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Phase 1[edit]

When your infantry are unloaded from the Sudden Transports, move them north-east. Shoot down the Cryocopters patroling the base perimeter, and then blow a hole in the wall and destroy the Power Plant. This will power down the Multigunner Turrets. Destroy everything in the base, and then capture the Pacifier FAVs and (optional) Multigunner IFVs. Then, you will get the objectives of setting up the Pacifier FAVs at all the ambush points and capturing the Steel Ronin by the Emperor's tomb to the east. Load your infantry back in the Sudden Transports and move them over to the Emperor's tomb. Garrision the Steel Ronins and move them in front of the tomb. Garrision the buildings up north with your remaining infantry. Then unpack the Pacifiers at the ambush points. This will trigger the arrival of the Soviet fleet. Target the forces (especially the Dreadnoughts) with your Pacifiers and blow them out of the water.

Phase 2[edit]