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  • Mission Objectives:
    • Establish a Base.
    • Destroy the Mother Russia Statue.
    • Defend the Transports.
  • Bonus Objective:
    • Destroy all Soviet Monuments.
  • New Units:
    • Mecha Tengu
    • Tsunami Tank
  • Opponent
    • Zhana
  • CO-Commanders
    • Kenji

Key Intel and Strategies[edit]

  • Another Introductory mission where you learn to use the Defender VX's ability, the Tsunami Tank's ability and the Mecha Tengu's Ability.
  • Attacking the Soviet base will come down to just raw, brute force. Build plenty of Tsunami Tanks and Mecha Tengus – then a few more.
  • The mission is not over when the Mother Russia statue is destroyed. It will then be necessary to defend the Transports that cross from east to west along the river. The mission will be lost if a single Transport is lost. Build up adequate forces ahead of time to make this portion of the mission more secure.
  • Note: The objective of defending the transports is listed at the initial mission briefing, but disappears once the mission starts, so it is easy to forget that this is coming up.
  • Apocalypse Tanks will be encountered in this second portion of the mission. They will leave the Transports alone as long as you provide enough armored units, (a/k/a “cannon fodder”) to keep them busy. Have Mecha Tengus ready on Jet Mode to engage the Twinblades. It’s a bit messy, as there are attacks all along the river.
  • The bonus objective of destroying all Soviet Monuments cannot be completed until the main mission objective of destroying the Mother Russia Statue is accomplished. (Evidently, the statue is a monument too.) This can be a bit confusing if you are looking for other “monuments” to destroy.
  • Note: In previous C&C games, it was only necessary to move "over" a crate to receive its contents. On this mission, it is necessary to actually click on the crate itself to activate it.


Escort mission[edit]

For the first part, you have an MCV and four mechatangu units. The goal is to get your MCV down the river and to the base location without losing the MCV.

Group your mecha tengus on one hot key and your MCV on another. Lead down the river with your MCV, with the mecha tengus coming behind. Let the MCV draw the fire of the infantry on the shores and then once they are engaged hit them with your mecha tengu so your mecha tengu don't get damaged. Your MCV can take infantry fire all day without much damage, so don't fret. When you come to the fjord, you need to take your MCV north and use its special move to unpack it near the green arrow. At this point you need to use your mecha tengu's special ability to switch them into planes to combat the twinblades that attack. Set up your base and start a power plant, and you'll be pulled away for a mission briefing.

Main mission[edit]

Set up two ore factories for the ore deposits next to you, but don't expend much energy to gather the two other unclaimed ore deposits nearby. In this mission all ore is shared equally between the two commanders, so there's no reason to try and beat the other guy to it unless you have nothing else to do.

When you come back, you should have your power plant ready. If you haven't played Rising Sun before, you need to know that all the buildings come out rather quickly as mobile units (called nanocores), and then you move them to their position and set them up using their special move. Setting up the units requires additional time. Build another power plant, dojo, and mechabay. Build three base defender structures, and set them up to defend your base from the north and northwest (don't worry about the northeast).

In this mission on medium difficulty, you'll notice a few harassing infantry, maybe one armored unit, and no air units attacking your base the whole time. So base defense isn't much of a priority. Advance your technology enough to get tsunami tanks, then build attack forces of mechatangu (in air support mode) and tsunami tanks.

Send them to the west to destroy the statue that is closest to you. There are three money crates there. I'm not sure if these funds are shared or not, so you might as well get them.

Next, send a force to the northeast to get three statues up there and about 5 or 6 money crates. You'll get attacked by waves of two and three infantry units at a time, so transform your mechas to infantry mode to defend while your tanks take out the three statues.

Now, there's only the main base and statues around it. You can take this out really quickly with your partner, but instead, prepare for the next phase since at this point the outcome is not in doubt and your partner can handle the base attack solo.

The next part will have a ton of inbound transports for your side that come from both east and west sides of the map, down the river. Soviet units will miraculously appear and attack them, and you have to defend them. This is hard if you don't try to prepare for it beforehand.

So, leave the base and final statues to your partner, and line the river with defenses. Build a ton of defender emplacements -- you can set them up anywhere, not just within a certain distance from your base. So put defender towers all along both sides of the river, then put groups of tsunami tanks and mechatangus (in air mode) all over both shores. When you're all set, make another force to go help your partner destroy the remaining soviet buildings and statues.

Transports coming[edit]

When the transports start arriving, they will be attacked by groups of infantry, small groups of armor (including apocalypse tanks) and a few twinblades.

Realize that a single apocalypse tank is a really tough challenge for the units you have available to you. Your mechatangus will not scratch it, and a group of 5 tsunami tanks will (usually) take one out and be left with maybe one wounded survivor.

Keep all of them alive and you'll progress to the next mission.

Alternate Walkthrough[edit]

Note: Written for the hard setting.

Mission 1 introduced you to the Imperial infantry. This mission introduces you to base building and some of armored units. The first part of this mission (destroying the statues) is quite forgiving. If one offensive push doesn’t work, it is possible to rebuild your strength and attack again.

Start by moving your MCV down the river protected by four Mecha Tengus. This is a good intro to this unique unit, as you get a chance to utilize both of its forms – Mecha Mode and Jet Mode. Switch over to Jet Mode when the Twinblades are encountered to the east.

Establish your base, getting used to the new building technique of “ordering” your core structures from the Construction Yard and then “unfurling” them at the location of your choice.

Set up a simple base, “ordering” a couple of Generator Cores, Refinery Cores, a Dojo Core and Mecha Bay Core. Add three Defender-VX turrets to the front of your base. Place one in front of your co-commander’s base, especially if he sets up camp on the west.

Acquire the Mecha Bay Upgrade to acquire Tsunami Tanks.

Acquire the Dojo Upgrade to acquire Shinobi Assassins.

This mission is a lot about brute force. Build up plenty of Tsunami Tanks and Mecha Tengus. You can’t have too many. The Tsunamis need constant assistance from the Tengus as the Soviet defense is very balanced between air and land.

Destroy the three statues in the upper-right corner before focusing on the main base. Use the co-commander directives for assistance in the areas you desire.

Attack the base with a large, balanced force of Tsunamis and Tengus in Jet Mode.

Note: Prestrikes with your Final Squadron on the Soviet base will not be that effective. They will just rebuild the structures.

Before destroying the Mother Russia statue, be sure to have defenses in place to defend the river in the middle of the map. Transports will be traveling from east to west.

If you have assistance from your co-commander, he may destroy the Statue before you are ready.

In the next phase of the mission of protecting the Transports, you will face at least two Apocalypse Tanks. One of them you just need to gang up on and the other can be partially damaged by a Final Squadron strike. Be sure to have Mecha Tengus in Jet Mode to take out the various Twinblades that show up.

NOTE: None of the infantry on this mission can directly attack air units, nor can the Defender-VX turrets, so your Mecha Tengus are absolutely essential to control the skies.

The “land bridge” near the middle of this river is a good meeting place for most of your troops. Set this as a rally point and keep on cranking out troops to meet in this area.

Don’t lose a single Transport or the Emperor will have your head – and you will lose the mission.

When all of the Transports reach the western area of the map, victory will be yours.

Mission accomplished!