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The Multigunner IFV is a quick but weak unit that can change its weapon depending on the unit inside. Its default weapon is a rack of missiles that is effective against air and ground vehicles. Only the Allies have this unit and can be trained at the Armor Facility. Multigunner turrets are the building equivalent, and serve as the primary base defense of the Allies. Should a Multigunner IFV or Multigunner Turret be destroyed, any infantry inside will be killed.

Attack Dog/War Bear

Once an Attack Dog or War Bear enters one of these vehicles, its default missile launcher converts to loudspeakers that amplify the dog's/bear's barks/roars and stun the targeted infantry when the vehicle is ordered to attack. Unlike each standalone unit's special ability, the IFV can only stun one enemy at a time.


When the Peacekeeper enters the vehicle, the vehicle gains anti-personnel shotguns. Like the Peacekeeper's shotgun, any infantry caught at close to point-blank range will be knocked back.


When Javelins enter, the IFV can fire a larger salvo of missiles and thus is able to take on heavier units.


The Engineer converts the normally offensive missile launcher into a passive repair tool that can be used to quickly heal friendly vehicles. The IFV will drive right up to any friendly vehicle within close proximity and attempt to repair it. It can remove Terror Drones inside vehicles as well.


When a Spy enters the vehicle, a sniper turret takes the place of the missile launcher. This can only be used on infantry or Terror Drones.


While Tanya is inside, the weapon systems can engage infantry only, but they do so with amazing efficiency, being able to cut through entire infantry divisions.

Cryo Legionnaire

When a Cyro Legionnaire enters the IFV, it gains a cryo cannon that can even freeze enemy aircraft. Any frozen enemy aircraft fall down in big chunks of ice.


The IFV gains a gatling gun with a rate of fire more like the Conscript's ADK-45 rather than the typical 3000 rpm of modern-day gatling guns. Does poor damage to anything other than its intended target, and even then it's not that effective.

Flak Trooper

This IFV is anti-air only. It is very powerful, slightly stronger than a Bullfrog, and with the speed to keep up with the faster aircraft of each faction it proves to be a useful anti-air unit.

Tesla Trooper

The IFV acquires a very powerful upgrade in the form of a one-shot kill against infantry and it does respectable damage to buildings, light vehicles and even some of the heavier units in the game. It fires a lot faster than a normal Tesla Trooper and, of course, its speed can opens up more tactical opportunities.


The IFV is equipped with Natasha's sniper rifle, along with the ability to go through multiple infantry. The main advantage of her in an IFV is that she is able to cover great distances, allowing her to perform hit-and-run tactics against not just infantry, but even entire bases.


Desolators are good at disposing of infantry, and with this combination, you can desolate an entire army of infantry.


Yuriko with this kind of speed and protection from infantry is a dangerous thing. If your enemy happens to get hold of this combination you better get rid of it quickly, otherwise you could find yourself without a base very quickly. She gets a slight range increase but the damage is the same. It's mainly the mobility of the unit that makes it dangerous.


Load a ninja in the IFV and you get yourself a ninja-star toting vehicle of infantry dominance. It shoots slightly faster than the Spy IFV, but not by much.

Tank Buster

This combination is one that does make the IFV live up to its old usefulness. The range increase and speed increase is huge. It can quickly overwhelm enemy light vehicles and even tanks. It does respectable damage to infantry and good damage to buildings, very versatile and very powerful.

Imperial Warrior

Unlike the IFV with a Conscript in it, this is actually reasonably powerful against not only infantry, but light vehicles too. It is not as good as the IFV with a Tank Buster in it. It is still a decent unit to use if you have it available and your attackers are primarily infantry-based.

Archer Maiden

This combination results in an arrow-shooting IFV. There will be slight increase in attack strength and range.