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  • Mission Objectives:
    • Hold out for Soviet reinforcements.
    • Transport an MCV across the harbor.
    • Take out the Imperial military.
    • Sink Prince Tatsu’s Fleet.
  • Bonus Objective:
    • Destroy the Imperial Blockade.
  • New Units
    • Athena Cannon
  • Opponents
    • Shinzo
    • Tatsu
  • CO-Commanders
    • Lissette

Key Intel and Strategies[edit]

This mission introduces the land based artillery of the Allies, the Athena Cannon.

This mission at first seems overwhelming, but it can be beaten in a systematic manner without too much stress.

The bonus objective of destroying the Imperial Blockade can be accomplished by building a second Airbase and destroying all of the naval structures with your eight Vindicators.

Before the Psionic Decimator destroys your initial base, fly your Vindicators out to sea so they will survive to the next portion of the mission.

Build a sizable army up to 5 Guardian Tanks, 5 Assault Destroyers, 5 Cryocopters, 4 Apollo Fighters 4 to 6 spies and then when the timer is up send your units far away from your bases as fast as you can including 4 to 6 spies. After the Decimator Attack use your spies to infiltrate many Imperial Refineries as you can so you can use them to rebuild everything.

Before using the Chronosphere to transport your MCV, rebuild an Ore Refinery on this original western island. It will provide a reasonably secure source of income throughout the mission.

The first objective to easily beat this mission is to take out the Psionic Decimators. Have three Airbases at both the original island and your new location to the east. Once you have twelve Vindicators or 4 Century Bombers ready to go at the eastern base, methodically take out the three Psionic Decimators one at a time.

Your base can easily be overrun by Imperial infantry and Yuriko Omega. It can get real ugly real fast. Build multiple Multigunner Turrets to the west of your base (you can’t have too many) and destroy the three Nagama Dojos as soon as possible to permanently remove this threat.

The only remaining threat at this point is a stray Shogun Battleship targeting your eastern base. Use caution and destroy any lurking battleships that are found anywhere on the map.

Tanya can be transported by the Chronosphere, but only if she is shielded inside of a Riptide ACV or Multigunner IFV.

Try to rule the seas as fast as you can by building the Riptide ACV from the Armor Facility and send them out into the sea and train Dolphins at your Seaport. Build Aircraft Carriers if you can to bombard the enemy Wave Force Towers and Defender VX Turrets.


Tokyo harbor, like most maps is in two parts. The first part has the allies defending an island awaiting soviet navy support. The second half takes part on another island. So don’t put too much effort into units on the first island; just have enough to defend you, that’s all.

The first island starts with you being delivered an MCV and some buildings. Deploy and build a defense force. You will be attacked by a few large navy ships but mostly small tanks and a few aircraft. Rocket troops and a few naval craft may be helpful but don’t rely on the navy for too much. This initial base will be almost entirely destroyed shortly after the soviet timer.

After the timer elapses your base will be destroyed by the Rising Sun. there is no defense against this super weapon. However, you can sell all your structures just before the timer runs out to save a little money. Don’t waste all your money building units if you don’t have to. You will receive a chronosphere to teleport your MCV across the map. Doing so will grant you a large sum of money to rebuild.

Most of the attacks on your new base will come from air units from the center. A few units from the west will attack when provoked, and the east will attack with a few air units from time to time. The center will also attack with land units so defending the “bridge” is pretty essential but don’t get too close because there is a long range laser in effect.

There are three Japanese bases to attack; west, center, and east. East is the only one you aren’t connected to by land. The center island is heavily air defended. The west is heavily defended by a navy and a ground force. The east is also pretty well defended against attack.

West Island can be best handled from the air. Using your upgrades to freeze and destroy anti air weapons. The upgraded bombers will make light work of destroying the Rising Sun’s super weapons. There is a mech warrior hiding over there so be prepared to take it down as well.

The center island can be easily destroyed once the power is down. Several power plants are located to the west side of the center island. Any long range unit will be able to accomplish this task with ease. Once the power is down the base will be easy to destroy.

The east island will be relatively easy from here on out. Just be aware the center base uses kamikazes.

Alternate Walkthrough[edit]

In the first mission of holding out for Soviet reinforcements, the following strategy works well. Build a Defense Bureau so that two Spectrum Towers can be built. Place one in front of each base as far forward as possible. Build an extra four or five Guardian tanks to finish off the land assault.

Before the land assault ends, build an extra Airbase to the one already existing and start building a total of eight Vindicators to achieve the bonus objective of destroying the Imperial Blockade. Fly groups of two Vindicators each to take out the Defender-VX Turrets. Finish off the Naval Yards before the Soviet Fleet is scheduled to arrive.

Build the Airbase a bit away from the main base and it “may” survive the Psionic Decimator attack. Alternatively, fly all eight of your Vindicators out to sea until after the giant vortex destroys your base. Afterwards, when you build Airbases, you will have a prebuilt Air Force. Very nice!

