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This is a mode where up to 6 players may choose 1 of the 3 factions to play as on one of the many maps. All players start with a mcv and a sum of credits to develop a base and an army to overwhelm the enemy's own.


Empire of the Rising Sun[edit]

It is always an idea to get the dojo first then reactor then refinery followed by reactor, mecha bay, dock, mainframe and SWs.


You can rush with Vindicators, peacekeepers or javelin IFV's.

If you chose Vindicator rush tactic, use the following build order.

  • Barracks first: capture an oil derrick for income.
  • 3 attack dog: scout your enemy to know what he's doing.
  • Power plant: to supply your power when building.
  • Ore refinery
  • Airfield (2-3x): Now to use your rush.
Build 2 Vindicators then 1 Apollo fighter then 2 Vindicators 1 Apollo fighter and it's your decision for the last two. When your first Aindicator is up, attack his economy. This will force your opponent to build anti-air. With your second Vindicator attack his ore collector/ prospector. Remember to research the Advanced Aeronautics Upgrade protocol.

Now for peacekeeper rush, the build order is:

  • Barracks
  • Engineer; capture oil derrick
  • 3 attack dog
  • Power plant
  • Barracks
  • 2x ore refinery
  • Peacekeepers.


For the soviet war machine, if you want to, start off with a crusher crane first, after you built a crusher crane, then build a reactor and barracks, 2 ore nodes, as well setting up anti air and anti ground bases defenses at the same time, (this helps you building your base a lot more faster than the Allies and Empire of the rising sun), and then build war factory and a superactor, and after you build your war factory, create some terror drones and sneak behind the enemy's base and dismantle their prospectors and ore collectors, (since they are a true menace to both Allies and Empire of the rising sun) and after creating some terror drones and sending them off, build your army ASAP, and send them straight to enemy's base, or if you want to go with other strategies, that's fine. If Your at sea, samething thing, start off with a crusher crane first, if you want to.