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  • Primary Objectives
    • Unpack MCV 1 at Chrono Drop Zone 1.
    • Unpack MCV 2 at Chrono Drop Zone 2.
    • Clear the Plateau of Soviets.
    • Destroy all seven Iron Curtains.
    • Destroy the Premier’s Fortress.
  • Bonus Objective
    • Destroy the Vacuum Imploder
  • Opponents
    • Krukov
    • Cherdenko
  • CO-Commanders
    • Warren

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the most destructive weapon in the Allied Arsenal, the Proton Collider.

This is a very hard mission, but not nearly as hard once these strategies are utilized.

  • Have four or 5 of your initial Mirage Tanks survive the clearing of the Plateau. To have all of them survive gather them as soon as they spawn.
  • You have neither time nor money to build you a full base. You have therfore to borrow what you need from the soviets. Here's the general procedure:

Clear the way with your Mirages. All MUST survive. Retreat the badly dammaged ones. Use the iron curtain once you have aquired it. Don't forget your other units.

Capture only ONE building of interest in the forward Soviet base (Super Reactor / War Factory / Iron Curtain / War labor / Airfield / Refinery / Construction Yard / Vacuum Imploder) with an engineer, this decreasing the loss if one gets killed on the journey. Note that all buildings needed are on the east wing of the city.

Place a Boot camp near your new possession and capture any other nearby needed building of interest. Note that you should still capture several of the same buildings, and sell them afterwards save one for a much needed unique ore bonus. Capturing a Refinery while an Ore Collector is unloading will give you control over the Collector as well. Use it to your advantage.

Place an airfield, move your Mirages to it for repair and churn out Apollos. Cryocopters will be built in your initial Base, because of the needed clearance. Build new units fitting your strategy with your newly acquired sowiet factories. (Bullfrogs, V4, Twinblades, whatever depending on your capture. As long as you have your Mirages, Apocalypses are no priority).

Rinse and repeat. With the combination of the Allies' disruptive abilities and the Soviet's offensive power, it should get easier and easier.

IMPORTANT: Sell the old Iron Curtain before capturing a new one. It will bring the timer to 0 again, freeing up to 90 precious seconds.

  • Use these four Mirage Tanks to destroy all four Armor Factories to the east or your base will be plagued by V4 Rockets and Apocalypse tanks, and the distraction and waste of resources will make you run out of time. While in the area, destroy an Iron Curtain, (that's one) a Battle Lab, and an Ore Refinery. Hopefully you will have at least two of these gold-star veterans survive. Do not attack any other Iron Curtains. Retreat back to the bridge east of your base.
  • You must defend yourself from air attacks from the north and northeast or you will lose units and buildings. Keep three Multigunner Turrets up and running and manned with Javelin infantry.
  • Beware of Natasha and her special ability. Keep two or three of your Mirage Tanks on the eastern bridge to keep Natasha from targeting airstrikes on your base. Natasha will cause mass destruction if she gets through. Sit there quietly so she doesn't see you, then fry her.
  • Build the Chronosphere and the Proton Collider as soon as possible. Research both Heightened Clearance and Maximum Clearance so you can recruit Tanya.
  • A concentrated Protoncollider strike and a Timebomb afterward will destroy any Iron curtain. Given that you will probably be able to use the Proton collider only once (on hard difficulty), you should aim for the inaccessible Iron Curtain in the upper west side.
  • Place Tanya inside a transport so she can utilize the Chronosphere. She will be able to easily destroy two of the Iron Curtains on the east side of the map, (that's two and three) the Vacuum Imploder and the Premier’s Fortress.
  • Do not assault with either land or air units the southeastern Iron Curtain that is surrounded by garrisoned civilian structures. It is too heavily guarded. Hack away at it with Surgical Strikes, Timebombs, then Deluxe Timebombs, then Supreme Timebombs. Once it is at half strength, finish it off with the Proton Collider. (that's four)
  • Repeat this process with the northern most Iron Curtain on the west side of the map. If necessary, add an aerial bombing run to aid in the process. (that's five)
  • Very early in the game, set up an Airbase at your co-commander’s base. Set up four Vindicators and destroy the four Barracks to the north. Your co-commander should destroy the southernmost Iron Curtain by himself, (that's six) and you can help use your air power to destroy the one directly above that. (that's seven!!)
  • Despite all your precautions, you will still be attacked with about 4-5 minutes left from the east bridge by an onslaught of Apocalypse Tanks and V4 Rocket Launchers that seemingly come from nowhere. Once the Soviet Commander announces a special surprise for you, start beefing up immediately with Spectrum Towers, Cryocopters and a ton of Mirage Tanks. Have a few Spies ready to try to "bribe" the Apocalypse Tanks to your side. It's a thing of beauty if executed well.
  • You will also be attacked by Dreadnaughts from the north and southeast. Those things will cripple your base in the time it takes you to guide a single bombing run. Having Century Bombers or Vindicators at the ready can save you when the Dreadnaughts appear.
  • To survive this mission, it takes lots of micromanagement, so save your game a lot. Just when you think you are making headway - when only one or two Iron Curtains are left, or just the Shuttle - and time is running out, that's when your base gets pounded by the final attacks. Make sure to set your Mirage Tanks on aggressive. Otherwise they will stay hidden while things attack.
  • The Shuttle launch site can sustain incredible punishment. That said, a single C4 charge will do the trick. Have your Apollos clear the sky, parachute Tanya, and scramble.

