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  • Mission Objectives
    • Destroy the Reactors.
    • Destroy the Statues around the Square.
    • Bring down the Tesla Coils
    • Destroy the Soviet Navy at Harbor.
  • Bonus Objective:
    • Destroy all of the Barracks.
    • Capture the Hospital
  • New Units:
    • Imperial Warrior
    • Tankbuster
    • Engineer
    • Sudden Transport
    • Shinobi
    • Yari
  • Opponents
    • Oleg
  • CO-Commanders
    • Shinzo

Key Intel and Strategies[edit]

An introductory mission that allows you to get familiar with some of the Imperial units and their special abilities.

  • The Imperial Warriors have the Banzai Charge ability.
  • The Tankbusters have the Spider Burrow ability.
  • The Shinobi have the Smoke Bomb ability.
  • The Sudden Transports disguising feature.
  • The Yari Mini-Subs have the Last Voyage ability.

Try not to lose any of your units in the level. Your units will make a great difference in the battlefield if all of them survived.

Per every time you complete a bonus or primary objective you gain the right to use a final squadron. Use the Final Squadron power against enemy Tesla Tanks or other things that are difficult to take on.


The first mission of the Rising Sun campaign is easy enough.

Use the sudden transport's ability to look like one of the Bullfrogs in the port. Go past the Tesla coils and use the imperial warriors in the transport to take out the conscripts. Have your co-commander take out the first reactor near the lighthouse.

When this is done, take your forces to the second reactor. Use your Final Squadron X to take out the Reactor.

Move into the city, avoiding the Tesla troopers. Head north and take out the barracks along the way to gain access to a group of Shinobi. Use them to take out the Tesla troopers and use your tankbusters to take down the monuments.

Keep your forces together and take the right most bridge when the map expands again, using the shinobi to take out the infantry. Make liberal use of the final squadron power to take out hard targets and the war factory the soviets have near the docks. Take out the reactors by destroying them or using a shinobi. It is easy enough to destroy them, so just take them out. With the Tesla coils down, finish the mission by destroying all the Dreadnoughts in the Harbor and the mission will end.