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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Destroy the Hangars.
    2. Recover the Assault Destroyers.
    3. Destroy the Imperial Base.
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Eliminate the King Oni.
    2. Set Up an Expansion Base in the Southwest.
  • New Units
    1. Assault Destroyer
    2. Cryocopter
    3. Dolphin
  • Opponents
    1. Naomi
    2. Kenji
    3. Yoshiro
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Moskvin

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces two units, the Assault Destroyer and the Cryocopter.

This is the first mission where you will team up with the Soviets.

The first objective of destroying the Hangars can be quite tricky. The key is Tanya’s ego. Natasha is a hot-shot sniper and can put Tanya to shame in this arena. Tanya will want to rush ahead to get her share of kills and the result will usually be – something not so pretty. Keep the reins on Tanya and let Natasha take the lead most of the way.

Remember to use time belt and health crates.

You can indefinitely delay the attack of the Imperial Fleet by avoiding the area of the Expansion Base in the southwest. This includes fly-overs of the area. Attacking the base in the area of the detained Assault Carriers may also trigger the Imperial Fleet's arrival.

During the main Imperial Assault, disable the Shogun Battleships and Naginata Cruisers with your Cryocopters, while calling in air attacks on all approaching units.

Use your Vindicators to attack the MechaBay and Instant Dojo (Barracks) behind the Assault Destroyers before liberating these vehicles. This will make it easier for the Assault Destroyers to completely destroy the base in this region once they are recovered.

Immediately following the main Imperial naval assault, a vicious land attack will occur. Have four or five Multigunner Turrets already in place before you trigger this assault. Call in your Cryocopters to slow down the land assault as soon as they are available after the naval assault.

Always have a good use of your co commander who will deal with the Naval Forces while you and your assault destroyers deal with the Land Forces.

You will run low on cash quickly so disguise your spies as imperial warriors and infiltrate the Refineries as soon as you can. You might also need to expand while you still can.

Use a lot of Guardian Tanks, Assault Destroyers, Vindicators and vehicles to assault the Rising Suns Main Base.

Walkthrough - Short Version[edit]

The Gibraltar mission is a mission which includes both the Russians and the Allies. It is also a two-part mission.

You initially get only the commando units. Use Natasha to mark enemy buildings. Use Tanya to handle enemy tanks. They both handle infantry quite well. Explore the territory, because you will find health crates scattered around. For the Allied general, use of the Cryoblast will handle the mech warrior.

After clearing the island you can begin building bases. The Allied general will face most of their attacks from the north. The map will expand after all the planes are cleared. The Soviets will face most of their attacks from the sea. Typically the Allies should get the resource base to the north and the Soviets will take the resources on the south west island. It will take a rather large force to handle the northwestern Rising Sun base.

Walkthrough - Long Version[edit]

Natasha and Tanya team up to destroy the Hangars in the first part of this mission. You will meet plenty of infantry along the way and a bit of armor. Natasha can call in air strikes to destroy the armor and garrisoned structures.

Take a detour up the mountain to call in an air strike on King Oni. Follow the ski lift up the slope to take a short cut to the area. Let Natasha take the lead as much as possible, as Tanya has a tendency to get herself in trouble on this mission.

First things first. Build two Multigunner Turrets and man them both with Peacekeepers on the northwest corner of your base. A comical number of Imperial Warriors are about to attack from the hills above your base - but it's amazing how well these Turrets will hold them off.

You actually have time to build a couple of Reactors, two Ore Refineries and a Barracks before this initial attack occurs. Building both Turrets may cause the infantry to pause in their attack and have them congregate in the hills. Build just one Multigunner Turret and they will attack right away. Keeping the second Turret built but not placed until they start their attack is one way to handle this assault.

As long as you don't trigger the main Imperial Attack, you can calmly build up your base and units. Build a line of four or five Multigunner Turrets directly to the west, separate from the two initial ones to the northwest. Man them with both Javelins and Peacekeepers.

Use your Cryocopters to help slow down armored assaults from the west. Have a few extra Javelins hanging around to help out in this effort.

Heightened Clearance for any Naval Yard you build will not take effect unless you build an expansion base in that area.

Build an Armor Facility and obtain Heightened Clearance to add a few Guardians to your western defense. Obtaining the next level of Heightened Clearance won’t assist you, as the units needing this clearance are locked during this mission.

Build at least three Airbases and load them up with Vindicators. When you are ready, take out the Defender-VXs (anti-air units) guarding the Assault Destroyers. It's an even better idea to first destroy the MechaBay and Instant Dojo (Barracks) in this region first to make it easier for the Assault Destroyers to totally clear the area.

Once the Assault Destroyers are recovered, finish clearing the area. Feel free to run over any infantry in the area.

Before sending over a Prospector to set up an Expansion Base to the southwest, fly two four-Vindicator squadrons to the area and destroy the two King Onis in the area.

If you want to totally dominate the Imperial forces during their main attack, build a few more Cryocopters to add to your original three. You will be able to immobilize the four Naginata Cruisers and the two Shogun Battleships that approach the area. With your aerial assault, you will make quick work of this attack force.

There is still a critical land assault coming from the west that can overrun your base. Get your Cryocopters over there pronto to help stop the bleeding, together with your Vindicators and whatever armored units you decide to build up.

The last objective is to destroy the Imperial Base. It’s just a matter of time before you overrun it with either an aerial or land assault.

There is an ore mine in the upper right hand area that's controlled by the Imperial but easily overtaken. You can try a "airforce swap". Build some airbases here, send your vindicators from the original airbase out, and then sell the airbases. The vindicators will fly back to the new base as their home. It is very very close to the Imperial Base so you do bombing runs at 2x the speed because of distance.

Mission accomplished!