Walkthrough 1[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Your job is to secure a spot in order to secure a base. Your MCV has been shrunken for this task in order to break through the Soviet defenses in the area. Be warned though, there are Soviet Hammer Tanks around the area so avoid them or your MCV will get crushed. Once the MCV is unpacked, Mirage Tanks will be teleported via Chronosphere to the unpacked MCV. Use the Mirage Tanks to destroy the Soviets forces around the area. It is vital to make sure that the Mirage Tanks are not destroyed for they are important in the next phase.

Part 2[edit]

You will be given a sum of credits from Lieutenant Eva in order to construct your base. First, construct a Power Plant for the moment. Now, send out your Mirage Tanks to the east side and destroy the War Factories near the first Iron Curtain. Destroy the first two and keep an eye out for Soviet armour. Destroy any that come in the vicinity of your Mirage Tanks, because it is crucial for this team to survive. Destroy the first Iron Curtain and continue to destroy the remaining War Factories. While you assault the War Factories, manage your time to construct your Boot Camp and pump at least 6 Javelin infantry as your anti-tank/anti-air countermeasure. Build up two Multigunner Turrets as well, and put Javelins soldiers inside. Concentrate on constructing your Airbase and your Armour Facility as well. Take your time and manage this between your Mirage Tanks and your base. In the same time, order Warren to strike the western Iron Curtains. He should be able to take down the first two. It is crucial that you do this.

Rather than destroying all of the soviet structures around the first Iron Curtain, you can hold the area whilst you send over several technicians to capture the Super Reactor, War Factory, Battle Lab and Ore Refinery. If you manage to pull this off you can now construct Apocalypse Tanks, V4 Rocket Launchers and Troop Traonsporters/Sickles which will make the rest of the map very easy. The only resistance you will face will be from the air at your captured base, so ensure you leave a few anti-air vehicles around and then use your V4's to take out the buildings around the next Iron Curtain. Build up a force of russian anti-air vehicles and send them as one towards the 3rd Iron Curtain to mop up the attack helicopters. Send your Apocalypse Tanks and V4's to take out the airfields and other defences. Once finished there, send a force to Krukov's base and destroy it.

After this, skip the second Iron Curtain that's been barricaded by Soviet infantry. Head north and attack the third Iron Curtain. This area is surrounded by MiG Fighters and Twinblade Choppers. Your only concerns now are the Twinblades, as they can wipe out your Mirage Tanks, so be aware of their flight paths and stop your units from moving as they approach. Once your units arrive at the third Iron Curtain, wipe out the units surrounding the Iron Curtain and destroy it. Destroy the Airbases as well, as they will pump out MiG fighters later if you do not take the advantage now. After destroying both the Airbases and the third Iron Curtain, General Krukov will tell you that he is constructing the Vacuum Imploder. Do not fret though, as you'll have time to destroy it.

Part 3[edit]

By now you should have the Airbase and Armour Facility up and running. Pump out a group of Mirage Tanks and Apollo Fighters and use this group to attack the second Iron Curtain. Krukov sends in Twinblades around the east even though you wiped out the Airbases, so use Apollos as a countermeasure. Use one of the Mirage Tanks as your Gap Generator and the rest to attack the barricaded buildings. By then, you should be able to penetrate and destroy the second Iron Curtain.

Now it's time to deal with these two. The superweapons' destruction would require the help of both the top-secret protocol perks and your Proton Collider. Concentrate on the Time Bomb perk, upgrading it until the max and use your Surgical Strike perk as well. With this, you should be able to destroy both the Vacuum Emploder and the fourth Iron Curtain. However, General Krukov should at least strike your base with the Vacuum Emploder once during this time. Don't worry though, you should be able to rebuild your base in order to counter-attack. He mostly targets your Airbases with the Vacuum Emploder, so be carefule of your building placement around the Airbases.

