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  • Mission Objectives:
    • Defend Pearl Harbor.
    • Destroy the Allies’ Assault Base.
  • Bonus Objectives:
    • Capture the Long Range Radar Towers.
    • Defend the Long Range Radars.
  • New Units:
    • Naginata Cruiser
    • Shogun Battleship
  • Opponents
    • Warren
    • Robert Bingham
  • CO-Commanders
    • Naomi

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces the Shogun Battleship and the Naginata Cruiser.
  • At the start of this mission, your co-commander tells you she will protect the east monuments, so you may want to go and protect the west. However, that proves to be a poor strategy. Unchecked, the first wave of enemy forces can be significant enough to cripple your co-commander, severely hampering their ability to defend their monuments.
  • Therefore, if you just try to build up and protect the monuments on the west side, you will lose this mission. With multiple naval bases and air bases, the enemy just builds and sends units too fast to keep up. To win, you have to set up and manage great defenses on at least three of the monuments and your base (which will be attacked), and disrupt the enemy's ability to produce units and structures unchecked.
  • It is not necessary and perhaps even counterproductive defending the two Imperial Harbors to the west. To win the mission, it is only necessary to defend the three Monuments further east.
  • It is only necessary to use the two Engineers provided at the beginning of the mission to capture the two western Radar Towers. The eastern commander will both capture and defend the eastern Radar Tower.
  • Use your initial five Defender Cores to surround the two westernmost Radar Towers. They will do 90 percent of the work in obtaining the bonus objective of defending the Long-Range Radars.
  • The initial objective of defending Pearl Harbor can be accomplished by simply building and utilizing Striker-VX units. Just avoid Hydrofoils at all costs! Stay active with one group of Strikers to defend the eastern commander’s base, while using a second group to attack stragglers on the western portion of the map.
  • In the second half of the mission of destroying the Allies’ base, recruit numerous Mecha Tengus to defend your newly arrived fleet from Cryocopters. They can shrink your Shogun Battleships to insignificance.
  • Use your Battleships to clear a safe path for your units through enemy Base Defenses and other Allied Units.


The map is basically divided into two regions: a land mass to the southwest, and open seas to the northeast. You start on the land with an established base.

At the beginning, two allied construction yards lie unseen off the coast to the northeast, building up naval and air forces. They are configured as two separate bases, building and sending units independently. You and your co-commander are entrenched on the shorelines, and you have five monuments to defend against the enemy. You must protect at least three of them until your own fleet arrives to reinforce. The timer until your fleet arrives is set at 15 minutes.

Starting out[edit]

You begin with 5 defender towers sitting in nanocore (mobile) form, two mechatangus, two tsunami tanks, two strikers, two engineers, two warriors, two tankbusters, and two subs.

You'll want to sacrifice one of the hardest to defend monuments, which would be the one to the farthest northwest. Ignore it. Attempt to defend the four remaining monuments, so that if you lose one you can still complete the mission. Immediately build (in this order) a sudden transport, 5 tsunami tanks (Shift+PC Mouse Left Click.png), and 5 subs. Hotkey the transport to a number when it is built, and send it to the shore by your co-commander's base.

Immediately build a defender tower, returning to build more in between operations. You should continue to build defender towers throughout the mission as long as you have funds, because some of the ones you have will get destroyed. Send your two engineers to capture the two northern radar towers. Your co-commander will get the one closest to his/her base within a minute or so after you get your two. Build another defender tower if you can.

Send your existing five defenders to set up around the western monument. Set them up in a semi-circle around the monument. The easiest way to do this is to quickly assign each of them a group number 1 to 5 where they stand, then move the map to the monument, click each tower by number, then use its special move to set it up where you want it. A little later when you notice they are all set up, change two of them to air defense. Build another defender tower if you can.

Next, transform your two strikers into copter mode, Hotkey them to a number, and send them to the far east edge of the map, about 1/3 of the way to the top of the map. Then transform your mechatangus to air support mode, and move them along with your infantry units up to defend the monument directly north of your base. Put your infantry units in nearby buildings. Build another defender tower if you can.

At this time, take however many tsunami tanks and subs you've got and attack-move them to the coastline in between your co-commander and the enemy fleet. The first wave of enemy ships may decimate them otherwise. You should have four defender towers now. While you build another one, take the four and set them up around the inlet area, setting half to air and half to ground.

At this point, your forces should be sufficient to repel the first wave of attacks. Set a group of 10 more subs to build and let them accumulate around your naval yard. When the radar comes online, you should be able to see the southernmost enemy base and ships. There is also another enemy base farther north, outside of the radar visibility. Quickly select your sudden transport, disguise it as an enemy unit, and send it up to the northernmost enemy base (beyond the radar visibility). This will allow you to see what's coming from there for the rest of the mission, in addition to providing targeting for top secret protocols.


Soon after the radar comes online, you'll get a message from Randy Couture saying the surprise is over. At this point Hotkey your copters and move them up the right side, toward the enemy base. Try to time it so that as the first enemy attack wave departs for the shore, you slip behind them unseen with your copters. Target the enemy construction yard. You should have your first top secret protocol by now. Take the final squadron and use it on the construction yard. If you time this right, you can destroy the construction yard and start on a naval yard before the computer recovers and takes out your copters. This will stop the computer from building any more structures in the forward base, and thereby reduce the number of units sent to blast you.

After that, it's a matter of micromanaging the units you have to defend against what they throw at you. Strikers are your fastest way to put out fires, so try to keep a few of them available. If you withstood the first wave, your co-commander should be able to survive the rest of the mission. You can get a lot of mileage out of a few cheap infantry units fortified in the buildings to the north of your base. They will eliminate paratroop drops, which is the main attack used on that monument.


