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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Destroy the Allied Supply Port
    2. Destroy the Allied Army Base
    3. Capture All Six Swiss Banks (bonus objective)
    4. Destroy the Allied Command HQ
    5. General Krukov’s HQ Must Survive
  • New Units
    1. Hammer Tank
    2. Akula Sub
    3. V4
  • Opponents
    1. Lissette
  • CO-Commander
    1. Oleg
    2. Krukov

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces two new units, the Akula Sub and the Hammer Tank.

The Allies will be using the Chronosphere to transport powerful Assault Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers into the region. Focus on a strong defense, both air and land, to the northeast of your base or your Construction Yard will be lost. Build at least two Flak Cannons and a Tesla Coil to slow down the Allied naval assault.

Build up a powerful naval fleet and station them by the two Flak Cannons and Tesla Coil to the northeast of your base. Once you have about seven Akula submarines and seven Stingrays make a sweep to clear the entire lake of Allied forces. (Doing this piecemeal will lead to unacceptable losses.) Don’t forget to use Orbital Drop and Magnetic Satellite to speed up the process.

Leave a few Akula subs in the region for later in the mission when General Krukov joins the battle.

Once the lake is cleared of Allied troops, focus on the land invasion. Construct a Barracks and War Factory in the middle of Commander Oleg’s base. Focus on destroying the Allied War Factory first to stop the production of enemy armor.

The Swiss Banks can be destroyed. Be sure not to damage them accidentally. Commander Oleg’s engineers may capture some of these banks for you.

Once the Allied Supply Port and Army Base are destroyed, General Krukov will join your forces. You will then have access to the V4 Rocket Launchers. Use them to destroy the numerous Spectrum Towers protecting the Allied Command HQ. Additional Rocket Launchers can be recruited once the Battle Lab is built.

Build more Hammer Tanks and deploy Natasha Wisely. Both are useful when facing against the Allies.


America is joining the war to help defend Europe. A preemptive strike is necessary before they can reinforce European defenses. Following the key strategies above should give great guidance through most of this mission.

Start by building two or three Flak Cannons and a Tesla Coil to the north of your base. Add about five Stingrays and situate them by the Tesla Coil so your defensive abilities can work together to quickly destroy Allied threats.

Don’t worry about the land battle for now. Commander Oleg is doing a great job on that front.

A few minutes into the mission, Akula subs will be made available to your command. Build a fleet of about seven Akulas and seven Stingrays. Completely destroy all units and structures in the lake. Be sure to keep three or more subs intact even after this is accomplished so they can destroy Assault Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers beamed into the region.

Once the lake is cleared, build a Barracks and War Factory in the middle of Commander Oleg’s base. Start producing engineers to capture the banks that are securely within your territory.

Start cranking out a constant stream of Hammer Tanks and Sickles, with an emphasis on the Hammer Tanks.

When you have a reasonable force, head east and focus on destroying the War Factory. After this, mopup operations will be a breeze.

Don’t forget to use Magnetic Satellite and Orbital Drop to speed up the process. There are plenty of other special abilities to choose from as well.

Once the Allied Supply Port and Army Base are destroyed, Commander Krukov will join your forces. Two V4 Rocket Launchers will also be added to your command.

Commander Krukov’s HQ is not seriously threatened and you can focus on offensive operations.

Utilize your V4 Rocket Launchers to destroy the Allied Spectrum Towers (hey, they can call their Tesla Coils whatever they want!!) from great distance while your Hammer Tanks move in for the kill.

Another Naval Yard will also appear in this second half of the mission, so it will be necessary for your remaining Akula subs to finish off this base.

Destroy all of the Reactors on your march to the northeast to temporarily shut off the power supply to the defensive Spectrum Towers.

Between Commanders Oleg , Krukov and yourself, you will make quick work of the remaining Allied forces.

Mission accomplished!