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Micromanagement can save you life in "Kane's Wrath" or "Tiberium Wars". Micromanagement is pretty simple once you get into the details of it.

  • Ability Micromanagement is using a unit's special ability. These abilities are especially helpful for attacking enemies, for example Devourer's Conversion Beam ability which significantly boosts firepower. You can use Riflemen's Dig-In ability as a defensive ability micromanagement.

  • Specify Micromanagement is using a unit for its intended, dedicated purpose. Good examples are like Missile Squads against tanks or sniper-type damaging units against enemy infantry.

  • Armour Facing means that vehicles will take more damage from the sides or back because it's more difficult counter attacks coming from those directions. Try moving your infantry in a circle around an enemy tank for two purposes: it's harder to run them all over and they will be taking damage because of their weaker sides.

  • Garrisoning is to fortify buildings as defensive structures, it makes infantry less vulnerable to enemy fire. Garrisons can be cleared by grenades, flame, Buzzers or Corrupter's toxin. Garrisoning as a word includes putting units into vehicles such as APCs or Hammerheads.

  • Using the toolbar: On the bottom of the screen there is a toolbar full of commands (using hotkeys for this is recommended). If you want to expand while doing something somewhere else, you can set waypoint mode on and then click on the point where you want your explorer unit to go. Then click the expand button.

  • Aggressive Stance is a handy tool while attacking. Send your arsenal to enemy base and put them on Aggressive Stance. Units now automatically fight against enemy units, so you now may focus on other things like base construction or other strike forces.