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Rushes are strategies, usually early-game, that use speed, surprise, and numbers to win. They are effective early-game, because the enemy will not have had time to set up a proper base and their defensive capability is minimal. The primary goal of a rush is not, whatever you might have thought, to eliminate your opponent. A skilled commander will be able to survive one anyway. The primary goal of a rush is to cripple your enemy's resources, most of his production facilities and eventually his army, in that order. This allows you to sport the big guns significantly faster than he or she will, finally giving you the condition to move in for the killing blow. The more difficult it is for your opponent to replace his losses, the more effective your rush will be. Be aware that failing to complete at least two of the discussed sub-objectives will leave you weaker than you were at the start.

All Factions[edit]

MCV Rush

This tactic causes you to rush the MCV into an enemy base and deploy various structures that later on overwhelms an enemy. This only works if the enemy does not deploy any anti MCV units.

Tank rush

This tactic involves building a large number of Tanks to use to rush your opponents before they know what hit them.


Vindicator Rush

This tactic is available early on for the Allies. Just build a Power Plant, then an Airbase, purchase the Advanced Aeronautics upgrade from the Top Secret Protocols menu and finally build as many Vindicators as you can and send them to level the enemy, beginning from Refineries. This is ineffective against mass Flak Troopers and against enemies that have Mecha Tengus, although you can strongly minimize the Tengus' effectiveness by ordering Apollos to escort your Vindicators. One upgraded Apollo can hold against three Tengus simultaneously.

Peacekeepers and Javelin Soldiers

This is another tactic useful against an unprepared opponent as long as the enemy does not deploy vehicles to crush your troops. Use the Peacekeepers for enemy infantry while use the Javelins to take on anything non-infantry.

Riptide ACV Rush

This tactic involves building Riptides loaded with Javelin Soldiers. The Riptides transport the Javelins to the enemy while attacking enemy infantry at the same time, and the Javelins put a hole in the enemy vehicles and structures. This does not work against enemies with proper base defenses.

Multigunner and engineer rush

Get some multigunners (about 3-6) and pack all of them with engineers while they repair each other. You can go to the enemy's base and deploy the engineers and quickly end the game by capturing all of their structures. If you can get just one multigunner into the enemy's base, you can capture their construction yard (even if they make another, it doesn't matter). Deploy structures that you made before, like boot camps or a multigunner turret, and continue to destroy their base.


The Soviets are not very good rushers unlike their Empire and Allied counterparts, although, The Red War Machine is mainly meant for brute force with overwhelming firepower.

Flak Troopers and Bears

This tactic uses Flak Troopers and War Bears to quickly decimate an enemy base. The Flak Troopers use their Magnetic Mines on enemy structures and War Bears to ensure no infantry can bother you. If the enemy has managed to set up defenses however, your rush will probably fail.

Terror Drones

This might work if they got slow collectors and no walls to protect their mining operations plus they are less alert.

Kirov Airship and MiG Fighter

This strategy uses Kirov airships to destroy the enemy base. Build two airfields and make 4 MiGs in each airfield. After that, make around 12 Kirov airships. Use your MiGs to escort your Kirovs to the enemy base and go for any base defense they have first, and then their con yard, and then just finish off their base. If the enemy has lots of anti-air defense scattered around their base, make each Kirov attack a different defense, or use the Kirov's special ability to make it travel faster.

Empire of the Rising Sun[edit]


This might work if they slow ore collectors and prospectors and self destructing to destroy their targets if their in swarms, as long ther're not notice, they can also be use for scouting as well.

Dojo Core Rush

A tried-and-tested strategy, the Dojo Core Rush involves rushing Dojo Cores to an enemy base and setting them up inside or nearby the base. Then you pump out Imperial Warriors and Tankbusters to quickly overwhelm and destroy the enemy infrastructure. While not foolproof, this tactic can destroy or severely cripple an unprepared enemy. This tactic is ineffective against aircraft since Imperial Warriors and Tankbusters cannot attack air units.

Defender-VX Rush

This is a strategy to quickly destroy the enemy base and their units. You send in lots of Defender-VX nanocores into the enemy base (or outside their base) and it will destroy most of their base. This strategy works well on Soviet players because their structures build more slowly. But be warned - this will only work on an unexpected opponent, otherwise it may be destroyed before it is even fully built.

Tengu Rush

Build at least 5 Tengus as soon as possible. Fly to enemy's base, transform into Mecha Tengu mode, destroy Prospectors/Ore Collectors as many as you can. This rush is more effective against Soviets or Empire than Allies due to their building methods. You can destroy Nanocores or the Soviet structures being built on the ground but the Allies can deploy a Multigunner Turret and destroy your Tengus.