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Bonus Maps Directly From EA[edit]

Note: All links are to .exe files, download at your own risk.

Empire missions[edit]


Use Sudden Transports with Engineers to capture the two Soviet Command Buildings. Then send 10-15 Chopper-VX's to the Kremlin building, finishing the mission by then converting to Striker-VX form.


In the final Empire campaign mission in Amsterdam, build your Naval base when you can. Upgrade your Naval Base to obtain the rights to Shogun Battleship. Quickly build three and send to attack the tech building as soon as possible. This will result in you bypassing all other objectives and winning the game. If you build Tanya or Natasha (as of v1.06) and use her on the FutureTech building, the second stage of the mission gets bypassed. In the final section of the mission, secret protocols are retained. If you have built the left secret protocol tree, you can get Sudden Assault and Final Squadron to bolster your forces and decimate theirs respectively.

Allied Missions[edit]


Once you are able to build a base, construct a Seaport near the Southern corner of the map, placing defenses and units there to lessen the damage caused by the Empire's incoming navy. Place Tanya in the neutral building more or less directly above the Allied construction yard. The Empire's infantry will then be mowed down.

Mt. Rushmore[edit]

When you destroy the Firebase, have Century Bombers or Vindicators circling the airstrip at the southern end of the map. That way, as soon as the Presidential Limo teleports there it can be destroyed. Using the captured Boot Camp from the beginning of the mission, produce 40-50 infantry to attack the left entrance to Ackerman's base. Eliminate his power sources, then sweep around and destroy his mostly-undefended base.

Tokyo Harbor[edit]

Units near the coast of the Southern island will not be destroyed by the Psionic Decimator. Use this to save all of your units. Sell all of your structures (but not your Construction Yard) directly after General Krukov tells you his forces cannot arrive. Doing so before will nullify all of your credits.


Place a spy right next to the very damaged Bullfrog at the start of the mission. This will give you the Bullfrog as well as the three Engineers. Once you arrive at the Soviet Base, use these Engineers to capture the Construction Yard, sending it to where Giles' base will be.


If you get any vehicles on the island or naval units in the canals on both sides of the Premier’s Fortress (close to the island), they will be protected by the iron curtain like the fortress. The protection will last until you destroy all seven iron curtains, you leave the area, the time expires like regular iron curtains. Use a Chronosphere to transport Tanya (inside a Riptide ACV) both to destroy the Vacuum Imploder and the Launch Facility.

Soviet missions[edit]

Von Esling Airbase[edit]

At the beginning of the mission, you receive almost 100,000 credits. Spend these on everything possible, for you will lose all but 3,000 when the map expands and Krukov arrives. Around this same time, send Natasha to Krukov's VIP Headquarters (out of range of the Tesla Coil). Also, place an Engineer directly next to his Construction Yard to end the battle early.

Mt. Fuji[edit]

Using Natasha's snipe ability on the Emperor's Oni won't complete the mission until it's destroyed.

Easter Island[edit]

Before you completely destroy the Allied base (stop Zhana from doing this by using Co-Command movement directives), build 10-15 Kirov Airships. Then, finish off the Allies and use the Kirovs to destroy the Volcano Fortress.

New York[edit]

If you use a Star-rank Natasha from the top right corner of the map, she can airstrike the statue of liberty without dealing with the allied blockade at all.