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  • Mission Objectives:
    • Destroy the Com Tower
    • Destroy the Rushmore Firebase
  • Bonus Objectives:
    • Destroy the Power Plant
    • Capture the Boot Camp
    • Destroy the Jefferson Head Control Center
    • Destroy the Lincoln Head Control Center
    • Destroy the Washington Head Control Center
  • New Units:
    • Mirage Tank
  • Opponents
    1. Ackerman
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Warren

Key Intel and Strategies[edit]

This mission will introduce the Spectrum Tower and the Mirage Tank and its abilities.

This is a timed mission without the timer. If the President’s limo reaches the Rushmore Firebase before you destroy it, it’s game over. You can follow the limo’s progress by viewing the blue dot on the HUD display.

The mission is not won once the Rushmore Firebase is destroyed. The new mission of “taking out” the President will be given. He will be “teleported/flown” to the bottom of your screen. Take out the vehicle carrying the President as soon as possible before he boards the helicopter and escapes. If he boards the helicopter, a single Apollo Fighter can destroy it before it exits the area to the west.

Time is tight, but excessive rushing will lead to mistakes you can’t recover from. Especially at the beginning of the mission, have your Vindicators watch out for and avoid the large packs of Multigunner IFVs. Rebuilding your squadrons will take up time you don’t have.

Have your Vindicators clear the path between your base and the Rushmore Firebase but don’t actually attack the Firebase itself until the three Apollo Fighters hovering above it are destroyed by your own Apollo Fighters. Again, your entire squad of Vindicators will be wiped out.

After dropping off the Engineers at the three Head Control Centers with your Century Bombers, don’t be lazy and directly attack the Rushmore Firebase with them. Regroup them to your home base and attack from the direction that is already cleared of Multigunner Turrets.

Consider building five Airbases – three for Vindicators, one for your Century Bombers, and one for your Apollo Fighters. Your four Apollo Fighters, unfortunately, may be going on a suicide run clearing the airspace above the Rushmore Firebase.

After you have access to your Spectrum Towers to defend your base, take your Mirage Tanks straight north and destroy all Prospectors encountered and the two Airbases located behind the main base.

Attack the enemy base with huge numbers of Guardian Tanks and Mirage Tanks. Back up your strike force with Centurys loaded with infantry and vindicators.

The Presidents Limo will teleport east of your base at a nearby airfield. Build some mirage tanks, set them up carefully there, avoiding the two Multigunner Turrets and prepare to ambush the President when he teleports there.

Easiest way to win[edit]

Hard difficulty

  • Two spectrum towers and a couple of multigunner turrets are enough to keep your base safe.
  • Build 12 bombers (upgraded to carry extra ammo) and take out the main objective.
  • Use the remaining bombers to kill the president.

This will allow you to finish the mission very quickly.


Mt. Rushmore mission is one of the more time restricted maps. It is in two parts like many of the other allied missions.

First part of the mission is to destroy the radio tower; Tanya can handle this part on her own. Destroy the power plant first then the radar tower. Easy enough right? Try to keep her around for later in the mission.

Look for a 'promotion box' to the north of the tower; get Tanya to 'General' status. Also, have you co-commander run his extra engineer into the Oil Derrick to the east BEFORE you blow up the tower. This will allow both of you to get some extra cash before you enter part two of the mission.

Do not kill the president in his limo or the mission will end.

Next part of the mission is much more difficult. Use the cryoblast to freeze the president’s limo. This will give you much more time if both you and your ally alternate blasts. Capture all oil derricks and build some minor base defense, the units will be much more helpful.

ALTERNATIVELY: When the president's limo is behind your co-commander's base (ie. your co-commander's base is between the limo and his firebase), get a cyrocopter to freeze him. To do this in time, you may need to build an airbase in your co-commander's base, and build the copters from there. As soon as this is done, save the mission, and mass up anti-air in your co-commander's base. Four Apollo fighters will keep coming to try to defend the president from the north, but the combined force of your anti-air firepower is enough to destroy them before they reach the president. There is a chance, that when you kill an Apollo, it crashes onto the limo and destroys it. If this happens, reload the mission. Otherwise, you have all the time in the world to destroy the base however you wish. Keep in mind, that mirage tanks will only be available to you once the president reaches the first control center, so when you are ready, you can let him move there, freeze him again, and move your anti-air to support.

Do not send in the cryocopters, the president will send in 3 or 4 apollos to defend him, instead, use the cryobeam protocol.

