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Primary Objectives
  • Secure the Barracks by defeating the surrounding Nod forces.
  • Destroy the Weapons Research Lab.
  • Destroy the Nod War Factories.
Secondary Objectives
  • Capture all three Tiberium Spikes.
  • Destroy the Nod Outpost.
New Units
  • Zone Trooper

Key Strategies[edit]

  • Head north and defeat the nod infantry with your Infantry.
  • Protect your Engineers with Zone Troopers and Missile Squads while the Engineers capture the Tiberium Spikes.


You start out with several infantry units that can clear the small infantry base from Nod soldiers. Order your Riflemen squads to decimate the Nod Militants and then use the armory to heal your troops. Capture the Tiberium Spikes as fast as you can to receive a steady income. Train Missile Squads from one Barracks and use the other one to train Zone Troopers.

During the time you are building a big infantry armada, use the riflemen squads special ability to build defensive Foxholes loaded with Missile Squads and Riflemen squads to defend the Base from incoming enemy Scorpion tanks. Once you finish training your infantry battalions, order them to destroy the Hand of Nod located south east of your base. Order Zone Troopers to defeat anything on the Surface while the Missile Squads to destroy the Venoms.

After that, head east destroying Flame Tanks and destroy the Lab thus completing one of two primary objectives. Finally head northeast of the lab destroying the enemy war factories with your Zone Troopers. Don't forget to defeat any nod vehicles that stand in your way. Destroy both Factories will make your Mission Complete.