rising Sun Imperial Warriors and their Javelin Soldiers do more damage than Flak Troopers.

Attack Dog[edit]

RequirementsBoot Camp
AbilitiesAmplified Bark
RoleAmphibious Anti Infantry scout
Build Time0:02
Damage typeMelee

Fast moving amphibious scouts that can detect disguised or hidden enemies. They can also dispatch infantry in one melee strike. Their special ability is a bark that effectively paralyses enemy infantry in a considerable radius, but makes them immobile for a second or two. Placing them inside an IFV (see below) will remove a few of their disabilities and make them useful anti-infantry vehicles.


They cannot attack vehicles or buildings and are often targeted first by enemy units. Also, the dogs are weaker than their Soviet counterparts and require two to three in order to properly take out a bear or to dispatch enemy infantry swiftly (since there is a short period of inactivity after using their barks). A small group can be used early in the game to harry the scouting enemies.


Anti-Infantry/ Anti Garrison
RequirementsBoot Camp
AbilitiesRiot shield
RoleAnti-Infantry/ Anti Garrison
Build Time5 seconds
Damage typeShotGun

Peacekeeper: Ready for contact.


The standard shotgun-wielding Allied infantry is effective against other infantry units. Their attacks knock back infantry at close range and deals damage in a small radius. Their special ability is to use Riot Shields that increases their defenses significantly, even against Tesla and Wave Force weaponry, although they are slowed down. This ability gives them the chance to close in to deal more damage. They can also enter structures in this state, knocking out infantry from within, but die doing so.


Generally their shotguns are not very effective against armored vehicles, they cannot attack airborne targets, and they can be mowed down by enemy vehicles. In groups, however, they can defeat enemy commandos and most infantry. Peacekeepers cost $200 so they are the most expensive of all grunt infantry.

Javelin Soldier[edit]

RequirementsBoot Camp
AbilitiesLaser Guided Mode
RoleAnti Tank and Anti Air
Build Time0:04
Damage typeRocket

Its go time!

Javelin Soldier

Javelin Soldiers are effective against enemy armor, deadly to enemy aircraft, and can demolish a base in seconds with their special ability. Their special ability is to Lock On their targets, which, after a short delay, they are able to unleash a barrage of attacks which deal significantly more damage than their regular attacks.


Javelin Soldiers are ineffective against infantry thus making them especially vulnerable to commandos, Shinobis, or other anti-infantry vehicles as well as bears and dogs.


RequirementsBoot Camp
Abilitiesdeploy into a tent
Build Time10 seconds
Damage typenone

Analyzing schematics.


Engineers can capture neutral or enemy structures, as well as repair allied structures. Their special ability is to deploy a make-shift medical hut which heals nearby Allied infantry units. They are arguably some of the most versatile and useful engineers the game has to offer. If placed inside an IFV, they act as a first aid station for vehicles and auto-repairs them.


They are unarmed and defenseless. As such, they require careful use in order to maximize their potential. Deployment via vehicles or aircraft is the most effective method of utilizing engineers.


Amphibious Infiltrator
RequirementsBoot camp and Heightened Clearance
RoleAmphibious Infiltrator
Build Time0:10
Damage typeNone

I'm on it like a bonnet.


Spies can disguise themselves as enemy infantry units (including dogs/bears and commandos), which can only be detected by enemy scouts. They are defenseless otherwise. Spies can enter enemy structures causing various effects such as shutting down radar, planting explosive charges, Steal up to $2000, and powering down bases. Their special ability is to Bribe nearby targets at the cost of 1000 credits, turning enemies against their former commander permanently no matter what size


They cannot bribe animals, 100% robotic units, commandos and do not have weapons to fend off enemies. Avoids scouts at all costs and ensure they are defended properly. Spies can also be mowed down by enemy vehicles even when disguised, so always ensure they are away from moving enemy vehicles.


RequirementsBoot camp and Maximum Clearance
AbilitiesTime Belt
Build Time0:20
Damage typeGuns and C4

Ouch! That one nicked me!


Tanya is the ultimate special agent for the Allied forces, her rapid-fire twin pistols can dispatch infantry in a single shot, effectively allowing her to take down small incoming mobs. She can enter structures and vehicles to plant C4 charges, which destroys targets in one shot. Her special ability is a Time Belt which allows her to travel back to her previous location and status ~10 seconds in time.


