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Reconstruction Drones[edit]

CnC3 Drones.png
RequirementsWarp Sphere
Power TypeUtility Power

A useful power for those Scrin commanders who prefer to stay on the ground, the Reconstruction drones power deploys, for a price, several drones that will repair any nearby vehicles for an extended period. Due to the fact that the drones cannot be targeted and that there is no stopping their deployment (unlike GDI's reinforcement powers or Nod's mine drop and vapour bomb), this power can be used to great effect on the front lines, healing your vehicles as they take damage.

Lightning Spike[edit]

CnC3 LightningSpike.png
RequirementsNerve Centre
Power TypeDefensive Power

The Lightning Spike creates a Lightning Spike defensive structure which fires lightning at nearby enemies. While its attack is often negligible, as a structure it can take quite a beating, and as such can draw fire for a few moments while you recuperate your forces.

Lightning Spikes "warp" in like most Scrin buildings when deployed, but they can be deployed anywhere. Spikes are generally decent against light vehicles. Infantry and heavier vehicles can generally shrug off Lightning Spike attacks, and they cannot attack aerial units at all.

The Swarm[edit]

CnC3 Swarm.png
Cost1500 (1000 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsNerve Centre
Power TypeReinforcement Power

Without a doubt the most powerful anti-infantry support power possible, the Swarm support power teleports in a group of five Buzzers to the target area. This allows you to easily counter Commando raids or missile troops by spawning Buzzers behind them. Earlier patches had more Buzzers and can spawn on top of infantry, but they cannot as of the later versions.

Buzzers, don't forget, are also extremely useful for clearing enemy garrisons.

Tiberium Vibration Scan[edit]

CnC3 VibrationScan.png
RequirementsNerve Centre
Power TypeIntelligence Power

This power reveals any unit using or containing Tiberium anywhere on the map. It is extremely useful for tracking expansions, as most of them contain a refinery and the scan can pierce through stealth.

Refineries, Harvesters, and Tiberium fields are not the only things revealed by the vibration scan - upgraded Nod power plants, Tiberium Chemical Plants, and enemy Scrin, to name a few - are all revealed by the scan. Note that this power does not reveal the shroud around them, so do not assume that these structures and units are undefended.

Stasis Field[edit]

CnC3 Stasis.png
Cost2000 (1000 in pre-1.05)
RequirementsStasis Chamber
Power TypeDefensive Power

An extremely useful ability, this power works just like the Stasis field from Starcraft; it strikes any enemy units in the target area and freezes them, preventing them from being damaged or distributing damage themselves. If a large army is attacking your base, this power can put half of them in stasis while you fight only half an army. Meanwhile your defences can easily rejuvenate and deal with the other half later.

Phase Field[edit]

CnC3 PhaseShield.png
RequirementsTechnology Assembler
Power TypeDefensive Power

This ability works almost identically to that of the Soviet Iron Curtain from the Red Alert series of Command and Conquer. Targeting vehicles (infantry used to be susceptible, but no longer) with this power renders them almost immune (taking drastically reduced damage) to any and all attacks, and also prevents them from attacking themselves.

This ability can prove extremely annoying when performed on a group of Tripods, allowing them to walk right into one's base - right past all the defenses. This ability can also be used to safeguard defending units from a superweapon blast.


CnC3 Wormhole.png
RequirementsSignal Generator
Power TypeUtility Power

The Wormhole, obviously, creates a wormhole between two points on the map. Any units can use the wormhole for the duration it is active for easy two-way transport between the two points. It is highly effective when deployed in the middle of an enemy base, but it can also be effective to reach otherwise unreachable places on the map when one is Scrin. This is especially useful because the Scrin cannot Call for Transport.


Main article: Scrin Mothership
CnC3 MothershipIcon.png
RequirementsSignal Generator
Power TypeReinforcement Power

The Mothership support power summons a single Mothership to the field. When activated, the mothership remains suspended in the air for several seconds, at which it is vulnerable to enemy fire. This is to curb the tactic of sending a Mastermind via a Wormhole into the middle of an enemy base, capturing a structure, deploying a signal generator, then summoning the mothership in the middle of the enemy base.

Motherships are very vulnerable yet easily more destructive than any kind of superweapon...if they get into position.


CnC3 Rift.png
RequirementsRift Generator
Power TypeSuperweapon

The official Scrin superweapon, the Rift generator creates a black hole, imploding everything in the target area. The Scrin differs from the GDI Ion Cannon and the Nod Nuclear Missile by causing small amounts of damage over a long period of time. The enemy, therefore, can save his or her structures by having them repair while they take damage.

This is compensated, however, by how the Rift appears at the target area instantaneously. Since there is no waiting between the order to attack and the attack actually happening, the Rift Generator can be employed to good effect against enemy armies. This can be often more devastating than targeting an enemy base with it.

Regardless of whether the enemy repairs his structures or not when his base is under rift attack, the rift will not be able to destroy buildings that other superweapons cannot - Construction yards and other superweapons, for example.