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Primary Objectives

  • Destroy all Nod loading dock cranes
  • Destroy all Nod Port Authority buildings

Bonus Objectives

  • Destroy all Nod ships docked at the port
  • Capture the EMP Control Center in the city
  • Deploy a Surveyor at the northern Tiberium Field

New Units

  • Mammoth Tank
  • Surveyor

Key Intel and Strategies[edit]

  • Always protect and expand your bases.
  • Destroy the Raider and Attack Bikes to gain veteran status.
  • Use the Orcas to destroy the Docks and Battleships to gain 2 more Mammoth Tanks.
  • Attack with Mammoth Tanks in large numbers and purchase the Railgun upgrade to equip all Tanks with Railgun technology.
  • Always support your Mammoths with a Commando and 5 Zone Troopers.


You start with two Zone Troopers, two Riflemen Squads and a Mammoth Tank. Fend off the local Raider and Attack Bike attacks and expand. Deploy a surveyor near the northern tiberium field and build a Refinery and some base defenses as soon as possible. Keep detectors near all tiberium fields to fend off the nod harvesters that tried to take what is rightfully yours.

The Docks[edit]

Attack the first docks with a commando and destroy the local militants guarding the cranes. Beware of Nod Reinforcements inbound from the East. Destroy the Second one with Orcas and after leveling the Docks you get two Mammoth Tanks as an award.

Destroy the Nod base[edit]

This is the hard one. You must build as many tanks as you can and have them take out everything. Always have a Commando near your Mammoth Tanks, because the Mammoth Tank guns are not effective on infantry. Also capture the EMP Control Center and guard it with Snipers. Take out the two Nod Control Centers and victory is yours.