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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Escort the MCVs.
    2. Destroy the Iron Curtain.
    3. Destroy the four Super-Reactors.
    4. Destroy the Soviet Base.
    5. Destroy the Soviet Headquarters.
  • Bonus Objective
    1. Assist Agent Tanya.
  • New Units
    1. Hydrofoil
  • Opponents
    1. Oleg
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Lissette

Key Strategies[edit]

Your entire base can be developed with just a nominal land defense. Just a few Multigunner Turrets -- manned with infantry of your choice -- and three Guardian Tanks added to your initial troops will hold the fort for quite a while. It is not necessary to prepare for air attacks.

Be sure to obtain the Advanced Aeronautics upgrade as soon as possible to make your air attack more effective. Build twelve Vindicators to take out one structure per bombing run.

Start from the east of the map and destroy all structures encountered, including the Ore Refineries and War Factories, even though they are not highlighted. This will really slow down the Soviet offensives.

Taking out the unhighlighted Super Reactor to the east of their main base will cause the Soviets to sell their air defenses to focus on their Tesla Coils. This makes the continued air assaults even easier.

Build Guardian Tanks in large numbers to overwhelm the enemy in this mission.

To deal with Apocalypse tanks Bribe the tanks to join the Allies or attack in numbers with anything Anti Tank. You can also just take out the War Factory that is producing the Apoc Tanks with eight Vindicators.

Try keeping Tanya alive for the rest of the mission. Her explosives will serve you well on taking out various structures and her pistols can kill infantry in one hit.

Walkthrough - Short Version[edit]

Heidelberg starts with instructing you to clear out the beach defenses to land the construction units. Use the hydrofoils to clear out the helicopters on the south. Next use the hydrofoils alternate weapon to disable to tesla coil and direct the dolphins to kill it. Then they will land the construction units.

Once your base is established the choice is yours on how you want to attack. The majority of your attacks are land based. Few aircraft will attack you.

There is a bonus mission to rescue Tanya to the south. You should not be attacked from the south. Sending bombers to the south will take care of most of the resistance. They will continually produce tanks until you kill the war factory.

How you clear out the Russian base to the north is up to you. Air units will do a good job for most of it since there is minor air defense. The soviets will use apocalypse tanks once you break into their base. Otherwise you will receive minor infantry and anti-infantry units.

Walkthrough - Long Version[edit]

Escort the two MCVs up the river before the main mission begins. You will easily dispatch the Twinblades on the way. Be sure to toggle over to the Weapon Jammer ability on your Hydrofoils before approaching and incapacitating the Tesla Coils near the second landing area.

Your initial troops can hold the area from weak infantry attacks, so concentrate on building up your base quickly. As far as defense, add a few Multigunner Turrets and three Guardian Tanks. Once your entire base is built up, start adding additional Guardian Tanks.

Along with the necessary Reactors, immediately add two Ore Refineries, Armor Facility, with Heightened Clearance, Boot Camp and three Airbases.

Build twelve Vindicators, upgrade to Advanced Aeronautics, then start knocking out one structure at a time, starting with the Super Reactors. Your co-commander may help you achieve the first objective of destroying four of these structures.

Use the Surveillance Sweep to look for anti-air defenses, but overall they are pretty weak.

Don’t just focus on the highlighted structures that are necessary to accomplish the objective of destroying the Soviet Base. Start on the far east and keep working your way to the west. This can be accomplished while losing very few aircraft.

This is especially helpful as you will destroy a few Ore Refineries and War Factories and dramatically slow down the Soviet offensive.

A nice surprise is when the Flak Cannons are sold after destroying the Super-Reactor to the east of the main base.

It is possible to destroy the Iron Curtain with an attack of twelve Vindicators, but losses will occur. Rebuild these units and keep on attacking.

Once the Iron Curtain is destroyed, the Soviets will release their Apocalypse Tanks. This is an extremely nasty machine that will chew through your Guardian Tanks. This threat can be neutralized using the Vindicators to destroy them before they reach your base, build to many anti armor units like Javelins and Guardian Tanks or you can use Spies disguised as Conscripts to Bribe the Apocalypses. If you don't want to deal with Apocs at all, then destroy the War Factory with eight Vindicators as soon as possible.

When you feel like taking a break from this offensive, head to the west to rescue Tanya. This can be accomplished by destroying the Construction Yard, War Factory and Barracks in this area. You can also just destroy the Barracks, War Factory, and all the other units, but build two Engineers and capture the Construction Yard and the Power Plant so you can also build Soviet units.

Once the Soviet Base is destroyed, use your twelve Vindicators to destroy the Soviet Headquarters.

Mission accomplished!