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C&C The Covert Operations

Global Defense Initiative, Infiltrated!

Briefing: "Infiltration! Nod has breached our base in Eastern Sudan and had begun taking it over. Re-capture the base and reestablish our military dominance in the area."

Walkthrough: Third GDI mission of The Covert Operations datadisk for C&C Tiberian Dawn. This one is pretty rough. You need to sell your Refinery immediately, then build two Silos above your Weapons Factory to prevent Nod to build Gun Turret there. From there you need to strengthen your economy pretty fast, pump out those Refineries like crazy. Nod will throw everything at you, including Rocket Launchers, SSM Launchers, and even Commandos. Also they have annoying Apaches in their base. For the more bright side: there are no Obelisks defending their base. For your attack you need a lot of Medium Tanks. You can lure the enemy by attacking their Harvester and then simultaneously drive APC full of Engineers to their base.