The next major event occurs with about 5 minutes left on the timer. You get a message that the fleet is delayed, but to tide you over, you and your ally each receive a fleet of 5 naginata cruisers. Your co-commander will immediately take them east to take out what's left of the forward enemy base. Take your cruisers along with him so you get strength in numbers, and also send the collection of subs around your base to attack at the same time to occupy enemy ships. Make sure you use the special ability of the cruisers when they are facing the enemy base and ships. Destroy as many enemy naval yards as possible, using your final squadron and the point-defense drones protocol for brief invulnerability to save a cruiser or two for a little longer. You should be able to take out all of the naval yards, or at least all but one. With but one left, your co-commander will take it out in a couple of minutes, clearing this base.

You can now build these naginata cruisers, so fire a couple off.

I spy[edit]

The next major event occurs as an announcement that the enemy is trying to take back the radar towers with spies. The only way to complete this optional mission is to defend all three towers from the spy flotillas that come in, which is difficult with the other things you have to manage. Your co-commander should keep their tower from falling into enemy hands, and so long as the enemy does not get all three, you maintain your radar visibility. So you decide whether this is a big deal or not.

Fleet Pricing[edit]

The next major event occurs when your battleship fleet arrives. You get four or five battleships, a couple of cruisers, and a bunch of subs. You can select them as a group and run them due east to attack the main enemy base. Take out the defenses quickly, then concentrate on the buildings. It should not be that difficult to take out all enemy-producing structures with this fleet.

You can now build the battleships, so fire a couple off.

Final mop up[edit]

You may have a few fires to put out around the map. Use tanks, strikers, and mechatangu to clear out pockets of enemy resistance, gradually sweeping to the left of the map toward the northwest. The enemy has a small base up there with a barracks, a naval yard, and a couple of airfields. Take your two cruisers and battleships and take out that base. Any mechatangus or strikers you have left can provide anti-air on the spot.

That's it, you're done with one of the more difficult missions in the game!

Alternate Walkthrough[edit]

Note: Written for the hard setting.

It is necessary to defend the three eastern monuments for 12 minutes 30 seconds to achieve the first mission objective. The two western Imperial Docks highlighted with the green “1” can be destroyed by the Allies and the mission will not be lost.

Utilize the two Engineers provided to capture the two Radar Towers. Send and deploy two of the Defender Cores to one of the Radar Towers and three to the other. They will allow you to achieve the second bonus objective of protecting the Radar Towers. Now, forget about them and focus on the three monuments to achieve victory on the first half of the mission.

Forget about the western docks and defending them. As stated above, it is not necessary to protect them to win the mission. Ninety percent of the action will take place in the east by your co-commander's base. Just place a single Defender Core in front of your base with a few units and this area will be reasonably well-protected.

Send an additional Defender Core to each of the westernmost monuments. They are the most suseptible in this mission.

Once these basic steps above are taken, most of the twelve minutes can be spent hovering with about five, six or seven Striker VXs over your co-commander’s base. It will be a target rich environment and it is quite enjoyable blasting through the attacking Assault Destroyers, Riptide ACVs, Dolphins and, finally, Aircraft Carriers.

Just avoid the Hydrofoils, if humanly possible. Hopefully, they will eventually wander into trouble on their own. If necessary, gang up on them with your Strikers en masse. If you need to leave them alone while attending to other areas of the map, be sure to leave them hovering over the land areas to avoid the Hydrofoils.

The Aircraft Carrier attacks are more coordinated with these Hydrofoils, so use due caution. It is still necessary to aggressively attack the Carriers, as they will directly target the Monuments.

One more pointer to help you easily handle the assault. Have a few Mecha Tengus in reserve in Jet Mode to destroy the Cryocopters that come along later in the countdown. They will shrink your defensive ground forces to midgets and they will be easily destroyed.

Five Naginata Cruisers will join your forces midway through the countdown. Park them in front of your co-commander’s base, as that is where most of the action will be taking place.

At about this time, if not sooner, send over a Defender Core to help protect the eastern Radar Tower. Also, positioning a Striker VX over this easternmost Radar Tower will help keep it safe.

Keep an eye for an MCV floating down the far eastern side of your screen. Knocking it out is a good idea.

Once the timer counts down, you will have achieved the objective of defending the Radar Towers. BUT if a Radar Tower is captured during the second half of the mission, the bonus objective will come unchecked. Destroy all structures on the mainland as soon as possible to help prevent this from happening.

Having successfully defended Pearl Harbor, a large Imperial naval fleet will join your forces, beefed up with four Shogun Battleships. With this force, you can blast apart the Allied Assault Base with just a few (extremely necessary) precautions taken.

Before attacking full force with your new reinforcements, build up a fleet of Mecha Tengus to protect the Shogun Battleships from Cryocopters. As stated above, the Cryocopters will shrink the Battleships to a point of insignificance and can be destroyed. You don’t want that to happen -- and it will, if you don't keep the Mecha Tengus in striking distance.

Have your five other Naginata Cruisers join the armada, along with the Mecha Tengus and Strikers. Give separate hot keys to your Shogun Battleships, Naginata Cruisers, Tengus and Strikers. Lead the attack with the Shogun Battleships, with the rest of your units providing protection for them, as necessary.

The quicker you take care of business, the fewer units you will have to contend with. If your naval fleet is overrun by Cryocopters, the mission can still be lost. The Allies still have quite a few funds to expend on their own reinforcements.

It is not necessary to destroy all Allied units to win the mission, but only all base structures, including some that may be built on the mainland.

Mission accomplished!