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Advanced Anti Infantry
RequirementsBarracks and Battle Lab
AbilitiesSplatter Shot
RoleAdvanced Anti Infantry
Build TimeUnknown Seconds
Damage typeToxin Cannons

Armed with a toxin weapon lethal to infantry. Its special ability is to fire a Splattershot that clogs up vehicle parts and makes them vulnerable to the Desolator's toxic spray. Was deployed to support Conscripts in taking out Peacekeepers and Imperial Warriors.

Mortar Cycle[edit]

Light Bombardment
RequirementsBarracks and War Factory
AbilitiesPorta Mortar
RoleLight Bombardment
Build Time????
Damage typeMolotov Cocktails

A fast-moving unit whose special ability fires devastating shots of Molotov cocktails, and has speed that outruns even the Multigunner IFV.

Can be built at the Barracks and the War Factory.


Many Roles
RequirementsWar Factory and Super Reactor
RoleMany Roles
Build Time????
Damage typeMany Weapons

Like Twinblades this 4 legged Walker is well armed to the teeth. It can take out aircraft, infantry and even use its special ability to crush tanks. Once it uses its special ability it turns into a defense turret permanently which is effective on repelling most attacks.

This thing is useful when escorting Apocalypse Tanks against enemy aircraft and infantry.


Anti-Surface unit
RequirementsWar Factory and Crusher Crane
Abilitiesspeed up
UpgradesGrinder Threads
RoleAnti-Surface unit
Build Time????
Damage typeGrinders

A large Tank that grinds up anything and has tough armor. Its special ability is to speed up, catch up to faster enemies and grind their foes faster. It is also amphibious.


The only weakness for this tank is that it cannot target aircraft and it turns very slow so faster foes can evade being grinded up by its grinders.