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  • Mission objectives
    1. Destroy the Tech Inhibitor.
    2. Expand to the Islands.
    3. Destroy the Allied Base.
    4. Capture the Allied Science Facility.
    5. Hold the Science Facility.
  • New Units
    1. Twinblade
    2. MiG
  • Opponents
    1. Warren
    2. Giles
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Zhana

Key strategies[edit]

This mission introduces two Soviet aircraft, the Twinblade and the MiG Fighter.

Until the Tech Inhibitor is destroyed, there is not much you can do in the way of offense or defense, so this is definitely your top priority. Between the Spectrum Towers and the anti-armor personnel on the base, it appears the only expedient way to destroy it is with the use of Orbital Drop. If you are not able to upgrade it to Level 2, though, by its second usage, it will take three shots to destroy the structure. To prevent too much down time, search out a few battles with your Akula subs and Stingrays to get that extra bonus point and upgrade sooner.

Once the Tech Inhibitor is destroyed, focus on an attack force backed up by your Dreadnoughts. Destruction from great distance is the key to victory here.

A few Tesla Coils at the front of your base will be quite welcome as Riptide ACVs and Assault Destroyers come knocking at your front door.

A single Tesla in front of your Naval Yard will keep it safe once your naval fleet goes on the offensive.

In the tradition of Tiberium Wars – Kane’s Wrath, just because you complete the final objective, that doesn’t mean the mission is over – or will even be won. Sure enough, and I felt it in my bones, capturing the Allied Science Facility set the timer for the most difficult part of this mission – having to defend the structure for ten minutes as hell on Earth descends on your forces. Be prepared – save your game before capturing the facility and build up all forces you feel are necessary to survive this final onslaught.

It is more expeditious to take out the main Allied Naval Base on the main island before trying to secure the outer islands. A force of three Dreadnoughts, five Akula Subs and five Stingrays can destroy all offensive Allied forces on the map.

Try destroying all the Allied Structures and units off the map.


Your objective is to seize a nuclear research facility.

In this mission, your key units will be twin blade helicopters. You start off by building as soon as possible a solid defensive line of Tesla defense towers. While you do this, you should be building multiple airbases to parallelize production of attack helicopters.

After you have some helos go on the offensive. As soon as your helos clear units and defenses from the enemy base drop a helo with engineers to take over the structures. Then add tesla defense towers to those positions. Continue mass production of twinblade attack helos and you should be going through their defenses without a problem.

When you find air defense towers bypass them and hit the energy production facilties until the air defense towers are out of power before destroying them.

Once you send an engineer to take the research facility make sure to station a large combat force around the facility. You have to fend of the allied attack. In my game I just rushed the allies and cleaned their base with around some 40 twinblade helos. Make sure to airlift base expansions to the conquered areas where there are mines, so that every time you clear the allies out you are able to build refineries as well as tesla defense towers around the refineries.

Alternate strategy[edit]

Immediately send a Stingray toward the Tech Inhibitor and hit it with your first Orbital Dump.

Build about 5 Stingrays and 5 Akula Subs and hang out while waiting for the Orbital Dump to recharge.

Build two Twinblades and place them on aggressive stance at the front of your base.

Either immediately hit the Tech Inhibitor as soon as the Orbital Dump recharges or wait until you can upgrade to Level 2 so that you can totally destroy it on the next shot. Also, if you want, you can make a suicidal rush to destroy it with about five Stingrays as soon as you hit it the second time with Level 1 Orbital Dump. Alternatively, you can build 5 or so Twinblades and attack the Tech Inhibitor from the south.

With the Tech Inhibitor destroyed, you can now get down to business. Immediately build a Battle Lab so you will have access to the Dreadnought battleships.

Add two Tesla Coils at the front of your base and you will no longer have to worry much about base defense. When funds permit, add another Tesla Coil or two near your Naval Yard.

Build three Dreadnoughts. As soon as the first one is ready, start attacking the Spectrum Towers on the island that contained the Tech Inhibitor.

When all three Dreadnoughts are ready, start making your way around the map, destroying all offensive structures it passes along the way. Protect the Dreadnoughts with your Stingrays and Akula Subs but let the Dreadnoughts do the heavy destruction from a safe distance.

Start by going east around the island containing the Tech Inhibitor, destroying the Naval Yard on the east end of the island.

Head north and, if desired, take out the Multigunner Turrets surrounding the Allied Science Facility or save this for later.

If you are cautious, you can destroy all offensive structures on this winding loop around the map. Target all of the Allied Naval Base structures on the main island as you head back west. Once the Allied Naval Base is neutralized, you can now loop back between the two islands and finish clearing out all Spectrum Towers on the remaining islands.

If you haven’t done so already, build a Barracks and War Factory. Send a Sputnik to the three different islands. Establish a forward base with them and build Ore Factories on each of the islands for continued income. (Your original mines are about to be depleted of resources.)

Recruit a Bullfrog and place an engineer inside of it. Head toward the Science Facility.

Note: Do not capture it until you are ready to face an onslaught of Allied troops. You will have to defend the structure for ten minutes, and it can get quite messy.

Bring over your remaining naval fleet back east to the area of the Science Facility.

Build a Crane for duo construction abilities. It will be safer if you put this back on your home island.

You will also need extra power, so build another Super Reactor on the home island.

Either before or after capturing the Lab, start surrounding it with Tesla Coils and Flak Cannons. Add a War Factory next to the Lab so you can pump out massive Hammer Tanks.

Once the Science Facility is captured, you will have access to MIG Fighters. Consider building an additional Airbase so you will have eights MIGs at your disposal.

Consider shipping over some Bullfrogs to help handle the massive air assault.

Survive ten minutes and victory is yours!

Mission accomplished!