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  • Mission Objectives:
    1. Retake the Forward Bases
    2. Hold out for Reinforcements
    3. Destroy the Allied Relay Stations
  • Bonus Objectives:
    1. Capture the Nanoswarm Hives
    2. Destroy the Soviet Forces
  • New Units:
    1. King Oni
    2. Yuriko Omega
  • Opponents
    1. Lissette
    2. Krukov
  • CO-Commanders
    1. Shinzo

Key Strategies[edit]

  • This mission introduces two units, Yuriko Omega and the King Oni Battlewalker.
  • This is your first mission where you will fight a joint attack from the Allies and the Soviets.
  • There is going to be a lot of aerial attacks so be prepared.
  • Keep Yuriko alive if you can.
  • To take back those Bases use your Shinobi to dispatch the infantry attacking the bases. Shinobis kill infantry faster than the King Oni and Yuriko.
  • Use your Nanoswarm wisely. It can stop the countdown on the Relay Towers and protect your forces from enemy attacks.
  • Try to be ruler of the seas if you can and then mount an amphibious assault.
  • Destroying the Soviet Forces is a hard Bonus Objective but with a lot of Aircraft and Tsunami Tanks you should be fine.
  • Destroy the Allied Relay Towers as fast as you can or after a few minutes pass you will lose the mission.
  • Attack with Striker VX in Chopper form, Jet Tengus, Tsunami Tanks, Yuriko, Rocket Angels and Sky Wings. Your King Onis cannot swim across the water.



The beginning is the easiest. You and your ally both control a single Yuriko Omega. Your first task is basically a tutorial showing you how to use her. So, follow the path around learning how to use Yuriko until you meet your reinforcements, which are two King Onis, and a bunch of shinobis. There are at least two healing crates along the path, so don't worry about taking a little damage.

At that point, you have broken through to the battlefield, and you will need to clear out the infantry and units attacking the bases. Before you get very far your co-commander will ask you which side (top or bottom) you want him to take. Quickly choose a side by selecting the mission indicators on the main map and clicking the button that tells him to take that side. The bottom side takes the most attacks, the top side gets sporadic air attacks.

Base Defense[edit]

It's really not that difficult to hold out for reinforcements.

Park your remaining infantry units at the ramp up to your bases to engage enemy attackers, but pull your Yuriko unit up higher so you don't lose her cheaply.

Keep all of your buildings repairing, especially the anti-air defenses.

Build two strike groups of two battleships and two cruisers each. Set one to attack-move from your naval yard over to the base ramp, then leave them there. Leave the other right in front of your naval yard to guard the back entrance to your base (where your construction yard will eventually be).

Build strikers and park them near anti-air emplacements for additional support.

Take your Yuriko out on short excursions to disrupt enemy naval attackers, but don't keep her out too long as she will draw air strikes. She is your best defense if an enemy attack breaks through up the ramp.


Your reinforcements consist of an MCV, a refinery core, and a dojo core. The MCV sets itself up in the water behind your base, and that's a great place for it. Immediately build a power core, and while it is building set the dojo up someplace close up the ramp to your base, and set the refinery up on the revealed platform to your north. When the power core is done, build another, and set them both up in the water near your construction yard. Build another refinery core and set it up next to the other one on the platform to the north.

Set 10 strikers to build and set the mecha bay spawn position to be the top edge of the southern portion of your base, just above the ramp leading to the middle water part. Leave them as ground units to provide air support.

At some point you will hear the Soviet general arrive. He is bringing dreadnaughts and kirovs to the party, so prepare accordingly. But wait... you have! Your strike forces of cruisers and battleships can take out the dreadnaughts and subs. A group of 10 strikers on the ground can take out a kirov fairly easily.

Once you have a group of 10 strikers, hotkey them up, get them in the air, and take them around to attack the relay stations. Set another group of 10 to build and take their place. One group of strikers should be able to take down one station and damage another before falling. Use your final squadron to supplement damage.

At some point a kirov will embark from the soviet base on a heading directly to your construction yard. Take your striker force on the ground and move them in the kirov's path. They will take it out with only minimal damage if you keep them moving.

Use your groups of cruisers and battleships to take out the soviet dreadnaughts and allied carriers when you notice them.

As long as your co-commander is healthy, it should only take you three flights of strikers to take out the relays, and complete the mission.



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This mission has been tried on hard setting. The key is hitting the enemy hard and fast, early as possible.

The first part introduces you to Yuriko. Use her to kill any opposing Allied troops. Use her psionic scream special feature when surrounded by numerous Allied soldiers. As you proceed to the captured bases, you will be introduced to the King Oni robots. Use the King Onis to take the brunt of the Allied soldiers' attacks and Yuriko to wipe them out.

After having cleared the bases of enemy troops, the second part of the mission begins as you must now hold out for reinforcements. Send one King Oni to guard the Ore refinery on the western half of your base from chronoporting enemy tanks. On the west side of your base is a fully upgraded Imperial Dock. Build a force of 4 Shogun battleships supported by at least 2 Naginata cruisers and at least 4 Seawings. While you are building this naval force, your enemy will mostly concentrate on destroying yours and your partner's base's static tower defenses and power plants. The enemy will whittle down your defenses, but at least you can slow down the attacks. Build a few Strikers to slow down if not stop the air attacks. Send Yuriko to destroy the aircraft carriers. Have the King Onis guard the ramp going to the east side of your base. Be careful in using Yuriko to destroy the Allied warships as she is vulnerable in the open especially against bombers and cryocopters.

At some point, your reinforcements arrive in the form of a construction yard, barracks and ore refinery. At the same time, the Allies activate their relay station. Deploy ore refinery to the west side of the map. Near this time, your naval force should be fully assembled. Have your battleships attack the west side of the Allied base. They will make quick work on the Spectrum tower, Naval yard, Airfield and Construction Yard. By this time, the Soviets will join the battle. Immediately destroy the Soviet dreadnoughts and Bullfrog somewhere in the unexplored northwest part of the map. Having done this, immediately resume to destroying the rest of the key Allied and Soviet buildings. Strike hard and fast. You can practically finish the primary mission with this naval force alone since the relay stations can come within striking distance of the battleships. If you want to finish the bonus objective of destroying the Soviets, hold off destroying the last relay station, until after sending in the Strikers to destroy the remaining Soviet structures.