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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Await the Shogun Executioner
    2. Destroy all Soviet Forces and the Kremlin
    3. The Shogun Executioner Must Survive
    4. Destroy the Time Machine
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Capture the Soviet V.I.P Bunkers
  • Opponents
    1. Krukov
    2. Cherdenko
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Kenji

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces the most destructive weapon in the Empires arsenal, the Psionic Decimator.
  • Always keep an eye on the Shogun Executioner's health.
  • To control the full might of the Soviet Army, do not destroy the Soviet structures and capture the VIP bunkers.
  • The Shogun Executioner is known to cause friendly fire and accidentally ram into even Rocket Angels and Chopper VXs, so be careful supporting your Shogun Executioner with other units.
  • Watch out for Kirovs, Dreadnoughts, Terror Drones and V4 Rocket Launchers. They pose a threat to the Executioner.
  • Use the Executioner to destroy the Soviet Army and always heal it with tesla based weapons.
  • Build the Psionic Decimator as fast as you can. It will become very useful on destroying the Soviets.
  • Before crushing the Kremlin, build a lot of Tengus first before destroying it, because the Time Machine will try to flee via copter.


During the early part of the mission if you capture a Soviet VIP Bunker, you will shortly have access to build soviet buildings due to the captured soviet cranes. Quickly make a Super Reactor and a Barracks before they are destroyed. If you do so, you can make your own Tesla Troopers which can be used to heal the Shogun Executioner.

Beware of Krukovs forces. He will send waves of Apocalypse Tanks, V4s, Flak Troopers, Kirovs, Terror Drones, Twinblades, MiGs and Dreadnoughts after the Shogun Executioner. Do not let the Shogun Executioner be destroyed by any Soviet units or the mission will fail. Capture both VIP Bunkers to gain control of all the Soviet Structures in the area and to expand the battlefield.

Remember, your Shogun Executioner can crush all of the enemy Soviet units in the game and also kill most enemies in one cut but is vulnerable to enemy aircraft so support the Executioner with only Jet Tengus. Any other Air unit like Rocket Angels and Strikers will get destroyed if they ram into the Executioner or get in the way.

For the last part of the mission, if only the Shogun Executioner has reached the final objective:

When you destroy the Heart of the Kremlin, there is a video telling you that they are about to transport the time machine to a different location. Use your ability while next to that hole in the ground where you are not able to walk to level the area where you are, and move in a direct path to a place just above the Soviet ore refinery to the east. Spawn Tankbusters using your earned ability on the south side of the hole in the ground, and leave them there. This forces the Twinblade carrying the time machine from the hole to take the northern route to leave the map. There are three possible routes, the primary one if from the south side of the hole, the secondary is from the east side of the hole, and the final one if from the west side of the hole. Depending on if your Executioner is blocking one side, the Twinblades will follow the most prioritized route in that order. If you have placed your Executioner correctly, the objective Twinblade will fly directly into your head, explode, and fill you with relief. You may need to replay this portion of the mission a lot to get your placement right.

Barring that, you can mass 10-15 Mecha Tengus and start flying them towards the last structure before you destroy it. Enough of them should survive the flak and be able to take down the target Twinblade without difficulty.