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Cryo Legionnaire[edit]

Anti Surface
RequirementsBoot Camp, Heightened Clearance and Defense Bureau
AbilitiesJump Attack
RoleAnti Surface
Build Time??? Seconds
Damage typeIce Spray

Cryo Legionnaires are armed with a Cryo weapon with a small freeze radius. Their special ability is to jump a long distance, much like the Sickle's Flea Jump. This can also crush frozen infantry. They walk on water by flash-freezing the sea underneath their boots.

They are trained at the Boot Camp.

Harbinger Gunship[edit]

Advanced Support Gunship
RequirementsAirfield, Max Clearance and Defence Bureau
AbilitiesSwitch Weapons
UpgradesAdvanced Aeronautics upgrade
RoleAdvanced Support Gunship
Build Time?????
Damage typeCollider Cannons and Miniguns

Armed with many weapons, this gunship does not need to reload at an airfield. It can be built in infinite numbers and take out many surface targets in seconds. It switches between two different weapons, Proton Collider-class cannons and miniguns to fit its combat role. These gunships can also self repair itself.


The Harbinger's weakness is that it is very expensive and it is anti-surface only, not anti-air.

Pacifier FAV[edit]

RequirementsArmor Facility, Hightened Clearance and Defense Bureau
AbilitiesSwitch Weapon
Build Time????
Damage typeArtillery cannons, Mini-guns

A long range bombardment cannon on a highly mobile chassis, the Pacifier FAV is perfect for decimating enemy bases from long range. Should the enemy manage to close the distance, the FAV can switch to a 7.62mm mini-gun for close-quarters combat.


This unit is ineffective against all forms of aircraft and it has worse accuracy than the Athena Cannon.

Future Tank X-1[edit]

Advance Anti Surface like Apocalypse Tanks
RequirementsArmor Facility, Max Clearance and Defence Bureau
Abilitiesswitch weapon
RoleAdvance Anti Surface like Apocalypse Tanks
Build Time0:30
Damage typeNeutron cannons and riot lasers

A High tech heavy assault tank armed with two weapons to fit its role, the Neutron Cannons and the Riot Lasers.

Its standard attack, the Neutron Cannon, devastates surface targets at a wide radius while its riot lasers cut through multiple bad guys including apocalypse tanks.

It requires support against artillery and it requires Apollo Fighter escort against aircraft. Its weapons may have longer range than the Apocalypse Tank weapons but are slightly inferior.