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The Rushing strategy is to attack the enemy base early, as a surprise tactic. Main objectives in rushing is to destroy the enemy base (at least as much as possible) or its economy (Harvesters/Refineries) to slow down base advancement. In a failed rush the player hasn't destroyed anything or not enough to cause the enemy harm, meaning that money spent on the rush is wasted.


GDI is lacking in rushing units, but has many semi-rushers, like Predators or Hammerheads. Units are expensive, which makes them less useful to rushes, but sturdy and powerful.

  • Predator Tanks: Build about five Predator Tanks to destroy their harvesters. This puts the enemy's economy down and it gives you time to build your arsenal. Watch out for enemy anti-tank infantry.
  • APC rush: Load a few APCs with an engineer and missile squads. Steal enemy ConYard/Drone Platform while shooting enemy units.


Nod has much better rushing capabilities than GDI or Scrin. Nod's units are cheap and maneuverable but they have weak armor and firepower.

  • Flame Tanks: Due to good firepower against enemy structures makes the Flame Tank perfect rusher. One Flame tank will surely burn defenseless base into ruins, even anti-tank infantry isn't safe from the flames. Attacking from two different locations with Flame Tanks is surely effective tactic.
  • Scorpion Tanks: If you dislike Flame Tanks, Scorpions will be the next choice. Cheap and fast units doesn't do much damage, but enough to destroy enemy's economy. Scorpion Tanks cost only $800, so they're really cheap.


Scrin rushing capabilities are limited, but they do their job very well.

  • Disintegrators: You can almost immediately train Disintegrators to sweep enemy base. Train five Disintegrators and a couple of Buzzers and send them to the enemy's base. Destroy economy first, then raze everything you see.
  • Seekers/Gun Walkers: A bit slower and more expensive rush but still works. Train 3 Seekers and 2 Gun Walkers and do the job.