Tanya's pistols have shorter range than most infantry rifles and she is completely ineffective against aircraft. While she is effective against vehicles, she has to close the distance between them and usually will sustain considerable damage when attempting to blow the vehicles up, requiring the use of her timebelt to recover some health.


Allied Vehicles are fast, light and cheap and not to mention quite formidable. Their ground power is one of the weakest compared to the Imperial and Soviet Ground Forces, however. A good mix of long range (Athena Cannons), Anti-Infantry (ACV's), and Anti-Air (IFV's) with air support can get you a long way, but fall considerably short of what the other two factions can offer.

Riptide ACV[edit]

RequirementsArmor Facility, Seaport
AbilitiesUnload Passengers
RoleAmphibious transport
Build Time0:09
Damage typeGuns and torpedoes

Fire up the 50.


Riptide ACVs are the primary transport units for Allied infantry. They are able to carry up to 5 infantry units, while their attacks are effective against enemy infantry. At sea, they are able to periodically use small torpedoes which are more effective against armor and structures. Used early on, these ACV's can prove annoying to the enemy and quite useful as scouts or to deliver engineers and spies into critical areas.


These vehicles are not effective at fighting armored vehicles because their torpedoes cannot be used on land. While small groups can fend off attacks from Tsunami tanks, they are is still not as effective since they are not heavily armored. They are ineffective against enemy aircraft and if the vehicle explodes, all infantry inside will perish. Providing some form of anti-air/anti-armor will greatly boost the longevity of these troop carriers and if engineers aboard IFV's exist, these units might live long enough to rank up.

Multigunner IFV[edit]

Anti Air; Jack of all Trade units
RequirementsArmor Facility
AbilitiesUnload Passengers
RoleAnti Air; Jack of all Trade units
Build Time0:08
Damage typeDefault AA rocket launcher; other weaponry depends on infantry unit

Multigunner at your service.

Multigunner IFV

Multigunner IFVs are the most versatile vehicles; their attacks deal considerable damage to all types of units and structures, while their speed on the ground is unmatched. An infantry unit is able to garrison inside a Multigunner IFV, effectively altering the vehicle's use. A peacekeeper will turn it into an anti-infantry vehicle. A javelin troop will turn it into an anti-air and anti-armor vehicle. A dog inside will give it the sonic ability to stun infantry and an engineer inside will turn it into a mobile repair unit. For more information about the IFV look here


These vehicles have weak missiles that only work properly on air targets unless a unit enters the vehicle and modifies its properties. These units have light armor and cannot take much damage so it is not suited for engaging most enemy units, especially alone. In addition, should these vehicles explode, the unit inside will also be lost.

Guardian Tank[edit]

RequirementsArmor Facility at Heightened Clearance
AbilitiesTargeting Laser
Build Time0:10
Damage type90mm Cannon

Keep at em Lads!

Guardian Tank

The main Allied battle tank is an impressive anti-armor aggressor. It is the main tank and it is lighter, faster and stronger than its Soviet and Empire counterparts. Their special ability is a Focus Beam, which pin-points weaknesses, increasing the damage taken by their targets significantly.


Guardian Tanks have better firepower and are faster than the Tsunami Tanks and the Hammer tanks but they suffer from light armor and often fall prey to an attack from higher tier enemy tanks or anti-ground aircraft. These tanks lack the versatility of the Tsunami tanks and armor of the Soviet Hammer tanks.

Mirage Tank[edit]

Advanced Strike and Ambush Tank
RequirementsArmor Facility and Max Clearance
AbilitiesGAP Generator
RoleAdvanced Strike and Ambush Tank
Build Time0:20
Damage typeSpectrum cannon

Bonjour, Commander.

Mirage Tank

Armed with Spectrum Cannons and Stealth Generators the Mirage Tanks are essentially ambush vehicles, dealing lethal damage to all types of units on the ground. Their attacks splash onto nearby enemy targets. While not moving, they are able to blend in their surroundings. Their special ability is projecting a Gap Field, cloaking nearby allied units that are not attacking. They are unable to attack or camoflage while using this ability. Overall this is a good tank for ground defense and offense.


The Mirage tank weaknesses is they suffers from attacks against aircraft as it cannot attack air and can be spotted when moving or by scout units. They also have lighter armor than their counterparts at the third tier and can be crushed by the Apocalypse Tank and King Oni Bull Rushes. If used carefully however they can kill Commandos in one hit and light fighting vehicles in a matter of seconds. They are also expensive compared to the allied armor units.

