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Turtling is a tactic that involves heavy base defenses to stall enemy attacks. However, this consumes a lot of money and power, and turtling players are vulnerable to attacks from artillery.


Spectrum Towers are extremely powerful against vehicles when in groups. However, due to the fact that multiple Spectrum Towers can only target 1-2 units at a time, swarms of units can rush in and destroy them.

Multigunner Turrets — The Multigunner Turret is the most versatile defense in the game. Able to hit air and ground targets, these turrets especially in groups are the perfect way of defending your base from all except artillery or heavy tank attacks. Turrets garrisoned by Peacekeepers are highly effective against infantry rushes.

Heavy Turtling 3 Multigunner Turrets: 2 filled with Javelin's, and 1 with a Peacekeeper. Next to them, 2 Spectrum Towers. Behind them, on hold position setting, 2 Guardian Tanks in targeting laser mode. Due to the longer range of the Guardian Tank's lasers, enemies as they approach your turrets will already have some life sucked out of it. Rough Diagram below.

       GT GT

S = Spectrum Towers J = Turret loaded with Javelin Soldier P = Turret loaded with Peacekeeper GT = Guardian Tank in laser mode on hold setting

Set up your line next to garrison-able structures, so you can put additional peacekeepers and javelins in the structures as support.

Place 1 Engineer into a Multigunner IFV and place that behind the Guardian Tanks so they will be repaired after every exchange.


Soviet base defenses are excellent when mixed together:

Sentry Guns are good against infantry and reasonably powerful against light vehicles.

Flak Cannons in groups with overlapping ranges can ground entire air squadrons.

The infamous Tesla Coils can reduce vehicles to molten scrap metal, especially when charged up by Tesla Troopers or Stingrays. Doing this gives Tesla Coils the ability to remain active under low power conditions and provides an increase in range and power.

The Combat Engineer may even create a Bunker at the cost of $500 to help repel most attacks and the Bunker is the only garrisonable structure that can be repaired with the repair mode feature. Garrison the bunker with 3 Flak Troopers and 2 Conscripts.

Heavy Turtling With the proper use of Bunkers, you can hold on indefinitely. Just like the setup for heavy turtling for the Allies, the Soviets will have a similar formation. 3 Bunkers, 1 Sentry Gun, 2 Tesla Coils, 2 Flak Cannons. How you load up the bunkers will be determined by if the enemy throws mostly aerial assaults, ground vehicles, or infantry. Rough diagram below.

      T  B1 B2 S B3  T
     FC              FC

T = Tesla Coil. S = Sentry Gun. FC = Flak Cannon. B1~B3 = Bunkers 1 to 3.

If the attacks are mostly aerial in nature:
B1 = 4 X Flak Troopers, 1 X Conscript.
B2 = 3 X Flak Troopers, 2 X Conscripts.
B3 = 4 X Flak Troopers, 1 X Conscript.
If the attacks are mostly vehicular in nature:
B1 = 4 X Flak Troopers, 1 X Tesla Trooper
B2 = 4 X Flak Troopers, 1 X Tesla Trooper
B1 = 4 X Flak Troopers, 1 X Tesla Trooper
If the attacks are mostly infantry in nature:
B1 = 3 X Flak Troopers, 2 X Conscripts.
B2 = 2 X Flak Troopers, 2 X Conscripts, 1 Natasha.
B3 = 3 X Flak Troopers, 2 X Conscripts.

Natasha in the Bunker will pick off a lot of infantry. If you are running low on funds, then the rear Flak Cannons can be optional; but I highly recommend them.

Remember to repair your Bunkers and Tesla coils after every exchange. If you are going to turtle down, then have some MiGs and Twinblades ready, so that if you are under long range bombardment, you can send your Twinblades after them.

  • A NOTE HERE: when the enemy (Soviet) does a Desolator Airstrike on your Bunkers you loose everyone inside. So as soon as you see the enemy smoke flare - evacuate the Bunkers and pull back until the toxins clear. * Soviet Satellite strike will also destroy the bunkers.

Empire of the Rising Sun[edit]

The Imperial Defender VX can pull double duty with the ability to transition from twin rapid-firing autocannons to rocket pods capable of sending aircraft to their graves.

The Wave-Force Tower is good againist vehicles, although it has a slow rate of fire. The Empire has added flexibility with their defenses because their Nanocores can deploy almost anywhere.