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  • Mission Objectives
    1. Protect the Salvage Ship.
    2. Destroy the First Radar Ship.
    3. Destroy the Second Radar Ship.
    4. Capture both Fortress Power Cores.
  • Bonus Objectives
    1. Destroy the Generators.
    2. Capture the Generators.
  • New Units
    1. Apollo Fighter
    2. Aircraft Carrier
    3. Century Bomber
  • Opponents
    1. Naomi
    2. Tatsu
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Zhana

Key Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the Apollo Fighter, the Aircraft Carrier and the Century Bomber.

This is the second mission where you will work with the Soviets against the Rising Sun.

Build three Airbases with twelve Vindicators. Immediately upgrade to Advanced Aeronautics so that six Vindicators can take out a Naval Yard or Shogun Battleship and four Vindicators can take out anti-air turrets and Naginata Cruisers.

Take out all four Naval Yards, then destroy all of the remaining Naginata Cruisers to completely control the waterways. From there, it is just a matter of time before you can dominate the entire map.

Two Shogun Battleships will be attacking your base. Be waiting for them with two squadrons of six Vindicators each to minimize their damage. After this attack, you will be allowed to requisition Aircraft Carriers.

Keep a few Hydrofoils at your home base once you go on the offensive. If a pack of Rocket Angels get past your attack force, your base will be decimated.

Remember the Assault Destroyer is perfect for pulling off an amphibious assault on the fortress.

The two Power Cores must be captured within 30 seconds of each other to set up a chain reaction to destroy the Floating Fortress.

Walkthrough - Short Version[edit]

The North Sea mission is in three parts. The first part is an island, the second part is another island and the third part is an all out assault on the Rising Sun’s base. This mission is done similar to previous missions where you need to work with the Russians. Your co-commander will assume this role as the Russians.

For the first island use the Natasha’s special ability to snipe out the captains in the battleships. Then use the allied spies to take control of the battleships and destroy the radar ship. The mission leads you to believe you need to destroy the power plants on land immediately this is false.

Next part of the mission is the second island. For this you will use Tanya to remove infantry from the island. And the engineers to capture the power plants to take down the next set of guns. This should be done in steps. Infantry then take the plant, Engineers then capture the plant, repeat as necessary. Until you finally use Tanya to destroy the radar boat.

The third part is a full out assault on the Rising Sun’s floating base. This should be a longer mission. You are instructed to take out specific power reactors to assist in your attack. This is primarily a naval battle. The allies get aircraft carriers and bombers. The aircraft carriers will give you ranged weapons. The bombers will allow you to para-drop infantry, if you build the bases on land you can load infantry. You will want a good anti-air defense.

Using several hydrofoils will help defend against air attacks. Set some of your hydrofoils to use their alternate weapon to disable enemy units. From here, you are on your own.

Walkthrough - Long Version[edit]

This mission starts with three mini-missions before the main assault against the Floating Fortress. They are all rather straight forward and easy to accomplish.

In the first mini-mission, it is necessary to protect the Salvage Ship for about 1 minute 38 seconds with four Dolphins and four Hydrofoils. Switch the Hydrofoils to Weapon Jammer mode to neutralize the Naginata Cruisers, then back to AA Gun mode to destroy the Chopper VXs.

Next have your Spies disguise themselves as Imperial Warriors by selecting the Spies then right clicking on the infantry units. They can then infiltrate and deactivate the Generators, disabling the Defender-VX turrets. This will allow Natasha to get close enough to destroy the Generators. Keep repeating this process until Natasha gets close enough to destroy the First Radar Ship.

On the next island, Tanya will escort four Engineers. Have Tanya dispatch all Imperial infantry so that the Engineers can capture the four Generators. Destroy the second Radar Ship and move on to the main mission.

This mission is really tough unless you get a jump on the competition. Immediately build three Airbases and stockpile them with twelve Vindicators. As soon as six of the aircraft are ready, take out one of the eastern Naval Yards. Approach from a 90-degree angle so as to minimize damage taken from the anti-air turrets.

Return to base, reload your weapons and fly back to destroy the second eastern Naval Yard.

By now, all twelve of your Vindicators should be ready. Divide your squadrons into two groups of six. Attack simultaneously the two remaining western Naval Yards. You may lose a few aircraft on this attack.

Soon afterwards, you will receive a warning of an impending attack from the Imperial forces. Keep an eye out for two Shogun Battleships approaching your base. Knock them out of the water quick with two strike teams of six Vindicators each.

Start methodically destroying the Naginata Cruisers in the region with squadrons of four Vindicators. You can also destroy the two anti-air turrets and Ore Refinery in the southwest corner of the map and set up shop here with your own Ore Refinery.

It is necessary to acquire both Heightened Clearance upgrades to obtain the Aircraft Carrier and the Century Bomber.

Send a fleet of three Aircraft Carriers and five Hydrofoils toward the Floating Fortress. The Hydrofoils are extremely necessary to defend against air assaults. The Aircraft Carriers will bomb everything within range and your Vindicators can slowly pick out targets of opportunity.

The Century Bomber can be used to quickly paradrop Engineers and other infantry units at the two Power Cores. This will definitely speed up the process.

In order to produce the Engineers, a Command Hub must be set up on land, along with a Barracks, at one of the two islands or on the Floating Fortress itself.

Save yourself from having to research Heightened Clearance a second time at your expansion base by having your Engineers swim over to the Century Bombers near your original base.

Send a Prospector to the region in order to set up this new base. You will have to separately research Heightened Clearances if you want advanced units from the structures in this area, that is, the Century Bombers and Aircraft Carriers.

The two Power Cores must be captured within 30 seconds of each other, so plan accordingly. If you don’t capture the second one within the time limit, don’t worry. You will just have to reset the timer with a new Engineer.

Mission accomplished!