Athena Cannon[edit]

RequirementsArmor Facility and Max Clearence
AbilitiesAegis Shield
RoleSiege Artillery
Build Time0:20
Damage typeLaser

Systems are damaged!

Athena Cannon

Athena Cannons are long range bombardment vehicles that pin-point enemies for an orbital strike. They are slow moving and are lightly armored. Their special ability is the Aegis Shield, which renders allied ground forces in the vicinity invulnerable to most attacks.


They are unable to attack while projecting the shield, and the shields radius decreases over time. Also attack the center Athena Cannon to lower the shield and always attack it up close or from the air.


RequirementsArmor Facility, Refinery, Seaport
Abilitiesdeploy into command hubs
RoleResource Gatherer
Build Time0:10
Damage typeNone

Collecting ore is ore-right!


The Prospector collects Ore from Ore Mines to fund the Allied cause. Their special ability is to deploy into Command Hubs so structures can be built near them.


They cannot build units or buildings (these require an MCV) and they cannot move once they are in place. They also require the purchasing of individual upgrades for the technology branch in order to pass this benefit off to the surrounding areas. The ore collector itself is often a target for Soviet attacks (especially from the air).

Mobile Construction Vehicle[edit]

Amphibious Construction unit
RequirementsSeaport or Armor Facility
RoleAmphibious Construction unit
Build Time1:00
Damage typeNone

Allied MCVs are incoming!

Suki advising about the enemy MCVs in the Pacific Ocean

Large defenseless vehicles that deploy into the Construction Yard, necessary for establishing a base. They can crush almost all vehicles in the game, save for Apocalypse Tanks and King Oni.


These large, slow and defenseless vehicles cannot crush Apocalypse Tanks, Assault Destroyers and King Onis and is vulnerable to faster units like the Rocket angel and the Stingray.


The Allies rule the sky with their versatile and powerful air force. Apollos are formidable foes defeating Jet Tengus and MiGs while Vindicators and Century Bombers do strategic bombardment from the air. Also Cryocopters quell any threats that are big and freezable. They also got the Uprising Exclusive Harbinger that rains death from above and all aircraft can be upgraded with the Advanced Aeronautics upgrade.


Close air support Jet
RequirementsAir Base
AbilitiesRTB on demand
RoleClose air support Jet
Build Time0:12
Damage type2-3 Bombs

Are you ready to play?


Vindicator Bombers are tactical strike aircraft best suited at dispatching enemy ground armor. They must re-arm at an Airfield as they have limited ammunition. Their special ability is an RTB order, allowing them to retreat to an Airfield at rapid speeds.


Vindicators fare poorly against enemy fighters and have comparatively light armor, so don't send these things after areas with a lot of AA.

Apollo Fighter Jet[edit]

Anti Air Interceptor
RequirementsAir Base
AbilitiesRTB on Demand
RoleAnti Air Interceptor
Build Time0:10
Damage typeAuto cannons

Kick the tires and light the fires!

Apollo Fighter

Apollo Fighter Jets are fast, air-to-air combatants. Their shredder guns are effective against all types of aircraft. They must re-arm at an Airfield as they have limited ammunition. Their special ability is an RTB order, allowing them to retreat to an Airfield at rapid speeds. In air-to-air combat, it is slightly superior to the MiG and vastly superior to the Jet Tengu.

Advanced Tactics

One unique strategy used by Apollo Fighter pilots involves using the Return to Base ability to catch up with fast-flying enemy aircraft. If an enemy aircraft is heading in the vague direction of the Apollo Fighter's home Airbase, and the Apollo Fighter cannot quite catch up with the enemy (say, an enemy MiG), then the Apollo Fighter can engage its Return to Base special ability afterburners, and thanks to the vastly increased speeds with the afterburners on, the Apollo Fighter can catch up to the enemy, turn off the afterburners once it catches up, and shoot the enemy aircraft out of the sky.


Apollos cannot retaliate against Ground forces and have a limited ammo supply. Always attack with groups of Striker VXs or MiGs.


Support copter
RequirementsLevel 2 Air Base
RoleSupport copter
Build Time0:16
Damage typeCryobeam

Just like in the lab!


