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Twist of Fate

C&C The Covert Operations

Global Defense Initiative, Twist of Fate

Briefing: "We have set up a small recon post in Nod territory, but they captured and reinforced it. Getting that post back would be a major coup. An MCV and armed convoy are on their way to aid you in establishing a new base. Once established, eliminate all Nod forces in the area."

Walkthrough: Sixth GDI mission of The Covert Operations datadisk for C&C Tiberian Dawn. This one is maybe one of the hardest missions of C&C. You still want to attack small NW outpost first, than middle base and finally that bloody main SW base. Just make sure your APC is at full health (not my case) and you can capture at least two Nod Power Plants. From there you can go with full tank frontal attack or some AGT building at their base.