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Elemental Imperative

C&C The Covert Operations

Global Defense Initiative, Elemental Imperative

Briefing: "Nod has stolen some key components to our Tiberium research. Retrieve them. A local civilian is willing to help clear the way and take us to the site, if we free his wife and return her to safety."

Walkthrough: Fourth GDI mission of The Covert Operations datadisk for C&C Tiberian Dawn. This one is pretty easy if you are familiar with map layout. If you want to speed run this you just need to grab your Hum-vee and race it to the crates. Conservative tactic: help villagers to get Chinook helicopter. With Chinook you can just bypass the most dangerous Nod presence (including two Chem Warriors in the woods and two SSM Launchers by the bridge). But it is still possible to fight your way through. It's really up to you.