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Memorization of these controls is not required, but it may give you an edge in competitive online gaming, as pressing a key is much faster than pressing a button.

Selection Commands[edit]

Xbox 360 PC Action
PC Mouse Left Click.png Select a unit
Shift + PC Mouse Left Click.png Add a unit to a selection
PC Mouse Left Click.png + PC Mouse.png (drag) Select a group of units
Q Select all combat units on the map
W or PC Mouse Left Click.png (double click) Select all on-screen units of a certain type
Click unit and double-tap W Select all units of selected type on map
Ctrl 0 to 9 Define selected units as a group.
0 to 9 Select numbered group
0 to 9 (double-tap) Select and jump to numbered group
Ctrl + R, PC Mouse Right Click.png Place rally point
Spacebar Jump to last minimap event
N Jump to next Harvester
Ctrl + ~ Show all health bars
> Fast Forward (for replays)

Move & Attack Commands[edit]

  • Units must be selected in order for these commands to work
Xbox 360 PC Action
PC Mouse Right Click.png Move units or attack target
A + PC Mouse Right Click.png Attack Move
F + PC Mouse Right Click.png (drag) Assault Move (An attack move order that targets buildings)
D + PC Mouse Right Click.png Reverse Move
G or PC Mouse Right Click.png Force move
PC Mouse Left Click.png + PC Mouse Right Click.png Formation Move
S Stop
Ctrl + PC Mouse Right Click.png Force Attack
Ctrl + X Scatter
Ctrl + Z Planning mode
Alt Waypoint mode
Alt + A Aggressive stance
Alt + S Guard stance
Alt + D Hold Ground stance
Alt + F Hold Fire stance