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These are Default Commands!


Command Key/Action
Scroll Camera  ↑  ↓  or move PC Mouse.png to side of screen
Rapid Scroll PC Mouse Right Click.png and Drag
Rotate Camera 4 6 or by clicking and holding PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png
Zoom Camera 8 2 or PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png
Reset Camera 5 or Click PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png
View Home Base H
Create Control Group Ctrl + 1 to 0
Jump to Control Group 1 to 0
Pause/Mission Menu Esc
View Last Event Spacebar
Waypoint Mode Alt
Sell Mode Z
Repair Mode C
Production Structure Tab E
Support Structure Tab R
Infantry Tab T
Vehicle Tab Y
Aircraft Tab U
Navy Tab I
Cycle Unit Subgroup Tab
Cycle Previous Unit Subgroup Shift + Tab
Planning Mode Ctrl + Z

Selection Commands[edit]

Command Key/Action
Select Unit/Structure/Open Menu PC Mouse Left Click.png or Drag a Box
Select Entire Army Q
Select on-screen Unit Type W or double-PC Mouse Left Click.png on the unit
Select Unit Type on Battlefield Double Tap W
Add Individual to Selection Shift + PC Mouse Left Click.png
Jump to Next Support Unit N
Deselect Individual Unit Shift + PC Mouse Left Click.png or PC Mouse Right Click.png in the selection window

Unit Commands[edit]

Command Key/Action
Move PC Mouse Right Click.png on destination
Attack Move A + PC Mouse Right Click.png on destination
Reverse Move D + PC Mouse Right Click.png
Formation Move PC Mouse Double Click.png and drag to place formation
Crush Move G
Force Attack Ctrl + PC Mouse Left Click.png
Scatter X
Use Special Ability F
Stop S
Aggressive Stance Alt + A
Guard Stance Alt + S
Hold Ground Stance Alt + D
Hold Fire Alt + G

Miscellaneous Commands[edit]

Command Key/Action
Set Rally Point Select structure and PC Mouse Right Click.png or PC Mouse Left Click.png on a structure and press Ctrl + R, then PC Mouse Right Click.png somewhere
Set camera bookmark Ctrl + J or K or L or ;
Cycle Camera bookmark J or K or L or ;
Toggle HUD End
Open Save Menu Shift + S
Open Load Menu Shift + L
Screenshot F12

Multiplayer Commands[edit]

Command Key/Action
Beacon Mode B
Fast Forward Replay >
Voice Chat V
Toggle Voice Chat Ctrl + V
Quick Chat Commands M
Chat With Allies Backspace
Chat With Everyone Enter
Turn Telestrator On or Off Home
Erase Telestrator Drawings Delete
Select Telestrator Line Width Insert
Select Next Telestrator Color Page Up
Select Previous Telestrator Color Page Down