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Primary Objectives

  • Destroy the Nod air defenses
  • Use your Firehawk Airstrike power on Nod's artillery outpost
  • Destroy the surrounding Nod base to reclaim the White House
  • Destroy the Distruption Towers around the Nod base

Bonus Objectives

  • Suppress the Nod Infantry advances by putting Snipers into the designated buildings
  • Destroy Nod's Power Plants
  • Destroy the Nod Secret Shrine

New units

  • Predator Tank

Destroying the Nod air defences[edit]

This is quite easy. Try not to get too close to Nod or they will fire on you. Destroy both SAM turret hubs. This will destroy the SAMs. Keep out of the tiberium field though.

After that, pull your units back and use the Firehawk Airstrike power on the Nod base.

Destroy the Nod base[edit]

The base is protected by disruption towers and many turrets, as well as an army of Nod infantry and tanks. Occasionally troops will come out and attack your flanks so train two sniper squads and garrison one in each of the buildings show to you. To build them, build a Barracks and an Armoury.

Now to cripple the base. Build a force of about 10 APCs and fill them with grenadiers. Add at least 7 Predator Tanks to this force. Send this force by the west road, with the APCs in front eliminating the Nod garrisons and the tanks handling the vehicles. When you reach the power plants, destroy all of them. This renders the base almost powerless, all the turrets are deactivated and the base is revealed. Meanwhile, churn out a smaller army of the same composition and send it by the east road to destroy the small Nod base in the northeast.

Now, you can wait and build more Predator Tanks at your base, and then send all your forces into the base and destroy everything there. Once that is done, the Nod banners at the White house will change to GDI banners and you complete the mission.