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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Get spies into the Port Buildings.
    2. Save the Allied Leaders.
    3. Get Tanya into the Port Authority Building.
    4. Sink the Soviet Dreadnoughts.
    5. Wipe out the Soviet Base.
  • Bonus Objective
    1. Neutralize the defenses guarding the Vindicators.
  • New Units
    1. Tanya
    2. Spy
    3. Guardian Tank
    4. Riptide ACV
    5. Vindicator
  • Opponents
    1. Moskvin
  • CO-Commander
    1. Warren

Key Points[edit]

This mission introduces the Guardian Tank, the Spy, Tanya, Riptide ACV and the Vindicator Bomber.

The first part of this mission is to bypass the enemy defenses in the area and infiltrate the Port Buildings. This can be done using spies disguised as conscripts to infiltrate the power plants near the southern entrance of each island. Once the power is down, eliminate all of the guards then destroy the tesla coil with Tanya. Take out all forces, especially the bears and barracks which will train new bears to replace the ones you killed, before sending spies into the port buildings. Repeat the above procedure of shutting down the power to get rid of any tesla coils in your way.

Destroying the four Reactors in the southeast corner of the map will not help you access the Port Buildings, but it will achieve the bonus objective of neutralizing the defenses guarding the Vindicators.

Once the Port Buildings are captured, the submarines guarding the Dreadnoughts are no longer present and Tanya can quickly destroy them. Be careful though; you'll want to watch out for War Bears and Terror Drones while swimming around.

Spies can more easily pass through defenses if you select your Spy and then click on an enemy unit. Unfortunately, War Bears can still smell that strong cologne you are wearing and he will eat you for dinner.

At the final part of the mission Attack the Soviet Base with Guardian Tanks and have Repair IFVs backing them up.

Early Strategy[edit]

The Cannes mission gives the primary commander spies and Tanya. The secondary commander gets a full army.

For the first few minutes you may want to use Tanya to assist in attacking or defending to the north. Some combat will occur whether you want it or not.

On the map there is a small island all the way to the east. Use the spies to disable the power plants that are floating in the water around the island. Then use Tanya to remove the tesla coils. This will give the primary commander access to several bombers which will be virtually unchallenged. The primary commander will continue to receive income but have no way to spend it except on bombers anyway.

Next objective is to free the diplomats. This can be done by brute force or by removing the Russian forces first.

There are two ways to approach the Russian base. Use bombers to assault the tesla coils to the south of the Russian base or free the diplomats and walk along the northern edge of the map to get into the Russian base.

There are four dreadnaughts out in the sea off of the Russian base continually bombing just west of the Russian base. Tanya can handle the dreadnaughts, the subs are the problem. Using land based units or Tanya can kill the subs. Using F will activate Tanya’s time belt and set her back five seconds to her previous health and location, this only works if she is alive.

The alternate commander may want to take a soviet dock with an engineer they aren’t well defended. This will give them access to bullfrogs. The northern base can be handled entirely by the co-commander.

For the main objective use Tanya and some spies to clear out the island in the middle. The bombers will take down the power plants and therefore deactivate the tesla coils allowing Tanya full access. Once Tanya is on the island she will remove the infantry and clear the path for the spies. Finally use Tanya to enter the port authority and destroy all the Russian dreadnaughts still in the water. Do not destroy the buildings in question on the center islands.

Late Strategy[edit]

Recruit at least one more Spy and have the four of them swim due south, along with Tanya, toward the entrance guarded by two Tesla Coils. Have Tanya snipe the guards one at a time. These assaults can be survived by immediately using her Timebelt ability to zip her back to a safe location before the Tesla Coil can fry her.

If you lose Tanya, she can be "resurrected" back at the Barracks. If you can’t quite reach all of the soldiers near the northern Tesla Coil, don’t worry, as you will be heading to the south.

Highlight all four of your Spies and set a rally point far to the south of the southern Tesla Coil. As they start running by it – and getting zapped in the process – have Tanya run up and destroy this southern Coil.

That’s the toughest part of the whole mission. If at least two of your Spies have not survived, recruit some more and bring them back down to this area.

Destroy the two Reactors in the area, then have Tanya lead the way toward the east and have your Spy capture the southernmost Port Building. Although the Tesla Coils are intimidating on the east side of the island, you can sneak by them to the north if you hug the western fence line. Dispatch all of the troops in this area, destroy the Reactors in the northeastern part of the island and the Tesla Coils will be powered down for the entire island.

Capture the second Port Building and you are ready to tackle the second island.

Basically use the same procedure to get past the guarded entrance to the second island. It will be easier this time, as Tanya will have gained veterancy and will be able to quickly snipe the guards in this area.

Again, rush four or so Spies past the Coils, having them head to the south. Have Tanya run alongside them and hopefully she will survive the Tesla's electrical blasts.

Capture the Port Building on the western part of the island and have Tanya clear the island toward the northeast. Once the area is clear, have another Spy capture the last Port Building.

You will then be instructed to have Tanya capture the Port Authority building, which will be easy to do, since the island has already been cleared of enemy forces.

At this time, the Soviet subs will be called back to base and destroyed by your sabotage.

This will leave the Dreadnoughts undefended and Tanya can quickly swim over and send them to the bottom of the sea. Watch out for War Bears while enjoying the swim!

Unpack your MCV and start cranking out Guardian Tanks at your Armor Facility. Ten or more should be sufficient.

While you are accomplishing this, swim to the southeast section of the map to blow up the four Reactors lying unprotected in the water. This will accomplish the sole bonus objective of this mission of liberating the Vindicator aircraft in the region.

From this point on, you can use the Airbase and the Vindicator aircraft for the rest of the mission.

Head due north with your Guardian tanks to avoid traffic jams, then due east and destroy the enemy ore collectors and the Ore Refineries. Work your way south and destroy the rest of the base. Have no compassion. The Soviets are reaping what they have sown.

Mission accomplished!