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  • Mission Objectives:
    1. Eliminate Ft. Bradley’s Prospectors
    2. Destroy Ft. Bradley
    3. Destroy the Statue of Liberty
  • Bonus Objectives:
    1. Eliminate Agent Tanya
    2. Capture the New York Stock Exchange
  • New Units
    1. Terror Drone
    2. Tesla Tank
  • Opponents
    1. Ackerman
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Moskvin

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the Terror drone and its special ability.

Use your Terror Drones carefully. The Terror Drones are easily destroyed by Peacekeepers and Riptide ACVs.

Try to keep all Kirovs, Tesla Tanks and Twinblades alive during the attack on Fort Bradley.

Build a Naval Yard and two or three Akula subs as soon as possible and send them to the back of the Allied base. Destroy all of the Prospectors in the area to shut down the Allied war production. This will make all the difference in the world in the difficulty level of this mission.

Lack of resources is a key issue in this mission, especially if you don’t destroy the Allied Prospectors. Save at least one of your Twinblades from the original battle sequence to transport a Sputnik to the original island containing the now dismantled Fort Bradley. Set it up where you can then build two Ore Refineries in front of the two mines. You may want to set them back just a bit further inland from the ore mines so that they will not be susceptible to Aircraft Carrier attacks.

Kill Tanya as quickly as possible. She is a threat to everything in a one on one fight.

Put a tesla coil at the foot of the ramp, and that will kill Tanya.

Use your Magnetic Satellites and Magnetic Singularity wisely on the Allied Vehicles that group together. Then Orbital Downpour the enemy Buildings.

Destroy the Proton Collider and Chronosphere as fast as you can.

There are three ways to destroy the Statue of Liberty, transport Apocalypse tanks and Natasha to the island, deploy up to 6 Kirovs or position Dreadnoughts carefully.

Build a crusher crane by your ally's naval yard and guard it with two tesla coils and 1–2 flak cannons. This will help the allies not lose so many units.

Put some tesla coils at the back of your base so when paratroopers are dropped, they won't reek havoc on your base.

Consider using the "Using Structures as Attack Pieces" as suggested in the strategies section in this campaign. Put it between the ally base and Liberty island. Build a few Dreadnoughts to bombard the island. Build some Akula and Bullfrogs to defend the Dreadnoughts from attack; make sure you have a crusher crane to repair all the units.

Put a tesla coil at the end of the ramp to your base, this will defend the naval yard as well as kill Tanya.

Orbital Drop and Vacuum Imploder will destroy the Proton Collider.

Early Strategy[edit]

New York City continues on from the Easter Island mission. The island you worked on should contain a few troops. If your helicopters survived, use them to salvage any vehicles. Early on in this mission you will be attacked. As early as possible create a turret near the sea ramp to defend against attack dogs.

Throughout this mission you will be harassed by air units, amphibious units, and much later on chronoed units. Create some sporadic base defenses or scatter around some tanks and infantry. But a few solid base defenses do help.

For extra resources, send down a sputnik to claim some of the resources available on “Easter Island.” Some minor base defenses will help, they will send helicopters and chronoed troops. So strictly air or ground defense won't do.

If you are on the south island you can send a bullfrog to the northeast corner of the map and land troops up on the level of the island with the anti-air. If you send a full bullfrog worth they can take out one anti-air weapon maybe more. After taking out one or two of them you can move in with airships to handle the Statue of Liberty. The statue is well armored so don’t expect one or two airships to necessarily finish the job.

Late Strategy[edit]

Together with your co-commander, it will be quite easy to destroy the three Prospectors with your Terror Drones. Afterwards, it will be necessary to destroy Fort Bradley. This is just a prelude to the main battle that follows, but can be a bit tricky. The battle seems to play out a bit differently each time it is waged, but you should be able to accomplish it without too much difficulty. Try to hold two of your Twinblades in reserve so they can be utilized in the next portion of this mission – both in suppressing paratroop attacks and transporting a Sputnik back to this island.

Many of these missions are quite good about autosaving, but this mission will not autosave after Fort Bradley is destroyed, so now may be a good time to save your progress. If you have any Terror Drones that survived the attack on Ft. Bradley, transport them over to your new base with your Twinblades. Build a Crane, Super Reactor, Barracks, Naval Yard, War Factory, Battle Lab, and then a secondary Super Reactor if you plan on using plenty of Tesla Coils for protection. While you are building these structures, place a few Flak Cannons at the front of your base and a Sentry Gun and a Tesla Coil or two to the east of your base.

Be ready for paratroop drops and handle them with your Twinblades, Terror Drones, Sentry Guns, Tesla Coils, Conscripts and War Bears. That should be sufficient. Crank out at least two Akula Subs and put the rally point at the very back of the Allied Base. As soon as they arrive, start destroying their Prospectors. Recruit a Sputnik and have the Twinblade transport it over to Ft. Bradley. Set it down by the two ore mines and construct two Ore Refineries. If you set them back a bit, they will be less prone to attack from Aircraft Carriers.

Build two Dreadnoughts, three Bullfrogs and a few Stingrays to protect the Dreadnoughts from closeup attacks. Join your co-commander in attacking the base surrounding the Statue of Liberty. Start producing massive Dreadnoughts to speed up the attack process. It is possible to bypass most of the base and directly attack the Statue of Liberty.

Before destroying this structure, build a Barracks by Ft. Bradley. Recruit Natasha to call in air strikes to destroy all remaining vehicles defending the New York Stock Exchange. You can also use Orbital Drop and Magnetic Satellite to speed up the process. Recruit an engineer and capture the structure to obtain the bonus objective. From this point on, you will receive additional funds from the NYSE for your noble cause.

Agent Tanya will probably aid you in the final bonus objective by swimming into some sort of trouble or another. If you have Tesla Coils near your Naval Yard, she may "accidentally" swim into their path. Objective achieved! Finish destroying the Statue of Liberty and victory is yours. Mission accomplished!