Another way to attack these is with bombers. Try to guide them up the canal, hugging the east shore, then swing them around west to the front of the base. Attack on a vector that lines up both the Iron Curtain and the Vacuum Imploder. Your bombers have before-splash and after-splash with their bombs, so targeting the Imploder from an angle where your bombers fly directly over the Iron Curtain first will also damage the Iron Curtain. On Medium difficulty it will take you about 8 bombers to get both structures, assuming you set four bombers to target each structure. You also lose one to two on the way in. Fly both groups in simultaneously, having one group slightly ahead of the other. The first group in targets the Iron Curtain, and the second targets the Imploder. The first group will be the one that may lose up to two bombers, but if the second remains intact, four before-splashes should finish off the Iron Curtain. If you are going to use the Proton Collider, use it before they bomb because you may take out some air defense and save a couple bombers for future runs.

If your co-commander has also built a proton collider, you can kill the Vacuum Imploder before it fires even once by ordering him to use his collider on the Soviet superweapon (it is a special command you can give him once his weapon is ready), then you fire yours (if you have one, and you should) soon after.

Another method to prevent the Vacuum Imploder from firing is to use Chronosphere to teleport a group of Mirage tanks and Athena Cannons which could be used to destroy the two Tesla Coils from far away, and a Riptide AVC with Javelin soldiers for air attack if necessary.

Another alternative is to transport just 1 tank of any type to a spot that is north of the vacuum imploder so that it is out of reach of the tesla coils. It can take out the vacuum imploder and then the iron curtain right next to it easily.

Part 4[edit]

Build at least two additional Airbases and create Century Bombers. Strike the remaining Iron Curtain on the west side. By now, the first and second Iron Curtain should be destroyed. If only the first is destroyed, send in Century Bombers to deal with second and the third. Use your Proton Collider as well on them. It is recommended to assist and protect your co-commander at this time as well as you will need his Proton Collider for the Iron Curtains and the Fortress.

Once all the Iron Curtains are destroyed, send out your Century Bombers at the Fortress and use your Proton Collider to strike it as well. You may have realised by now that it deals little damage towards the Fortress. Nullify it by constructing the Chronosphere and teleport your Mirage Tanks over. You may also para-drop Tanya near the Fortress and use her to attack the shuttle. Be wary around the area, as Dreadnoughts will target any units near the Fortress. The V4 Launchers do not attack inside the area they are in, so it's advisable to concentrate on the Fortress. By now, you should be able to destroy the Fortress and have completed the Allied campaign. Congratulations.

Alternatively, you could build an MCV from your Soviet War Factory which you captured earlier, build an airfield, and get a pack of twinblades once hostile aircraft have been eliminated. Use these twinblades to slowly whittle down the shuttle's health, and continually send more as needed. Twinblades can also be used to hunt dreadnaughts. To kill dreadnaughts in a pinch, you can also use the chronosphere to teleport them onto ground, as this destroys them instantly.

Walkthrough 2[edit]

Have two priorities in the beginning.

  1. Build 6 turrets near the east bridge.
  2. Chronosphere as soon as possible.

By building the turrets, when the computer keeps on sending its forces, they will be decimated by your point defences. You can also build a tower or two if you like. Clean out long range V4s with a couple of Mirages. If you look at the map, the Iron Curtains on the immediate east of you are the most heavily defended of them all. The weakest is the one in the upper west area. But you are not going to Chronosphere here. Make a Riptide or two and pack it with engineers. Now Chronosphere your Riptides to the Iron Curtain that's directly opposite to your base on the north. Now you can capture this seemingly invincible base. You should be able to do it easily before the Vaccum Imploder comes online.

You should also have a spy and bribe those Apocalypses stationed there. The troops stationed there are on hold ground status so work very slowly and the rest won't even attack you. The Kirov Airship can be a problem, but you can dispatch it with some missile defenders or buggies. Establish a base there and make refineries. Then capture the Iron Curtain and the Vaccum Imploder when it comes online. By now you have done the hardest part and can clean out the rest of the Iron Curtains.

You can rely on Warren taking out only one on the left side - the one with numerous Tesla Troops. The one on the upper left should be easy to take out with the Apcoalypses you bribed. Meanwhile, since you have a lot of funds, you can build the following:

  1. Three fields of Century Bombers totaling 12.
  2. A few Mirage Tanks.
  3. A Proton Collider.

Use the Century Bombers, a few Mirage Tanks, or even regular tanks to take out one or two Iron Curtains on the east by Chronosphering them over from the stone Iron Curtain. Use the Proton Collider as needed. You can also assist Warren to take out ones on the left as well.