Now the west side ally should build bombers and fighters and the east side ally should work on ground forces. Since the enemy base has a weak entrance on the west and the main structure you are to destroy is on the east.

Build up many bombers (8-12 if possible) and load them with infantry. You will also want about four fighters for the very last scene of the mission. This requires two tech level upgrades. Add Tanya, some peace keepers, and some rocket troops. Send the bombers up the west side of the map into the enemy base and destroy the power plants and para-drop the infantry into the same area to mop up any remaining power. Coordinate this attack with your ally.

While the west ally is building bombers the east ally should be building lots of tanks, mirage tanks, at least ten of them. Prepare them for an invasion. Send in the tanks just after the power plants are destroyed taking down the towers. Using the tanks you should have an easy time getting the firebase destroyed.

Having the east ally build an airfield could help with the bonus objectives. Use the bomber to airdrop some troops and engineers to the three power stations on the north west, north east, and south east points of the map. The enemy will try to retake these so keep some troops there.

In the last scene the president leaves on a chopper. You are then ordered to kill the president. Now is the preferred time to use the fighters to take down the chopper since you can get to it before he gets away.

Alternate Walkthrough[edit]

In the mini mission, have Tanya run to the northwest, around the Multigunner Turret to destroy the Power Plant to accomplish the first bonus objective.

Then click on the Boot Camp to open the dialog box to order the Engineer to capture it in order to accomplish the second bonus objective.

Four Javelin infantry will join your ranks, but you won’t need them. Run over with Tanya to dispatch the remaining infantry, the Guardian tank, and then the Com Center.

Now the main mission begins. You must destroy the Rushmore Firebase before the President reaches it.

This is a timed mission, with the timer being the amount of time it takes for the limo to reach the Firebase. This building order will get you well along your way of accomplishing this task in time. Add Reactors as necessary.

  • Two Ore Refineries
  • Advanced Aeronautics (important!)
  • Two Airbases
  • Two Multigunner Turrets
  • Heightened Security
  • Maximum Security
  • Defense Bureau
  • Two Spectrum Towers
  • Barracks (for Engineers)
  • Third, fourth and perhaps fifth Airbase.

Immediately after building the Ore Refineries, build the two Airbases and eight Vindicators. Start attacking with two Vindicators per grouping to start taking out the Multigunner Turrets. There are plenty of them.

After getting the Heightened Clearance and Maximum clearance rolling, hopefully you can eventually get five groups of Vindicators quickly taking out the MGTs.

Focus on the MGTs due north heading toward the large group of Reactors so later the Mirage Tanks can do some damage in this area. Take out the two MGTs due east also to clear the way for your Century Bombers.

Your base will receive a few threatening attacks, so keep at least two MGT’s and two Spectrum Towers up and running before heading north with your Mirage Tanks. Be ready to use your Vindicators to defend your base, if necessary.

On this run with your Mirage Tanks, head straight north and work your way clockwise around the back of the base, taking out both Airbases and all Prospectors encountered. Destroying the Reactors may temporarily turn off the MGTs on the base, but power seems to be rerouted and they turn right back on. Try to destroy all defensive structures in the area before sending them to this area.

Once you receive Maximum Clearance, create a separate Airbase to build three Century Bombers. Load each one with an Engineer. Parachute in the three Engineers to disable the Head Control Centers. Safely fly your Bombers back to your home base for further attacks once the skies are safer.

There are two ways to take out the Firebase. For the first, continue taking out MGTs heading toward the Rushmore Firebase. Before actually approaching the actual Firebase, though, build four Apollo Fighters to destroy the three Fighters hovering above the Firebase. Destroy any stray Multigunner IFVs still lingering in the area. Start cranking out as many Vindicators as possible, and combine them with your Century Bombers to destroy the Firebase.

For the second way, you may have noticed that the Firebase is mostly defended by Turrets, and that the huge field of reactors in the northwest is totally devoid of Scouts. So the only thing you have to do to destroy the Firebase is to go to Level 1 clearance, train a few Spies (5 are enough), build a small force of Guardian Tanks and IFVs, then use the Spies to infiltrate the reactors, and rush to the Firebase while the base defenses are disabled. The few units present in the base won't be able to stop you.

The game is not over yet. Now it is necessary to destroy the President’s Limo or the Helicopter that he is about to board. If you don’t destroy the Limo, use one or more Apollo Fighters to take out the helicopter as it flies off to the west.

Mission accomplished!