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Primary Objectives

  • Destroy the Operations Centre
  • Destroy the Nod Air Tower
  • Destroy the Nod Base

Bonus Objectives

  • Complete the mission using only the Commando

New Units

  • Commando

Ceasing Operations[edit]

Your first objective is to nail an operations center to the north. The Commando deals out sniper damage at a very fast pace, allowing it to slice through infantry with demonstrated on a group of Nod militants unlucky enough to run into him. The Commando is then able to progress. There is very little on this map that can kill the Commando, so long as you aren't stupid with him. The first major threat is right around the Nod Ops Center - a squad of Black Hand. The Commando, using its jump jets, can jump over the rubble and land close to the ops Centre, but keep in mind that the Black Hand's flamethrowers can prove deadly to infantry. Land as far away as possible to try and get a range advantage on the Black Hand, then shoot them to pieces. Once the Black Hand are done, bomb the Ops Center to bring the mission further.

Your next objective is to destroy an Air Tower, whose Vertigo Bombers are making mincemeat of three GDI battleships nearby. There is, however, no rush in bombing the air tower. Progress with caution, and simply shoot anything that moves. The biggest threat to the Commando are Raider Buggies and Shredder turrets, and neither of them appear on this map. When you get close, simply bomb the Air Tower and all four Vertigos go with it.

You will then receive a bunch of reinforcements by way of hovercraft. To accomplish the bonus objective, however, do not select them. Simply rely on your Commando, again running into the Nod Base, shooting anything that moves. The only major challenge is the Attack Bike, but this more often than not results in a standoff since the missiles of the bike cannot hit the Commando, and the Commando's weapon is ineffective against vehicles. You win this war of attrition, however. Destroy the Attack Bikes and then walk right into the Nod base, blowing up anything and everything. The mission ends as the last Nod building falls.


There are, however, a few bonus crates lying around. Poke around in nooks and crannies, and use the jump jets to jump over the large cargo containers into enclosed areas. The Commando is reasonably fast, and there is no time limit, so scour the map for goodies if you wish.