Remember, in the end you should sell your own Iron Curtain so the forcefield around the Shuttle is deactivated. The Shuttle has a lot of hit points, so bomb it to bits with your Century Bombers or Chronoshpere some Mirage Tanks over there.

Walkthrough 3[edit]

Note: Written for the hard setting.

Part 1[edit]

Your MCV will be shrunk to sneak past the Soviet defenses. Set up your base in the designated zone and five Mirage Tanks will come to your assistance.

Although it is a bit tricky, keep playing this part of the mission until you clear the plateau of Soviet forces and still survive with four of the Mirage Tanks in reasonably good health. Approach the Apocalypse Tanks from an angle so that no other dangers are present during the attack. Attack these tanks simultaneously with all of your Mirage Tanks so they will be destroyed before grinding your Mirages to scrap.

Once you have survived with four Mirage Tanks, save your mission. The hardest part may already be over!!!

Part 2[edit]

Now it’s time to multitask a bit, but it’s not too unreasonable. While building your base (building order to be given in a moment) lead the four Mirage Tanks to the east and destroy the two War Factories.

Don’t rush too much. Destroy the Sentry Guns when other enemy units are not in the area. Keep your veteran units in front as you proceed forward. Destroy the Iron Curtain, (that’s one) Battle Lab and Ore Refinery in the area, along with the four Sentry Guns. Just leave the Super Reactor alone! Its explosion will destroy your Mirage Tanks. Work your way north to destroy the third and fourth War Factories.

Job well done! Now retreat back to the bridge east of your base and spread your veteran Mirages along the bridge to wait for Natasha to appear. Fry her when she shows up! Don’t move, though, or she may snipe the driver of your vehicle.

While doing the above, you need to flip back and forth to keep the building process going forward. Build a Reactor and two Ore Refineries. Build a Barracks, recruit an engineer, then capture the Oil Derrick to the south.

Build an Airbase and place it at your co-commander’s base!! Build four Vindicators and start bombing runs on the four Barracks to the north, then the Iron Curtains. Be sure to obtain Advanced Aeronautics before starting the bombing runs!

On top of this, start building three Multigunner Turrets and place them on the northeast side of your base. Load them up with Javelin units.

Sometimes you will get so caught up in the heat of battle, you will forget to keep building. If so, you may want to do it over again to make sure you don’t run short of time or resources.

This is a great time to save. So far, you are on your way to kicking butt in this mission.

Part 3[edit]

After retrieving your Mirage Tanks back to the bridge, you can pretty much focus on building up your base. Here is a suggested building order that you need to keep moving on:

  1. Defense Bureau
  2. Chronosphere
  3. Heightened Clearance
  4. Proton Collider
  5. Maximum Clearance
  6. Armor Facility
  7. Airbase
  8. Two or three Spectrum Towers

Of course, you are going to need a lot of power to keep this all running. Err on the side of caution to have more than enough Reactors online before building the Proton Collider, etc.

Even though you are focusing on your base, you still have a bit of multitasking to do. Keep an eye on your bonus points and constantly level up on the far right side of the special abilities column.

Immediately utilize the Surgical Strike, Timebomb, Deluxe Timebomb and Supreme Timebomb to bring the southeastern Iron Curtain (surrounded by the garrisoned structures) to half strength. Destroy it later with the Proton Collider. Beautiful!! (that’s two)

Use the same strategy to begin damaging the far northwestern Iron Curtain.

Another thing you will be doing is continuing to fly your Vindicators from your co-commander’s base to destroy the four Barracks directly to his north and then start chipping away at the Iron Curtains. The bottom two Iron Curtains will easily be destroyed in this manner between you and your co-commander’s efforts. (that’s three and four)

Your Chronosphere may be ready before you are able to recruit Tanya, since you need to first obtain Maximum Clearance. Once she is recruited, place her in a Riptide ACV and transport her above the “middle” eastern Iron Curtain. You can easily destroy it. (that’s five) If you are lucky, you may also be able to take out a few Airfields.

Wait until the bonus objective of destroying the Vacuum Imploder appears, and you can then have Tanya destroy it and the northeastern Iron Curtain at the same time once the Chronosphere recharges. (that’s six)

While doing all of the above, you need to prepare for a nasty assault from about four Apocalypse Tanks. Start building two or three Spectrum Towers near the eastern bridge. Pull back your Mirage Tanks to your base.

If you haven’t done so already, build an Airbase at your home base and build two or three Cryocopters to slow them down. Add a few Spies to the mix and you may add some Apocalypse Tanks to your crew.

Make sure at least three Multigunner Turrets are in good shape to fend off the continuing air attacks.

