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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Create a diversion.
    2. Assassinate the Emperor.
    3. Destroy Shinzo’s Base.
    4. Destroy Naomi’s Base.
    5. Destroy Kenji’s Base.
    6. Destroy the Emperor's Palace.
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Rescue the Captured Conscript and Bear.
    2. Destroy the Generators.
  • New Units
    1. Apocalypse Tank
  • Opponents
    1. Yoshiro
    2. Shinzo
    3. Naomi
    4. Kenji
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Moskvin

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces the strongest ground vehicle, the Apocalypse Tank.
  • The Rising Sun are good at the ground, yet very poor in the sky. It so happens that you have a lot of offensive power in the later one too. Throw a Kirov party and enjoy the fireworks. (Do not forget your Migs and Twinblades, though)
  • The easiest way to destroy both Kenji's and Naomi's base is to destroy their cores and MCV before they deploy! That's where your magnetic beam comes in handy; suck the Mecha core, then the MCV. Gather your forces, move in, smash, what was left of a threat is removed.
    • NB 1: you will need some Twinblades to efficiently destroy the Docks at Naomi's base. Avoid the defense turrets for now.
    • NB 2: after sucking Naomi's MCV, she will get a second one. She will not use it, though.
  • Though it may seem logical to build a naval force to help aid Commander Moskvin, perhaps the best defense of your comrade may prove to be a rapid ground offense. Focus on building and protecting your own base and attacking the Shinzo base as soon as you can accumulate sufficient forces.
  • The same basic offense can be used for an attack on each of the three bases. These are a minimal amount of units suggested – definitely, the more the merrier!
    • Five or more Apocalypse Tanks for pure brutal strength and unit protection.
    • Three to five V4 Rocket Launchers to take out defensive structures at a distance.
    • Four to eight MIG Jets to be used defensively to destroy airborne dangers.
    • Four or more Twinblades to help clean up once the anti-air danger is mitigated.
    • It certainly helps to have Natasha involved. She can snipe King Oni and Wave Force Artillery. She seems to have a hard time staying out of trouble, though.
  • Use Orbital Drop to destroy anti-air defenses and Magnetic Satellite to suck up King Oni and Wave Force Artillery during offensive assaults.
  • After destruction of the Shinzo base, go back to your home base to regroup and attack the Naomi Base to the northeast. You may want to have more Twinblades as a backup during this attack to deal with the long-ranged naval threat in the area.
  • Watch out for Yuriko Omega! She is matchless in a one on one battle with any of your units.
  • Rinse and repeat for the Kenji Base in the northwest.
  • Save yourself time by knocking out the Emperor’s Palace by two consecutive Level II Orbital Drops. For some reason, Kirov Airships will not attack this Palace.
  • Always keep Natasha Alive if you can.
  • King Oni and Wave Force Artillery will attempt to reduce your base to ashes so be prepared.
  • To defeat the Emperors King Oni use your Apocalypse Tanks magnetic beam to prevent the thing from moving then finish it off with other Apocalypse Tanks.


You start with a War Bear and Conscript, the only survivors of the invasion. Your first objective is to assassinate the Emperor.

Make your way counter-clockwise around the Emperor’s walled domicile until you proceed far enough for the announcement to be made that it is necessary to create a diversion.

Head south and set off the explosives. This will create the diversion necessary for you to proceed straight to the Emperor. Although you and your War Bear can assassinate the Emperor, which is actually a robot look-a-like. You didn't thought it would be this easy, would you?

At least this distraction allowed the Soviets to bring in reinforcements. From this point, you can build up your base with the new objective to destroy Shinzo’s base.

Rapid base development is important to keep on top of Imperial aggression.

Immediately build a Reactor and Crane in the back of your base. Start building your first Flak Cannon at the front of your base.

Build a Super Reactor and War Factory simultaneously. Finish a second Flak Cannon at the front of your base.

As soon as the Super Reactor is finished, build two Tesla Coils at the front of your base.

Build an Airfield and Battle Lab simultaneously.

Immediately crank out four MiG fighters and four Twinblades.

As soon as the Battle Lab is finished, crank out at least three more Apocalypses. A total of six or more is even better. Add three or more V4 Rocket Launchers to the mix.

Build a Barracks and add Natasha to the mix. Don’t forget about her sniping abilities.

Hang out for a bit longer and add an additional Super Reactor and Tesla Coil to the east of your Ore Refinery — just in case.

When you are ready to make your assault on Shinzo's base, save the game. Things don’t always go as planned.

If you want to take a bit more time, build a second Airfield and add more MIG Fighters to the mix. Your troops will be helpless from air assaults if you lose these.

Very carefully advance with your

  1. Apocalypse Tanks,
  2. V4 Rocket Launchers,
  3. MiG Fighters,
  4. Twinblades and
  5. Natasha

Use your Rocket Launchers to destroy the anti-air installations or your aircraft will be toast. It might get a bit messy.

Don’t forget to use Orbital Drop and Magnetic Satellite to assist you in your offensive effort.

Once you destroy the base, return to your base and regroup. By now you will have plenty of funds, so feel free to both replace and add to your attack force before repeating the same attack procedure at the north-eastern Naomi base.

Be sure to have extra Twinblades to help neutralize the naval presence in this area. They will pound your troops from a distance.

After destroying this base, return to your base, rinse and repeat to destroy Kenji's Base to the north-west.

After destroying this third base, you will be given the additional objective of destroying the Emperor’s Palace. Expose the Palace by flying an aircraft in the region. Hit the Palace with a Level 2 Orbital Drop.

While waiting for the Orbital Drop to recharge, accomplish the bonus objectives of freeing the captured conscript and War Bear and destroying the Generators to the north-east.

Use the Level 2 Orbital Drop again to destroy the Imperial Palace and you will then face the Emperor in his super roboto form. The Emperor is definitely a bad actor, but your mass of armored units can gang up and turn him into a heap of tin cans.

Mission accomplished!