Build an Ore Refinery on the original island before using the Chronosphere to transport your MCV across the Harbor. It should be pretty safe there and you will appreciate the income later.

You will receive a few vehicles once you set up your base across the Harbor. Position them to the west to stop the Imperial infantry assault. It can get really nasty. Build a large number of Multigun Turrets to the west to help out. You can’t build too many. If Yuriko Omega gets by the defense, your base is toast.

Build two additional Ore Refineries on your new island and then start building three Airbases. Once you have twelve Vindicators, you can start knocking out the Psionic Decimators one run at a time. Initially send a single Vindicator over to set off the Nanoswarm Hive. Once it deactivates, you are now ready to fly back en masse with your Vindicators.

Now that the Psionic Decimators are gone, you can relax a bit. Only two true threats remain. A Shogun Battleship may wander in the area of your new base and blast you to pieces before you know what’s hit you.

The second main threat is being overrun by Imperial infantry and Yuriko Omega from the west. Yuriko can single-handedly destroy your entire base. That’s why it’s a great idea to next take out the three Nagama Dojos directly west of your base. This will take care of this threat and the rest of the Imperial forces can be taken apart piecemeal at your discretion.

While this is going on, build up a second squadron of twelve Vindicators on the original island. You can use these to take out the three Shirada docks at the southeast corner of the map. Take care to track down the Shogun Battleships in the area before they wander over to your eastern base.

Once Prince Tatsu’s fleet arrives, immediately focus your Vindicator attacks on the Shogun Battleships, then the Naginata Cruisers.

To destroy the Sea Wings that are a part of Prince Tatsu’s fleet, eventually build some Apollo Fighters, but there is absolutely no hurry to do this.

If you wish to transport Tanya to blow up the Toyama High Command to the far north, you will need to station her in a Riptide ACV so she will survive the Chronosphere effects. Have fun and keep her busy until Imperial reinforcements gang up on her.

Dismantle the rest of the base in the manner that brings you the most satisfaction.

Mission accomplished!

Alternate Walkthrough 2[edit]

This strategy was developed on Hard difficulty.

Start out with the advanced air technology upgrade since you will be raining death from above for this entire mission.

When the mission starts, start building a refinery, a prospector, and eight Vindicators. Use the Vindicators to defend against the Defender Cores that will be coming from the Northeast. Deploy the refinery by your ally's refinery to boost your resources, and send the prospector into the sea near where the first Defender core wave entered the map. You will deploy this prospector such that its building radius extends to your own beach and to the edge of the Japanese-held platform to the North-Northwest of your base that is barely visible on the map. Once the refinery is done building, start on your Level 2 technology upgrade on your MCV, if you want. Otherwise, build a defense bureau. Deploy the defense bureau directly adjacent to your sea-deployed prospector.

Sell your war factories, barracks, and naval yard, as well as the prospector next to the naval yard once it is deployed. Move your infantry (from sold buildings) to the bottom-left corner of the map if you want them to live.

When your prospector is finished deploying in the ocean and you've deployed your defense bureau, build two airfields and deploy them directly adjacent to your sea-borne structures, move your Vindicators to these new airfields and sell the old ones. Then build four power plants at your new sea base and sell the ones on land. Order your ally to take position to the East-Southeast of your new sea base to defend it from the Imperial Navy.

When the timer for the Soviets starts, you can start sending your Vindicators to eliminate the air defenses in the sea to the East, but save the air defense in the bottom-right corner for later. Once all but that one are destroyed, send the Vindicators to destroy the naval yards. While all this is happening build three multigunner turrets and deploy them between your sea-base and the platform to the Northwest, spacing them so that they can provide anti-air cover for your base from the Northwest. You should also be building additional airfields with Vindicators until you attain 6 fully-loaded airfields, then maybe if you want build a couple for fighters.

If you moved quickly, you will have time to kill. Use it to kill off the Imperial Navy.

When there are about 40 seconds left on the timer, send at least three Vindicators to eliminate the final air defense. While they are on their way, or just before you send them, sell everything in your land base but the MCV. If you have followed these instructions to the letter, all that entails is selling your two refineries. Have the prospectors and infantry that popped out of your refineries move to the bottom-left corner of the map.

Once the Soviet fleet doesn't arrive and all hell breaks loose, send your Vindicators to the Northwest to eliminate the air defenses, then the construction yard, then the robotics facilities, and finally all units on the island. While this is going on, build a pair of refineries at each of your land bases. (You need to set-up a new base to the North by chrono-ing your MCV up there. Two prism towers are more than enough to defend this new base). Send a prospector onto the island to the Northwest of your seabase, deploy a barracks facility on the island, and capture everything else. Other than a couple turrets to the far north, the way is completely clear for you to annhiliate the enemy superweapons. Send a lone air unit to attack the nanoswarm generator, but have him retreat after it activates. After it deactivates, eliminate the superweapons.

At this point your air power should be so overwhelming that you'll just "Shock and Awe" your way to victory. Especially once Prince Tatsu arrives and you sink his elite battleships in a single airstrike.