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As a rule, there are 3 levels of building, improving its capability. Precursor buildings such as smithy, courthouse, town hall and church are needed at the appropriate level for upgrading.

Defense buildings[edit]

  • Fort (strengthens colony from ground and naval forces)
  • Garrison (determines soldier limit of colony)

Refinery buildings[edit]

  • Bakery (produces bread from flour)
  • Carpenter (produces furniture from lumber) *DLC
  • Cigar Factory (produces cigars from tobacco leaves)
  • Clothier (produces clothes from cloth)
  • Curing House (produces tobacco leaves from tobacco)
  • Distillery (produces rum from sugar)
  • Foundry (produces steel from iron)
  • Furrier (produces fur clothing from fur)
  • Gemcutter (produces gems from gemstones)
  • Gold Smelter (produces gold from gold ore)
  • Iron Smelter (produces iron from iron ore)
  • Leather Crafter (produces leatherwares from leather)
  • Mill (produces flour from wheat)
  • Sawmill (produces lumber from wood)
  • Silver Smelter (produces silver from silver ore)
  • Sugarcane Mill (produces sugar from sugarcane)
  • Tannery (produces leather from hides)
  • Trypots (produces oil from blubber)
  • Weaver (produces cloth from cotton)
  • Whaler (produces blubber from whales)

Morale buildings[edit]

  • Church
  • Courthouse
  • Palace (only allowed one)
  • Tavern
  • Theater

Base buildings[edit]

  • Docks (repair ships)
  • Hospital (required for larger populations else morale decrease)
  • Indian Affairs Office (Minor bonus with local natives)
  • Mission (bonus with local natives)
  • Shipyard (ship construction)
  • Smithy (required for other buildings)
  • Town Hall (determines population limit)
  • Trading Post (determine limit of trade items - Colony)
  • Warehouse (determine limit of trade items - Warehouse)