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This is most likely the hardest mission in the game. The key to beating this mission is rushing and can easily be beaten under par time if done correctly. There are no twists in this mission.

  • Suggested Faction: Imperial
  • Required Technology: Yuriko, Mecha Tengus or Rocket Angels, Wave-Force Tower, Shinobi

Building your forces[edit]

As soon as the mission starts, build a generator and then two dojo cores and deploy them. As soon as the generator is built, make two refinery cores and deploy them at the ore refineries near you. Then train five imperial warriors at each dojo and send five to each ramp. Now when the first refinery is done building, make another generator and upgrade the two dojo cores and then make a mainframe core.

You will probably be getting attacked by now, but only by infantry units. Make another generator core and a mecha bay core and deploy them. Next upgrade your dojo cores when the mainframe core is done deploying. While they are upgrading, make five mecha tengus and transform them into jet tengus – this will repel Vera's twinblades. When the dojo cores are done upgrading, train Yuriko, four shinobi, a sudden transport and two tower cores.

Upgrade your mecha bay core. After upgrading, train 6 steel ronins (3 if low on ore) – use this to attack V4 launchers and motar cycles. With its fast speed, use it as a rapid response in case something nasty happen.

(Optional) If you are rich in ores, you can build a decimator – this will help you finish this challenge quickly. Always strike their command center.

Defeating Vera[edit]

When the sudden transport is done, immediately disguise it as the first vehicle or aircraft you see. Put Yuriko and the four shinobis inside the transport and send them to the back of Vera's base (it would help if you hotkeyed Yuriko and the shinobi separately), making sure that it doesn't encounter any war bears along the way. Once it is inside the base it doesn't matter. While it is on the way to her base, put a tower core at each ramp, as they will help with the heavier vehicles.

Once the transport is in her base, destroy the aircraft as soon as possible and then go for the barracks then the war factory and finally the command center. If there is a super reactor near any of the buildings, you can destroy that which makes destroying the other buildings easier, but make sure Yuriko is as far away as she can be. Then just use Yuriko to destroy the rest of her buildings with the shinobi guarding her from terror drones and other infantry. If you were fast enough, it wouldn't have given her time to expand and she will be defeated.

Defeating Oleg[edit]

Oleg's base is more heavily guarded with a lot of anti-infantry. Check the ore node near his and Vera's bases to see if he expanded and take out the veteran academy on your way to his base. Use the shinobi to kill any infantry and use Yuriko to kill the sickles, reapers and any other vehicle trying to run over the shinobi. It is a lot easier to kill the sickles and reapers if you wait for them to jump and have Yuriko slam them to the ground, instantly killing them, instead of lifting them into the air. Oleg will probably have apocalypse tanks, so take them out as well. Kill Oleg the same way as Vera, by targeting the airfield, barracks, war factory, command center, and the super reactor if it is close to any buildings. Once those buildings are destroyed, mop up what is left.

Defeating Moskvin[edit]

Finally Moskvin's base. He will be building a lot of terror drones, so make sure you take the war factory out first and do the same thing you did with Vera and Oleg's bases. That should be the hardest mission beaten under par time.


  • If Yuriko dies while she is attacking any bases and your shinobi are still alive, have them infiltrate the closest building if there are still units around that can kill them.
  • Use Yuriko's special ability if your shinobi are dead – it will help her last longer.
  • Make sure the sudden transport is camouflaged before sending it to any of the bases, because there is a good chance a terror drone will infect it while it is on the water and kill everybody inside. If there is nothing to camouflage it as, then stay close to land to drop off what's inside if it gets infected.
  • Yuriko will not die from destroying a super reactor unless she is too close.
  • All three opponents will make both superweapons, but if you are fast enough, only Moskvin will be able to make both.
  • If you want to take out specific units:
    • Oleg — uses a lot of anti-infantry armor.
    • Vera — uses a lot of twinblades.
    • Moskvin — uses a lot of terror drones.
  • Note that all three opponents will make both air and land units, as well as artillery (V4s) and non-artillery units (Hammer Tanks).
  • If Yuriko is being overpowered, send her into the closest building and garrison it. Take out conscripts first and then twinblades if there are any.