Cryocopters are experimental aircraft that can freeze enemy units, eventually forcing them to a halt. Frozen targets are unable to perform any action, and are brittle enough that they can be shattered when any form of damage is sustained. Multiple Cryocopters focusing on one target will decrease the time needed to freeze them. Stronger units tend to be more resistant, and will take longer to succumb, while special structures including Superweapons are not affected by the vulnerability but they will cease to function. Their special ability is a S.H.R.I.N.K. beam which reduces a vehicle's size, significantly increasing its movement speed, while reducing its attack potential. Larger units that are shrunk can be crushed.


These copters do not harm targets at all and are often vulnerable to enemy Aircraft. Their Shrink Beam and Cryobeam effects are not permanent and the frozen and/or shrunken target will return to normal if left alone.

Century Bomber[edit]

Heavy Bomber/ Troop Transport
RequirementsAir Base and Max Clearence
AbilitiesParadrop Infantry
RoleHeavy Bomber/ Troop Transport
Build Time0:20
Damage typeBombs

Well boys, I reckon this is it.


Century Bombers are large durable aircraft best suited at carrying a payload of bombs and a score of 5 infantry units. They are best suited at base assaults. They must re-arm at an Airfield as they have limited ammunition. Their special ability is to paradrop the infantry they are carrying onto the battlefield.


These Bombers unlike Kirovs have limited ammo and must reload at an airfield. It also cannot fight Interceptors including Rocket Angels and MiGs. Centuries are expensive and take a long time to fill one Airfield with 4 Century Bombers and maintain them. Like Man Cannons do not paradrop infantry at areas full of Anti Air.


The Allies have a weak navy and have no subs but make up for it with Assault Destroyers and Riptide ACVs, which can go up on land to execute Amphibious assaults and the top tier unit, the aircraft carrier, is great as a long range harrassment unit.


RoleAnti Ship scout
Build Time0:05
Damage typeSonar weapons

Dolphins are fast-moving combat-bred mammals capable of shaking apart enemy naval units and structures. They are succeptible to most attacks including anti-infantry. Their special ability is to jump a considerable distance, even over ground permitting that there is water where they land.


One of the most common weakness is they can't attack anything that walks on land or that flies and they are weak to Yurikos Psychic Scream and the Shinobis weapons.


Anti Air Support unit
AbilitiesWeapon Jammer
RoleAnti Air Support unit
Build Time0:10
Damage typeAnti air gun

Ah yes, I like this one!


Hydrofoils are fast-moving surface-to-air ships that deal significant damage to enemy aircraft. Their special ability is a Weapon Jammer that can target ground and naval forces, rendering them unable to attack.


These things cannot attack other ships nor surface targets and has light armor. Their Weapon Jammers cannot jam infantry weapons and the worst part is they cannot out run the Yari nor stingray.

Assault Destroyer[edit]

Amphibious Advanced Anti Armor
AbilitiesBlackhole Armor
RoleAmphibious Advanced Anti Armor
Build Time0:16
Damage typeCannon

They're not getting past this ship.

Assault Destroyer

Assault Destroyers are tough amphibious units, able to withstand sustained damage for a period of time. They are more effective as tanks, absorbing damage for other less durable units. Their special ability is projecting a Black Hole Armor, which draws in all incoming enemy fire in a radius around the Assault Destroyer. They can crush almost all the vehicles in the game except MCVs, Apocalypse Tanks and the King Oni.


Assault Destroyers are not very effective against most naval units and aircraft including Akula Subs and Naginata Cruisers. Also on land the Assault Destroyer is weaker than Mirage Tank Spectrum Cannons and inferior to Apocalypse Tanks one on one. Use this ship carefully as its blackhole armor is meant for shielding not for offensive purposes.

Aircraft Carrier[edit]

Capital Ship
RequirementsSeaport at Maximum Clearance
AbilitiesBlackout missile
RoleCapital Ship
Build Time0:20
Damage type5 Planes

Aircraft Carrier leaving port!

Aircraft Carrier

Serving as capital ships to the Allied fleet, the Aircraft Carrier is a long range bombardment ship lethal against all ground and sea forces caught in its sight. Carriers launch 5 aircraft to strike at their targets. They are able to move as soon as the aircraft are launched. Their special ability is a Blackout Missile, which disables the movement and attack of all mechanical units caught in its radius.


Its special ability affects all friends and foes and the Carrier is defenseless without its 5 planes. Always attack with the Yari or Akula Subs up close or hit them with Aircraft. You should protect this valuable ship with Assault Destroyers and Hydrofoils.