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Note that the Hammer Tank that is leeching an enemy vehicle does not have to destroy the vehicle itself in order to gain it's secondary weapon, it just has to have the Leech Beam on the target when it is destroyed. This is useful when leeching tougher enemies such as Assault Destroyers, Apocalypse Tanks, King Onis, Giga Fortresses, etc. For example, you can start leeching an Assault Destroyer and then finish it off quickly with Twinblades or something powerful.

Hammer Tank[edit]

Two cannons firing at the same speed, causing nearly the same damage which adds a respectable amount of firepower to the already powerful tank.


Lethal combination with a powerful anti-infantry turret that can really pack some heavy damage on infantry. The range is on par with the cannon so it will always assist in killing anything you're deciding to shoot.

V4 Rocket[edit]

This equips your Hammer Tank with a devastating V4 Rocket inflicting enormous damage on pretty much everything. The downside is that neither can be used together. The V4's minimum range conflicts with the cannon's range and a Hammer Tank with this setup is prone to bugging out and reversing from an enemy when you want to just shoot it.


It's exactly the same as the V4.


If you leech a Stingray, your Hammer Tank will now be equipped with a Tesla Coil. Since Tesla Tanks can't be built outside of the campaign, this a good way to get them anyway. You can use a force attack with the Leechbeam on your own Stingrays or use it on the enemy if you are against a Soviet enemy. The attack range of the Tesla Coil is almost the same as the standard cannon, but it is highly effective against infantry (kills them with one shock) or/and against lightly armored units.

Tesla Tank (campaign unit)[edit]



Upon leeching a Bullfrog, your Hammer gains a respectable anti-air device. This is on par with a normal Bullfrog but has the strength of a Hammer Tank. The deceptive nature of an AA turret it can pose a deadly threat to air units.

Apocalypse Tank[edit]

Should you be graced with the sheer luck and ability of stealing an Apocalypse cannon you'll find that your somewhat meager Hammer has now become a weapon of devastation and danger. Combined with your own basic canon is a dual firing heavy cannon, which grants the ability to take on several times its own weight and survive.




Anti-infantry gun.

Mortar Cycle[edit]


Mirage Tank[edit]

This is one lethal tank, gaining all the strengths of the Allied Mirage Tank. This Hammer becomes a force to be reckoned with since the spectrum fires at a steady rate and offers the same scatter damage. With the cannon for support, it makes short work of generally anything. There is however a small range issue with this; the cannon range is a fraction longer than spectrum range, thus if you initiate a battle, the spectrum won't trigger until you move slightly forward.

Guardian Tank[edit]

The Guardian Cannon fires at a lower rate than the Hammer Cannon beside it, but offers a greater damage output.

Multigunner IFV[edit]

After leeching the life out of an IFV, your Hammer Tank will gain a rocket firing attachment that is anti-air only.


The anti-air on this unit is absolutely devastating. The damage output is strong enough that it could even equal the strength of an Apollo. This is one extremely good anti-air attachment.

Riptide ACV[edit]

This gun turret, though very similar to the Hammer Tank & Sickle combination does appear to do slightly less damage, however still useful against infantry.

Aircraft Carrier[edit]

Should you manage to somehow leech yourself an Aircraft Carrier, your Hammer Tank now comes equipped with this nifty little scout drone. If you target a location, the little drone acts the same as if you were using an actual aircraft carrier flying to the target, dropping its bomb, and returning to the hammer tank to re-arm. The downside is it still can be killed quite quickly by anti-air, and you don't get one back.

Assault Destroyer[edit]

Should you somehow manage to fight through the enormous health of an Assault Destroyer, your Hammer now comes equipped with this very powerful cannon that makes your main cannon nothing more than support. It's heavy damage, but has a slow rate of fire.

Athena Cannon[edit]

It comes out generally whenever you are in range to use. Even though it doesn't collaborate with the main cannon's range, it doesn't bug out quite as often as the others. It is a very nice attachment that does significant damage to anything standing still.

Future Tank X-1[edit]

Neutron Scrambler.

Pacifier FAV[edit]

None, No matter in what form you Leech it.

Tsunami Tank[edit]

With this attachment you gain the fast firing Tsunami gun barrel with your main canon. This is pretty much equal damage to leeching from the Hammer Tank, but with the faster firing Tsunami barrel this is slightly better against infantry.

King Oni[edit]

Keeping with the Oni's Eye Beam mechanics, this is a good unit that will do good damage to basically anything. Like the King Oni, it has a slow start up first shot, but the following shots are at a steady speed, which allows it to go toe to toe with some healthier units like Assault Destroyers. Also the Oni beam has a better range which means you won't have the same problems as leeching from a Mirage Tank.

Shogun Battleship[edit]

At short range your Hammer is nothing new, at long range it gains the power of a triple shot Shogun. Not quite as strong as a well angled Shogun, having this on the surface allows you to make up for the slight reduction in range. The power is still significant enough to be a significant factor in overcoming an enemy’s defenses or simply causing damage to his base.

Mecha Tengu[edit]

Like the Sickle and Riptide ACV, the Hammer gains a respectable anti-infantry weapon, this one appearing to be slightly stronger than leeching from the Sickle and Riptide ACV.

Striker VX[edit]

Leeching from the Striker VX gives the Hammer Tank a respectable anti-air weapon. Not quite as strong as the Striker VX, but stronger than the IFV’s anti-aircraft weapon.

Wave-Force Artillery[edit]

The Hammer Tank gains the Wave-Force-Artillery's turret which causes lethal damage to anything. Coupled with a very long wind-up time and no indicator, it's not quite as endearing as the original Wave-Force Artillery, but still very powerful.

Ore Collector[edit]

This is exactly the same as the Mecha Tengu.

Steel Ronin[edit]

Same as the Tsunami Tank.

Giga Fortress[edit]

If somehow you are able to Leech a Giga Fortress (which is very unlikely), then your Hammer Tank will be equipped with the homing multi-role missiles of the Giga Fortress. This is an awesome weapon which gives the Hammer Tank a formidable new weapon against ground and air targets alike. The only downside is the long reload time. But when the weapon fires, you'd better take cover.