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Decoy Army[edit]

CnC decoy.png
RequirementsOperations Center
Power TypeIntelligence Power

The Decoy Army power first has you select a target area, and then a second target area. Any targets in the first will be falsely duplicated on the second target area. While these new units do no damage (but appear to attack if possible) and die in a single hit, they still visually look like hostile units on your enemy's screen and on their radar. This makes for interesting diversion tactics, a chance to draw fire from your own units, or even for scouting out uncharted territory. Overall not often used, however.

Radar Jamming Missile[edit]

CnC radarjam.png
RequirementsOperations Center
Power TypeIntelligence Power

The Radar Jamming Missile creates a missile from your operations centre and completely jams your opponent's minimap, preventing them from seeing anything outside their own screen. It is the perfect power when you simply want to annoy someone and put them on the defensive for about 10 seconds - the uncertainty that they face will likely be more than enough for you to get some breathing space and is a great precursor to an attack...or to bluff your way into thinking you're attacking your base when really you're not.

Cloaking Field[edit]

CnC cloaking.png
Cost3000 (1500 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsOperations Center
Power TypeUtility Power

Although most Nod vehicles can cloak themselves, quite a few cannot. Using this power on them renders them invisible except when attacking, just like an ordinary Stealth Tank. Needless to say, this is an extremely useful power. It is perfect for sneaking a few Flame Tanks through a back door of your opponent's base to roast their conyard.

Targeting infantry with the Cloaking field will cause severe damage or, more often than not, kill them instantly.

Shadow Strike Team[edit]

CnC shadowteam.png
RequirementsSecret Shrine
Power TypeReinforcement Power

This power summons a pair of veteran Shadow Teams to any location on the map. Just like GDI's reinforcement powers, however, they fly into the battlefield via their gliders, making them extremely vulnerable to AA fire. It is therefore best to deploy this power outside the enemy's base, then sneak them in on foot. This power is often used online to get an extra pair of shadow teams, especially for the Shadow Team rush.

Mine Drop[edit]

CnC minedrop.png
RequirementsAir Tower
Power TypeDefensive Power

This power summons an Armageddon bomber (a specialist bomber that deploys support powers) to cover the target area with stealthed contact mines. An extremely useful ability, since it covers an extremely large area and the plane that flies in is extremely fast. It is best used in front of an enemy war factory or refinery, to force harvesters and newly created vehicles to run over the mines as soon as they're made. Although it's slightly more expensive than an APC's mine drop, it covers a larger area and can be flown in instead of requiring a nearby vehicle.

Tiberium Vapour Bomb[edit]

CnC tibbomb.png
RequirementsTiberium Chemical Plant
Power TypeOffensive Power

An extremely devastating power, the Tib Vapour bomb is essentially the Fuel Air Bomb from Command and Conquer: Generals. It sends an Armageddon bomber (see the Mine drop) to drop a single yet highly explosive bomb over a large area. It causes considerable damage and is almost a superweapon in its own right, but sufficient AA can stop the bomber before it drops the bomb, making it quite easily stopped. It is best deployed against tight clusters of enemies, especially power plants.

Seed Tiberium[edit]

CnC seedtib.png
RequirementsTiberium Chemical Plant
Power TypeResource Power

This skill is used to boost your resources. An Armageddon bomber (see above) flies over the target area and creates a patch of Tiberium at the target location, making it an easy harvest. $3150 worth of tiberium will be created, netting a $2650 profit when harvested. Like the Vapour bomb, the bomber can be shot down en-route to its target.

An interesting manoeuvre to pull with the Seed Tiberium ability is to deploy it in the middle of the enemy base, then use the devastating Catalyst Missile on the newly created field to eliminate any nearby enemies.

Catalyst Missile[edit]

CnC catalyst.png
RequirementsTiberium Chemical Plant
Power TypeOffensive Power

Without a doubt one of the most devastating support powers in the game, the Catalyst missile targets anything with Tiberium in it, triggering a violent reaction that devastates the target. This means that any target with tiberium in it - silos, refineries, harvesters, or even entire armies crossing a Tiberium field - are all fair game. More often than not, however, the target will be the enemy refineries and, hopefully, their harvesters. Destroying the enemy economy is a great way of softening up your adversaries for a future easy kill.

Nuclear Missile[edit]

CnC nuke.png
RequirementsTemple of Nod
Power TypeSuperweapon

Nod's most devastating weapon is, without a doubt, the classic nuclear missile. While it doesn't leave any radiation like the Chinese nuclear missile does from Generals, no one should ever underestimate the nuke's sheer power. Unlike the GDI Ion Cannon, there is no warning as to where the nuke will land, giving enemy units less of a chance to escape the ensuing blast. However, the time between the nuke launch and the nuke landing is several seconds, giving the enemy some chance to manoeuvre his or her units out of the way.

The nuclear missile causes all its damage in one shot, making it semi-useful against moving armies.