Part 4[edit]

Now is a good time to save again before you destroy the final Iron Curtain.

This seventh Iron Curtain will be the one located in the far northwestern corner. Hopefully by now, you have weakened it with Surgical Strikes, Timebombs and your co-commander’s Proton Collider. If you haven’t done so already, click on this Iron Curtain to order your co-commander to target it with his PC.

You should be able to finish it off with a single airstrike, but make further preparations before you do so. You should have enough time.

Make sure you have six Vindicators ready to go. Once the final Iron Curtain is destroyed, two aggressive Dreadnoughts will appear from the southeast. They will immediately target Tanya, even if she has already teleported over to the Premier’s Fortress.

Destroy both of them with your Vindicators before they target your Airbase and Tanya. Once they are gone, transport Tanya over to the Fortress with the Chronosphere. She should be safe now, unless you drop her off under a Kirov Airship.

Use Tanya to destroy the Fortress.

Mission accomplished!

Walkthrough 4[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Make sure at least four of your Mirage Tanks survive. As soon as the 2nd part of the mission starts, attack the Soviet Base to the east with the Mirage Tanks. As soon as you get credits from Eva, build a power plant. Then build a boot camp as soon as possible.

Train 6 engineers while you build 2 ore refineries and as soon as the first 3 engineers are done, move them to the Soviet base on the east, and start taking over the Russian base with your engineers. You should be able to take over just about every building (including the Iron Curtain). Move your remaining engineers in to take over more buildings. Capture the refinery while the collector is offloading and you'll have another income stream right away.

There will be a lot of Twinblades that will attack so build some Multigunner turrets to guard it. Build a War Factory as well as a Boot Camp in the Russian base. The War Factory will repair your vehicles and your Boot Camp will provide you with Javelins. Train some Javelins to put into the turrets. Don't forget your original base too - train Javelin soldiers and place multigunner turrets to the north side of your base to fend off air attacks.

You can then sell the Iron Curtain for money to recoup the cost of the Engineers. That's the first Iron Curtain dealt with. Build some Multigunner IFVs and throw some Javelins and Engineers in them, as this will help with anti-air defense and allow you to repair your apocalypse tanks and V4 Rocket Launchers later.

If you did this correctly, you should have a great credit flow, a lot of Russian units, and a prebuilt expansion base.

Part 2[edit]

Start cranking out bullfrogs and Apocalypse Tanks. Get a few V4 Rocket Launchers, and have them attack the fortified buildings and also destroy the 2nd iron curtain from a distance. Be careful that Natasha doesn't destroy your new base. Make sure you have plenty of IFVs with Javelins in them to protect against twinblades.

Prepare a massive army, and start moving north. Destroy the third iron curtain and the four airbases. Make sure you have enough anti-air units because there are a lot of twinblades to deal with. While you are doing this, build two airbases on your original base, and load them up with vindicators. Also tech up, and build a Proton Collider.

Keep moving north, but have your V4 rockets take out the Dreadnought to the left of the bridge or else most of your units will die. Take out the turrets and the Tesla coils. Then move in your apocalypse tanks in to clean up the job. You should be able to take out the fourth iron curtain as well as the Vacuum Imploder.

By this time, your partner should have taken out two of the iron curtains already (the fifth and sixth), leaving the 10 o'clock one. Use your vindicators and take out the seventh one.

At this point in time, the Premier will try to escape into space. Use the Vindicators as well as timebombs, Proton Colliders, and anything else to take out the main Fortress.

Mission Accomplished!

Recommended build order[edit]

This is for the whole mission on medium to hard difficulty. Your assault force should consist of Mirage Tanks for a land assault and Vindicators for your air assault. Combine these two with the Proton Collider and Cryogeddon for mass destruction. Damage is equal to the power of all Super Weapons and Ultimate Weapons combined.

Note: Add Power Plants as necessary for steps marked with an asterisk (*).
First 15–20 minutes
  1. Multi-Gunner turret*
  2. Two ore refineries
  3. Multi-Gunner turret*
  4. Airbase or Armor Facility*
  5. Heightened Clearance
  6. Airbase or Armor Facility*
  7. Max Clearance and two Spectrum Towers*
25–33 minutes
  1. Build and Attack some units, 1-2 more Multi-GT
  2. Defense Bureau*
  3. Chronosphere and Proton Collider*

You Should have at least 3–4 Iron Curtains destroyed at this point.

35–40 minutes
  1. If you haven't built a Armored Facility build it now
  2. Repeat step 8. and build a Boot Camp

You should finish defeating the Iron Curtains by now.

  1. Somehow get Tanya to blow the Fortress up via Air/Chronosphere